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Happy Birthday, USMC!




The Marine Corps’ annual tradition celebrates the establishment of the organization on November 10, 1775, by the Second Continental Congress.

Today there is a New Corps, but the Marines are and have been making themselves over and over to meet current threats and demands.  Some question the new philosophy that focuses the Marine Corps on the threat from China.

Amphibious warships combined with a Marine air-ground task force are the true workhorses of the fleet. Whether acting forward as a stand-in force deterring great power threats or being ready to respond to lesser scale but nonetheless destabilizing events, the amphibious ships are some of the greatest instruments of national power the United States possesses. No other maritime nation in the world has the capability to project this type of power from the sea like U.S. amphibious forces.

Yes, it is true that Navy UDT hit the beaches first to try and keep Marines safe, but the Marine Corps is part of the Naval Service.

So enjoy the ball, cut the cake, don’t drink too much because this isn’t your grandpa’s corps, and honor the history and the future of the USMC.


In the Valley

The White Wolf Mine sits at the top of a mountain plateau, not in a river gorge, but I can’t look at this picture and not feel an affinity for it and a vibe of home.

Where do old soldiers and sailors go to find peace? I think that you can be at peace wherever you are, frankly. It’s a state of mind more than a place. But, I’ve also found that the place helps.


Identify the Aircraft

Hint: It was never used by the USMC…


  1. Prayers sent for your niece. (5000 word rant deleted).

    The river gorge looks delightful, and at high altitude. Possibly close to the tree line? I find that I am more at peace the farther I get from (most) people.

  2. My late father-in-law dropped out of The Citadel in 1944 because he was afraid he was going to miss the war. A few months later he stepped on to the beach at Okinawa as part of the 7th Marines. And then in 1950 he walked to Chosin . He always flew the Marine Corps flag on November 10. Semper Fi Buster

    • Exactly – keep political correctness and racial crap out of The Corps. Let them be the premier amphibious force and naval infantry in the world.

  3. Placed the requisite call birthday call to my uncle who retired from The Corp.
    Two tours in Vietnam. In 1965 he came to visit and say goodbye before his first tour.
    He ran a sniper outfit on the second one.
    Very smart guy.
    Retired as the Vice President of a bank after The Corps.

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