I received an e-mail asking me which living American I disliked the most. Hanoi Jane.

Sure, there are a lot of runners-up for the title. But this one should have been tried, convicted and executed a very long time ago. They could have held a lottery for people to be on the firing squad. At ten bucks a throw, they could have paid off the national debt with everyone who would have bought a ticket for the opportunity.


  1. I could agree with that.
    And now even presidents commit treason with impunity.

    I wanted to mention. Your new blog is quite readable on my little Android phone. The pop-out is a bit jarring; but the x to close it is in the right spot to do so.

  2. Yet she lived a long and cash-rich life despite needing to have been strung up in the public square. Why is it the evil ones always do?

    (Sidebar: Pelosi – another of the old evil ones – is now pushing the narrative by saying the President is responsible for America’s COVID deaths. You could have set your calendar for this round of hate spewage. Time for some selective cloud-based smiting. Maybe Jane could be standing next to her when it happens – a twofer.)

    • She lived a life of fame among the fabulous leftist elite, a life of staggering wealth and privilege. But there is always a reckoning.

  3. BTW, Just in case anyone is not aware of this, the thingfonda received a clandestine note from one of our POW’s in the Hanoi Hilton and promptly passed it to the NVA.
    It was not just a photo op and propaganda treason- she actively abetted the torture of one of our guys.

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