To Live and Die in Chicago

Some people wake up and think that they’ve died and they’re in Hell, but they’re only in Chicago.


Halloween Movie Review: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent 

Full disclosure, am not a fan of Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal is a dirty communist. They are the key actors in the film.  Under normal circumstances, I would not watch this film. However, at my daughter’s (daughter #2) insistence, I watched it at her home some months back and it was very funny. Cage makes fun of himself and it works. I was going to review it at the time but it slipped my mind.

Nicolas Kim Coppola (born January 7, 1964), known professionally as Nicolas Cage, is an American actor and film producer. Born into the Coppola family, he’d likely be managing a Burger King or something along that line – maybe peddling goose feathers or widgets at age 58 if he didn’t have family money and connections, but he does. And it pains me to recommend the film, but I do. Then again I also laughed all the way through Dumb and Dumber.


Hammer Control

We need common sense Hammer Control laws! Now! Anyone can just walk into any hardware store and buy a hammer without a background check.  Look what happened to poor Gay Paul (Mr. Pelosi)!

We need to get these weapons of war off our streets! We need to sue all the hammer manufacturers!


The Candy Harvest

There are different levels to Halloween. When I was a young boy, I had a great time trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, there is a darker side to the holiday, but I have never been exposed to that. Then again, I never looked for it.




  1. Halloween was a big deal when I was a nappy-headed little dork in San Diego. Parents would help us get into our costumes, make sure we had big bags for the candy haul, and then send us outside with orders to return by 9pm. We were on our own, no monitors or chaperones. Sadly, times have changed.

  2. Although I never conceal carried, I somehow lost all my hammers in a weekend boating accident, two were Stiletto titanium framers. They will be missed, albeit won’t rust. None were Black Assault Hammers. At least I won’t have the Fubar Boys Initiative show up at 3:00AM with CNN in tow.

      • What a racist comment.

        If I grind down the hammer claws into points (the hammer is transitioning) and it becomes a war hammer, is it woke? That being the case I should be able to carry it anywhere as a symbol that I am not transphobic.

      • LL- If I covered them in black crepe it’d be like a hammer Burka…fully sanctioned.

        Ed- Exactly, how else could we 2A defend ourselves…I just don’t want to be framed for framers.

        We won’t even talk about Nail Guns…instead of getting hammered, Mr. P could have gotten nailed. (yeah, bad visual there, but we’re all adults. heh)

        • You make an interesting and completely valid point. If you draped it in black cloth, you should be able to carry it on an airplane with you. TSA would have to accept it as is without searching under the black rag. How Islamically affirming is THAT!

          I fear that this last incident wasn’t the only time that Mr. Pelosi was nailed. Why didn’t he just find a glory hole like the rest of the population of San Francisco?

          • No wonder housing is so costly, builders are operating on one 5 nail clip at a time…but it keeps all those “who will do jobs Americans won’t” employed and voting!

  3. I am weird because I do like Nick Cage’s movies. Yeah, overacted and overblown, but so what? I also like Shatner’s stuff, which is also overacted and overblown.

    There are some great Nick Cage movies out there. Won’t go into all, but I’ll toss this one up there. “Knowing” is a very interesting sci-fi movie, with a great soundtrack that adds to the story.

    When I was a kid, I loved trick-or-treating. As an adult, I’ve set up the porch light and added decorations only to be ignored year after year after year. Sad that the lib-tards and conservi-tards have killed what was once a great day to be a kid.

    • The world we live in now makes the world that we did live in almost unrecognizable. There are a few common threads, but not many.

  4. There was a time some 1%ers (not the Goldman-Sachs 1%) carried ball.peen hammers, because they were not a considered to be a weapon and stowed nicely in a waistband. (note: everything is a weapon, depending on how you hold it).

    I heard from someone in the know that if you wack someone in the skull with a framing hammer do not use the hammer face as it tends to get hung up in the circular hole it makes when punching through the scull. The taper of the claws make extraction easier.

    One of the many things you learn before reaching 29.

    • That is why there is a claw point on many war hammers from antiquity to the present. The design hasn’t changed. Sometimes there is a tomahawk, sometimes a hammer or more of a pry-tool to open armor, but the spike is tried and true. I look at mine sitting next to me on my desk. It won’t go through a shock plate/trauma plate, but it will punch right through kevlar like it doesn’t exist. Then again so will the striking face of the tomahawk blade. I’ve always been a fan of the war hammer as a modern weapon not just for the application you described, but for prying things open (key to the city). I have a kydex case for mine and it’s “jump certified”. If you’re riding on a vehicle, you can just throw a wrecking bar or a Halligan bar or a Fu-Bar in the rig. If you jump out of an airplane, you need to keep it on your body (usually, unless you’re jumping a speed bag) and that’s where the war hammer really comes into its own.


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