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After DECADES OF GROSS MISMANAGEMENT, on a Biblical scale, Lake Mead is not more than a mud puddle — 62 days ago, the Federal Government asked states to come up with a plan to protect critical water levels on Lake Mead and Lake Powell. Somebody should be hung in a gibbet and the crows can peck their eyes out.


Students for Fair Admission v. President and Fellows of Harvard College & the University of North Carolina

I had plans to discuss this on the blog, but CDR Salamander did a much better job than I would have done. I refer you to his article.

Universities have shamefully been discriminating against different ethnic groups in favor of those they deem more desirable. Merit, objective criteria for success, academic excellence, and all those things one would expect to be determining factors are not what is driving the zero-sum game that is admissions. No, the diversity industry (those who derive financial, power, or psychological gain from promoting discrimination), have their metrics and they must be met. Turning their stated goals on it head, they are not about equal opportunity or the elimination of discrimination or sectarian division, instead they have decided that they want to use these evil methods to pursue their own goal; equity.


Bullet Points

* Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that his goal is to “get wages down”, complaining that workers have too much power in the labor market. The inflation deliberately generated by the Biden regime is trying to meet that overarching goal.

* JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon told clients yesterday that he estimates a 20-30% chance of a “harder recession” and 20-30% odds of “something worse,” Yahoo reported.

* The Inflation Reduction Act, which has nothing to do with reducing inflation (shocker) and is an exercise in Newspeak, did one thing that I think may be good. The nuclear production tax credit addresses economic hurdles and provides confidence for investment in modern nuclear power plants and small modular reactors (SMRs). Some of my consulting work involves the sale of Rolls Royce SMRs, which will be coming on line within a couple of years. I only work outside of the USA in this particular endeavor.

* The shape of things to come. Perino asked if the IRS agent sought out the ranchers simply to fill a quota. “Probably. They said they flagged it because our expenses were high that year, and it was because of this repair,” David responded.

* “For $250 an hour, I will pose as a couple’s therapist (the-rapist) and will convince the other party that they are wrong about everything…” – from an ad on the Internet.  I don’t know why this guy is so special, don’t all the-rapists do that?

* Defund the Federal Department of Education.


I don’t think that they like you…


Chechen militiaman Musa Bashkanov aka “Cyborg”


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  1. Terribly wrong. How true, that should come with an eye bleach warning.

    Lake Mead. Simulated quote from FedGov: “Due to our mismanagement Lake Mead is drying up. To fix this self inflicted problem we will need an additional trillion and half dollars. Small unmarked bills only”.

    I think it would be really hard to get a restful nights sleep with those cats in the house. They all look like hey are holding grudges.

  2. re “Fair Admissions”
    There never has been, and never will be any completely “fair” process. “Legacies”, parental donations, alumni networks, etc have always played a role. That said, if one purely goes by “academic merit” based on objective tests then elite colleges will be overwhelmingly white goys (hereafter “whites”), Jews, and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans), as well as some South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis). There will be few Southeast Asians and Hispanics, and virtually zero Blacks.

    Ron Unz looked into this exactly 10 years ago, where he used the PSAT score (a standardized test taken prior to the SAT, but by the same company and of the same format [1]) as the proxy for academic ability. Unz did this as part of his inquiry into the (East) Asian suit against Harvard admissions. Unz found that at Ivy League and similarly elite colleges (e.g. MIT), Asians were indeed UNDER-represented relative to academic merit, but actually at a similar rate to whites. The numbers of Asians and whites was about 30 to 40% of what they “should have been” going by PSAT scores. Hispanics and Blacks were “nearly infinitely” OVER-represented because based on PSAT scores alone, virtually none of those groups would have made the cut. And Jews were about three times OVER-represented compared to PSAT performance. Why this is, I couldn’t say.

    Given that there have never been “fair” admissions, and that Unz’ findings indicate that two major ethnic groups would essentially be cut out from elite colleges if admissions were based purely on “merit”, I have A MODEST PROPOSAL. Let’s quit pussyfooting around and figuring out sneaky ways of shoehorning Hispanics and Blacks into the Ivies (and public Ivies and top tech schools such as MIT and CalTech). Let’s simply decree that each entering class beginning 2023 EXACTLY reflect the national racial proportions of the US based on the most recent census. Thus Harvard’s 2023 entering class will be 13% Black, 18% Hispanic, 6% Asian, 3% Jewish, and 60% white.

    What would be the effect, by race/ethnicity? Blacks would be neutral or slightly helped, since Affirmative Action is already so heavily focused on Blacks. Hispanics would be helped quite a bit. Asians would be screwed, going from 20-30% to 6%. Jews would be screwed even more (because their current supposed over-representation is CLEARLY some flaw in Unz’s analysis). Whites would be helped. Gentile whites are about 25-35% of Ivy Classes right now. My MODEST PROPOSAL would just about double white representation overnight. (This is terribly unfortunate since whites are genetically and inherently Bad and can never be punished enough. All Good People know this, but sacrifices must be made in the name of Racial Equity. But be of good cheer and keep hope in your hearts: Long-term, we shall get around the problem of whiteness through aggressive promotion of miscegenation.)

    Now Phase 2 of my MODEST PROPOSAL is that the administration MUST reflect the student body by strict proportionality, since both the admin and the students must “Look Like America”. The (figurative) slaughter among senior administration would be remarkable. I took a quick look at the Ivy schools and their Presidents by race (ethnicity). Brown/Paxson, Columbia/Bollinger. Cornell/Pollack, Dartmouth/Hanlon, Harvard/Bacow, Univ Pennsylvania/Magill, Princeton/Eisgruber, Yale/Salovey. Dartmouth and Penn are the only two (out of 8) that have gentile Presidents. Not one Asian, not one Hispanic or Black. How is this “fair”? Of course I’m objecting to the “no Black or Hispanic Presidents” part. Screw the (under-represented) whites and the (NOT represented) Asians, per SOP.

    [1] there are obvious problems with PSAT (or SAT, GRE, MCAT, GMAT, etc) but it is standardized, objective (in the sense of multiple choice rather than essay) and the same across the country. Thus it is a reasonable proxy.

    • The practice of miscegenation means that to hold strictly to those quotas, you’d need separate categories for mullatos and so forth and the DNA testing to fill one or another slot would complicate matters considerably. Then you have the 31 or is it 36 genders and their quotas based on their national representation… They’re up to LGBTQI+ now in the lettering because dragging it out 36 places is beyond their capacity.

      Or you do the test and forget about race and gender and if no Sub-Saharans get in, they can go somewhere else.

        • Whatever happened to one gaining entrance based on scholarship, well-rounded character, and plain educational merit?

          Haaavaaad was founded as a Puritan/Evangelical school, its 1642 mission statement: “Everyone shall consider as the main end of his life and studies, to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life.”


  3. Decades of mismanagement, graft, and corruption on a biblical scale…

    There, I fixed it for you.

    First we discover the land. Then we conqueor it, then we improve it, then we shepard it, then we plunder it. Very very sad to see these Wonders of Engineering so poorly “managed”. Kalifornia will be a dust bowl desert soon.

    “The workers have too much power in the labor market”. WoW…that sure says a lot about how the Elite think of us.

    Yep….gonna a get a mite frosty out there real soon now. Maybe 12~18 months?

    • The Communists have run the People’s Republik of Kalifornia for some time now and it got so bad that you and I left. The power grid, water usage, everything is f-ed up so badly that you need to nuke Sacramento and San Francisco while you’re at it and start over.

  4. The more I hear about Massie, the more I like him. He’s a threat to the dems and the deep state. His rants on the house floor are a thing to behold. He needs to watch his back.

  5. This Expando-IRS is designed as the third prong of the Brown Out Bad Deal to put farmers and ranchers and any MAGA business out of business. This soon to be larger than some small countries military’s IRS is like the time I decided the company coffee service was worse than dishwater, so decided to rebrew using TWO packets of supposedly Premium French Roast into the basket. How bad could it be, right?

    It wasn’t better. It wasn’t stronger. It wasn’t more flavorful or robust. Nope. IT WAS TWICE as bad and smelled like a wet dog that just rolled around in a dead carcass, covered with maggots and primordial ooze.

    That about sums up what we will see…despite The Moron in Charge lying through his Adderall stained teeth that no one under $400K will see their taxes go up. Maybe not e-x-a-c-t-l-y go up (yeah, right Bubba), but no doubt a lot more of what is ours will be confiscated by the Tax Thugs…now with guns.

    This is going to get nasty in a hurry as people see their lives destroyed by some idiot with a clipboard and a calculator and a half mile high “tax law” book. Might not turn out well for the newly minted novice gun toters.

  6. In the state of Michigan Betsy DeVoss is derided as an establishment republican.
    Fair enough. She’s wealthy and established.
    She also proposed (like Bill Bennett did) eliminating the Department of Education that she headed.
    She certainly didn’t need the job.
    But institutions are like cancers that can only be removed with a knife or radiation.


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