Grin and Bear it.

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I realize that I’m being completely anthropomorphic, and I don’t believe in reincarnation, but bears do seem to be remarkably like humans. Perhaps humans are simply like bears?
h/t Daily Time Waster
Gene Simmons (singer from Kiss) comes
back from the dead, reborn as a bear.
It could be any bar in the WORLD on any given night. 
The Kiss
Frantic coupling 
The Break Up

10 thoughts on “Grin and Bear it.

  1. Bears always have that same look dogs get when they have been caught doing something wrong. They're bad and they know it!

  2. Those last three are funny as hell… And yes they ARE dangerous… .44 Mag dangerous

  3. Bears are also too much like humans because they can grow to be completely dependent on the government.

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