The GreenMarx Cult

People who dwell among the Appalachian hill country have a saying: fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, I must be pretty gullible; fool me a dozen times, I may be suffering a mental illness; fool me a score of times, I am not a sapient life form; fool me a hundred times in a row, without your once ever being remotely right about anything, being neither correct in your methods nor honest in your reporting, and if I still believe you, clearly I am insane, wrap me in a straight jacket and lock it in. Smuggle white lightning into the asylum so I can keep the delusion going.

Let’s go Brandon!



Democrats:  White people are evil scum. They are the source of all that’s wrong in the world. DIE WHITEY!

White People: (vote Republican)

Democrats:  Why didn’t white people vote for us? See, they’re racists, just like we told you!




Memes of the Day




  1. After a trip to rural Virginia for business last year, I met some fantastic people that lived among the mountains along the western border. In a way, it was like at home in rural Texas: Kind people, with a strong heritage of self-reliance was what I mostly found.

    I doubt the cesspool dwellers in the D.C. area realize how precipitable their existence has become. Irritate enough of the good people in the state, push them into a corner, and the result will be remarkable.

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