What is the Future for American Special Operations Forces?

(Military Times – h/t Claudio) Between fighting the weather, adding 31 genders, and people who self-identify as women while eliminating toxic masculinity, the Queen Berets will be kinder, gentler, and much softer. Dangling earrings add so much to the ensemble as do accessorizing. Nothing says, “I’m here and I’m queer” than a pink clutch purse with glittering rhinestones.

America’s #1 enemy (the weather) couldn’t be reached for comment.

It’s a good article, pointing the way forward for the new, soft, woke special forces. Kind, gentle, thoughtful LGTBQI2+ people, persuading with soft, affirming language instead of force. What could possibly go wrong?

Retention bonuses are offered but the word is that there is still flight from billets. Maybe the military is just too big for itself. 75,000 Special Operations Forces (in various shapes and sizes – soon I expect the Space Force to dip its toe into the Special Operations world.

The word from the Navy Chief of Staff is that warships haven’t been deploying with their full complement of missiles. My question to that is why? Though this factoid has nothing to do with Special Operations Forces, it weighs heavily on the US Navy’s mindset.

When I hear the sort of chatter that is referenced in this blog piece, it sounds to me like standards will be lowered to include demographics not currently found in SEAL platoons for the sake of “inclusion and equity”. That means that capabilities will be reduced as they work hard to weed out “toxic masculinity and whiteness”.  There was a fiercely independent attitude in SEAL Teams and platoons that went along with the missions, which were dangerous and required training and the ‘right attitude’ to be successful. The addition of political officers to insure that these operators had the currently accepted attitude and the indoctrination that even the fittest and most capable needed to be vaccinated continuously against the plague with material that made them ill was somehow good. Asking a SEAL platoon to sit in a circle and criticize themselves for being white (because almost all are) was and is simply a signal that they need to go out and find other work at private military companies. A lot of people took the advice of their government and left. More will leave to be replaced by equity hires.


Dead Dogs and Mail-in-Voting

Inside the envelope, an invitation (see photo below) from the Center for Voter Information to register to vote by mail can be found addressed to “Dear Ruby.” (Gateway Pundit)

I don’t see why a dead dog couldn’t vote for the democrat of its choice. I guess they’ve used up all of the headstone voters. It makes perfect sense to me.



The Tommy Gun – for Paddies too…


The Thompson Submachine Gun and Irish Independence

In the final month of World War I a US Army officer named Brig. Gen. John T. Thompson began the development of a submachine gun which he called the “trench broom”. Spitting out 800 rounds a minute of .45 caliber lead the trench broom was to be used to clear World War I trenches of German soldiers, however, the war ended before work on the Thompson could be finished. Development continued after the war until in April of 1921 production of the Model 1921 Thompson began.

Among the first buyers of the Thompson were secret agents of the Irish Republican Army who were looking to buy weapons for Irish forces fighting for independence against the British. At the time there were no laws in the US restricting the sale of fully automatic firearms and thus any civilian could buy one as long as they had the cash ($200 or around $3000 in today’s money). Some of the earliest produced Thompsons were purchased, serial numbers 46, 50, and 51, and smuggled to Ireland. There they were tested in a soundproofed basement in Dublin. IRA leader Michael Collins, who attended the test firing was like, bruh we need more of these! So a call went out to buy and ship as many Tommy guns as possible.

Most Thompsons were purchased by immigrant Irish fraternal groups and patriotic groups who organized fundraisers and pooled their money together to cover the steep cost of buying the submachine guns. In some cases, they disappeared from government armories. An Irish immigrant who was sheriff of San Mateo, California donated two Thompsons for the cause. Many of the weapons as well as magazines and ammunition made their way to New York City, where 495 of them were loaded onto one ship. Unfortunately for the IRA local police and Federal authorities seized the weapons in a raid after a captain grew suspicious of the cargo that was being loaded onto his ship.

While 495 Thompsons were seized, another 158 were smuggled out of the US to Ireland by other means. Most only arrived in the final months of the Irish War for Independence as a truce was agreed upon on the 11th of July and the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in December guaranteeing Irish independence. The Thompson did see plenty of action in the Irish Civil War of 1922-1923 when factions of the IRA began fighting among each other due to disagreements over the terms of the treaty. In 1925 the 495 Thompsons that were seized by the US Government were returned as there were no neutrality laws at the time and it was not illegal to send weapons to foreign powers overseas. Most of those Thompsons went into government armories without ever being fired in anger until they were decommissioned in the 1960s-1970s. Some remained in private hands, even being used by IRA fighters as late as the 1970s and 1980s.



Bullet Points:

* Kevin McCarthy is just more of the same. It’s depressing to think that he’s likely the next Speaker of the House of Representatives.

* The U.S. State Department on Tuesday walked back remarks questioning Pakistan’s ability to keep its nuclear weapons safe by leftist regime puppet leader FJB, who went as far as to call the South Asian nation, a nominal ally of America’s, “one of the most dangerous nations in the world.”

* When a public institution says that it is pursuing diversity, it means that it will never accomplish anything useful again. Behind the euphemisms, “diversity” means that we are putting unqualified people in key decision-making positions and are pretending that they add value. Diversity is a tax to subsidize incompetence.

* Frank pointed out in an e-mail that farming is the biggest contributor to climate change (we’re all going to die, killed by farmers). I would add that ranchers should be included. Of course, none of the woke know where the food comes from – besides, “the store”. I guess that the woke can live on Soylent Green while it lasts.


Identify the Aircraft


Journalism Today


  1. Haha. I love Popeyes chicken, but the biscuit meme is right on.

    I expect the military to continue to have problems. The people they need won’t join because of “woke”; and the people they are pandering to don’t want to do what the military needs.
    Science Fiction writes/wrote about “super soldiers”, but all that so called toxic masculinity is frowned on now.

    Love that Pontiac! No clue about the plane.

    You all be safe and have a blessed weekend.

    • The people they need the most either won’t join or will decide to do one enlistment and leave. Officer retention will be an even bigger problem. They don’t want males, they want a different variety of “males” and it won’t work out.

  2. Kevin McCarthy is more of the same? You mean all those years renting a house in D.C. from Frank Luntz has not made him a principled conservative visionary?

      • I would think the political officers would stay behind the wire wouldn’t they? They would not want to risk all the value they bring to the organization.

        • It would stand to reason, and you wouldn’t want them fraternizing too much, REMFs, in the rear, writing reports on what they’ve seen and what their stooges tell them.

    • They want more estrogen, more compliant males, men who are more concerned with their feelings, who are willing to sit in the lotus position for hours and contemplate their navels. They want men who prefer tofu to steak, men who believe that men can give birth to babies.

  3. “simply a signal that they need to go out and find other work at private military companies. A lot of people took the advice of their government and left”.

    A robust private military industry might be our last resort. When the ___ hits the fan, the government can hire them.

    • That may be the plan but with 75,000 special forces people of all varieties currently in uniform, it’s kind of stupid. Yes, I know that stupid is as stupid does. Only a small percentage of those 75,000 are actually current operators. There are a lot of support types, staff types and people who have “aged out” of being point of the spear. Some sit behind desks approving gear requisitions and the like. I imagine that the zampolits run in those circles, looking for rumors to report on as fact.

    • Their timid hearts might burst if they went downrange, where it’s all too easy to be swept overboard at night or to suffer some sort of serious injury around the equipment they don’t understand. Luckily for the zampolit corps, there are a LOT waiting to take their places, waiting for whispers that Master Chief so-and-so talked about FJB screwing his teenage daughter. Unsubstantiated rumors like that can’t stand in the new world order. Imagine the horror if Senior Chief so-and-so was apprehended while watching an episode of Tucker Carlson.

  4. I read someplace that the first recorded use of the Thompson SMG in combat was by an Irishman who lit up a British troop train. Hope I didn’t just embarrass myself by mis-remembering the story.

  5. 75,000? That’s huge.

    I guess it’ll be way smaller as we move to mercenary armies. 18th C? Perhaps, but with or without the talent?
    That in mind, the prog/left loves war, they’re baying for it, and at one and the same time destroying the force that wages it. I say again, driven insane, by SATAN.


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