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No More Free Speech?

Apple is currently threatening to ban Parler — the free speech alternative to Twitter — unless the service enacts draconian censorship policies demanded by left-wing Big Tech oligarchs, according to two sources familiar with Apple’s threats. (Zero Hedge)

We can’t have that. Imagine what would happen if people could express themselves freely without censorship?

“The hammer is always broken on the anvil.” – George Orwell





NASA released a photo of what it says is the largest canyon in our solar system.

Known as Valles Marineris, it stretches over 2,500 miles across the Martian equator and is 7 miles deep.

It’s 10 times as long as the Grand Canyon and three times deeper. Mars is trying to keep up with Arizona by going red and going deep…but they don’t have a White Wolf Mine there (yet).




How Does the New Year Look to You?


Oath Ammunition (link)

shotgun projectile

.45 ACP – their claim: The 100% Copper Tango 45 ACP round delivers what no other 45 ACP can. Opening with six tangs the 45 ACP produces the largest wound channel and stopping power of any 45 ACP round in the world. Though there are rounds more powerful, none match the stopping power of the 45 ACP Tango.  The 45 ACP opens up to over 1 1/2 inches creating over 4 inches sustained wound channel.  The best part is the penetration, the 45 ACP Tango main ninja star projectile penetrates about 10 inches in 10% gel.


Lee Harvey Oswald

Some were afraid that he’d talk. His murder while in custody by Jack Ruby is no more a conspiracy theory than COVID-19 is.

The nation is locked down because of a Chinese-made flu virus that spares 99.9% of those who contract it. Masks are mandated to scare people. Study after study shows that they do not slow the spread.

The problem with 2020 and beyond is that the “conspiracy theories” really aren’t. You have to stretch if you want to launch a new theory.


    • Nowhere near. The Federal reserve, reversing its opinion of three weeks ago, announced that it will be raising interest rates. I expect them to climb.

      Democrats expect to spend several trillion this year on pet projects and bail-outs and you either accept inflation or high interest rates.

      SO they’re headed up.

    • The theory as I understand it is that as the planet cooled and the core contracted, the canyon formed, creating a massive crack in the mantle. But that’s that’s just a theory.

  1. Apple has banned Parler.

    Twitter has permanently banned all Trump family, along with Flynn and others.

    The first move of Tyranny is to shut down the voices of resistance.

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

    • The US Congress and executive branches will be working hard to repeal that pesky Bill of Rights and we know that the Supreme Court will be cool with that.

      • Why repeal what they’ve ignored for so very long, as I posted earlier.

        Been to church lately?

        How’s that mail-order machine gun?

        Cops or other Governmental Creeps break into your house without a warrant?

        Speedy Trial?

        Ability to not self-incriminate?

        Your vote counts?


        Tey ain’t naw Billo Raights no more.

        • Don’t forget they can put up video surveillance on your property without your permission or knowledge and it isn’t trespass.

      • I just tried Parler and it wouldn’t load up. There are a lot of ways to shut down sites like that if you control the routers. You just re-route all traffic around the planet a few dozen times before it lands on Parler. Or you can just instruct the routers that Parler relies on to ignore that site.

        • Carlson had the Parler gal on last night, she said if Apple/Google shuts them off the servers they have no other option but to close shop. Control at all levels (Polis just re-re-re-re…extended the mask mandate here in Colorado.
          Will it ever end? No.)

          • We’ve been promised that there will be many more mutations of the plague to come – maybe forever. And as you know, the only way to slow the spread is with a mask, because they work. And if you say they don’t, you’re a plague denier and need to be beheaded, and your carcass rendered down, turned into delicious Soylent Green.

          • Your statement would funny, except in this political climate it’s not funny…they will do it if they can. I say, do your worst.

  2. from the ‘was it all a scam?’ department:

    Apparently, according to rumor, unemployed ex-bureaucrat Joseph Robinette Biden declared American President Donald Trump “…incompetent…”.

    After years of acting-out his floundering buffoonery, china joe is suddenly fit to diagnose the competence of somebody — anybody — else?

    I think china joe should stick to sniffing.
    His switch to Doctor Of Psychiatric Medicine seems a leap…

      • Scary thing is… Biden is the most honest politician I’ve ever heard.

        “I don’t work for you, you work for ME!”

        “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

        Has any politician ever said more truthful things before?

  3. Gettin’ jiggy out there…banning anything Trump related in full force, even if it’s bad PR and corporate revenues tank. Looking like a circular firing squad amped up on all 3 Branch candy plus the MSM (didn’t think they could get anymore transparently asinine, but they proved me wrong once again). I suspect Trump has a contingency plan for the next 12 days…he’s not going down without a final rally of blows to the midsection. I say declassify everything…put it out there for all to see, pardon Mr. Rittenhouse and a few others…poke the sharp stick in the eye of the rabidly deluded, show them they have no sway.

  4. +2

    I don’t think he’ll go quietly in face of all the fraud. Just hope and pray that whatever Hail Mary is up his sleeve works…..

    • Me too. He’s alone at this point, but I figure he doesn’t care about that, only doing what is right. (Might have instructed his staff to stay clear so they can continue their lives without persecution.)

  5. That No Trespassing sign – while in high school, I had a classmate who put up a sign that read

  6. There hasn’t been any Free Speech since the Hate Speech Laws, at least. What was that, 20 years?

    Pelosi just decreed what words can and can’t be said in the House of Representatives, by fiat.

    There is no more room in the world for people like us. All we can really do is try to avoid the boot like roaches, and then try to go out like men when they come for us.

    To life!

    • It’s always incumbent on us to live as well, love as much, and be as much as we’re able. Yes, when they come for you, it’s good if you can take as many of them with you on the way out as possible. And who wants to go to a concentration camp anyway?

    • I call that filthy sewer his glory hole in the attempt to make him sound more august than he really is.

  7. We’re right here in the midst of it, eh?

    I recommend Gab — the interface is better than Parler, imo. Slow right now because of the 10s of thousands of people signing on.

    • I don’t know where I’ll end up. MikeW just asked to be a friend on MeWe. Parler is difficult to log onto. I’m not happy with any of them. There will be a Darwinian struggle and I’ll pick the winner after some of them have been weeded out.

      President Trump is apparently working on starting his own social network. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. The donkeys and tech giants will isolate it because of the router discussion earlier.

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