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Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan

Zhang Gaoli

The US News media including Fox News does very little to explain events to the American public. Chinese President Xi is fighting to hold on to power. He is opposed by Zhang Gaoli and the so-called Zhang Faction of the Chinese Communist Party. The Biden Crime Family supports the Zhang Faction and they have financially supported him. The Zhang Faction draws support from the Shanghai and Guangzhou areas in China.

The Pelosi visit to Taiwan was geared to undermine Xi internally in China by embarrassing him. I don’t know that Zhang would be better for America and frankly, the tipping point in China where some sort of normal relationship the US could exist has past. Ongoing strident propaganda in China has sealed the deal. The Chinese Plague has been blamed on the US, of course. The PRC won’t take the hit internally for that one. I do not suggest that a nuclear war with China is inevitable, however China has been at war with the US for some time and the US (except for President Trump) has failed to acknowledge that.

Zhang might not be better for America, but he would be better for the Democrat Party and the Biden Crime Family.

To better understand the People’s Republic of China and the way it is governed, you should spend a few minutes acquainting yourself with the Politburo Standing Committee because the decisions are made there and disseminated outward and downward. Selection for membership in the Standing Committee depends more on loyalty to powerful patrons than on ability in a traditionally Chinese hierarchical way. There is a constant push and pull between factions in that circle of no trust.

China is not united. 400 million Chinese have cut their ties with the Chinese Communist Party recently. Since the Politburo controls the People’s Liberation Army it is a matter for concern, but it doesn’t mean the end of the CCP. The trip to Taiwan served to further undermine the face of the CCP ruling Xi faction as the Zhang faction jockeys for position (within the Party). They promise to bring the dissidents back under the yoke who left under Xi.


Bullet Points

* The United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley was supposed to be working for President Donald Trump. Instead, a new report suggested he was intentionally trying to undermine the president. This is certainly not news, but there was a report – may be worth a read.

* Talk is cheap.  The establishment knows Garland can’t be prosecuted as long as Dems control the DOJ under the Biden regime.

31 thoughts on “General Thoughts

  1. Interesting information about China. I keeping treating them as a monolithic block when I know very well how fractured the US is so why shouldn’t China have different power blocks as well. Amongst other things I need to work on that.

    Garland. Maybe because it is a gray day here but I have problems marshaling any optimism today. The rot has gone too deep. To fix the problem the DOJ and FBI would have to be disestablished and replaced with something else under different baseline rules. No existing agents would be allowed to serve in the new organizations. I don’t think that is possible as things stand now. The best we can hope for if the Republicans win the mid terms and the next Presidential election is a partial push back to temporarily impede their DOJ&FBI) usurpation and maybe a trial or two. Doubt if there will be any convictions since the Democrats own the DC court system but we have to fight on within the existing system.

          1. I’d cry over the collateral damage to the structures, but the people? God forgive me, not so much.

            Maybe a nice kindler, gentler Neutron Bomb?

          2. It wouldn’t have to be THAT much bigger than a chihuahua’s head if it was targeted well. Multiple, independently targeted chunks of nickel and iron the size of a chihuahua’s head, augering in at 25,000 mph

          3. We don’t have the technology but God could use it as a demonstrator – sort of the way that happened at Sodom and Gomorrah.

          4. I knew you two would add to the suggestion, and coming from the sky we are exonerated because it would be Gaia’s fault and the Left gives free passes to nature.

          5. We do have the technology. We’ve had the tech since the late 60’s and early 70’s. The same tech that can pilot MIRVs to within feet of the aim point. The same tech that could make a Sprint ABM make a hard-kill against an incoming warhead simulator.

            And it’s not like the civilians don’t have the same tech. Musk and SpaceX can deorbit a Starlink satellite, not a very aerodynamic shape, pretty accurately. Now apply that to a ‘shipment’ of tungsten or steel darts…

  2. There’s no hope of “Reforming” any of these institutions. Best thing to do is dismantle them all and start from scratch. Start by Firing the FBI leadership and send the entire 7th floor to their new digs in Oklahoma somewhere.

    1. Yes, but it goes deeper than the Seventh Floor. Why does BATFE exist? Why is it part of DOJ?

  3. dr jim, we need to make a glass parking lot out of it. leave it uninhabitable for a thousand years as a reminder. establish a new capitol in the geographic center of the country. no sense in making it so far away for some folks. a meeting hall and a barracks, nothing else. byo everything.

  4. The same thing that happened to Eric Holder under what’s-his-name’s administration will happen to Garland under the current administration. Nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Lather, rinse and repeat. A p-RESIDENTIAL Medal of Freedom is more likely, perhaps a certainty.

  5. BATFE, the neighborhood convenience store. Boy if I win the lottery big time I know what I would do just to tweak our supposed betters. Buy a convenience store, name it BATFE and stock accordingly.

  6. What kind of hateful person would even consider prosecuting AG Garland? He’s a third generation pogrom survivor. Hasn’t the poor man suffered enough? Sure he grew up in the wealthy suburb of Lincolnwood, IL and attended Harvard College and subsequently Harvard Law School, but he’s still a completely powerless victim. And you all need to remember that.

    Re the other thing: good to know the CCP is not guilty of “lookism” wherein only the beautiful and handsome are disproportionately rewarded and elevated. Good to know that a slitty-eyed man with things on his face (that he really ought to have had a cosmetic surgeon look at) can rise to power.

    1. Thinking all these reprobates are really fearful, and relying on their heavily locked and loaded private security details carrying all manner of weaponry.

      Now that they have started down this path I want them to continue running their tyrannical course. This is their time to shine (in their minds), they will trade anonymity for fame in a heartbeat, further exposing them as the enemy within. It will be their undoing.

    2. I knew people from Lincolnwood when I was in college.

      Can you say “New Money”? I knew ya could!

      They seemed to be a 50/50 mix of “OK” people, and the insufferably snobbish.

      1. Garland, persecuted victim, should have been sitting on SCOTUS. Now he strikes back.

  7. Heads Up, Chilluns.

    The only thing that makes sense is that they think (or know) that Trump has a “box” of documents, recordings and photos that can bring the whole grift and influence game down in flames. The election “results” are a distraction that doesn’t matter. “They”will get kickbacks, use influence and get the pick of the new Eptein’s stable no matter who is in Congress or in the White House. If the contents of the “box” are shared, the civil action, divorce, and paternity suits, etc will will drive the “worthies” to despair. That is why the FBI/DOJ and Epstein’s ex-lawyer blew their cover to get the stash. The “open” game is for suckers. The “worthies” are afraid of what is in that “box”.

    I wonder where President Trump hid that stash…..

      1. School children will be bussed there against their will to look at statues of the Half-Blood Prince and the Harpy, who self-identified as female.

    1. Photo copies are on the hard drive labeled “Hunter’s Laptop”. The FBI will never look at those.

      1. But we can, the repair shop owner made a mirror copy of the HDD. Time to leak all of it, undermine the FBI’s coverup, let American’s directly see the truth for themselves.

  8. The Shanghai Gang is from Shanghai, right? So they must be infinitely corrupt.

    That goes hand-in-hand with the Dems liking them, anyway.

    Winnie-the-Pooh is undoubtedly corrupt too, but he does seem to want the PRC to win.

    Perhaps the Shanghai Gang is so thoroughly corrupt as to not care about the nation, except as it affects them, personally? that could mean a weaker China, and thus maybe be a positive for the world. IDK, just spitballing here.

    Not that the Dems would ever have that thought process, but maybe we could reap an accidental side-benefit from graft-seeking.


    1. In years past, I knew some of the key players in Shanghai. I have never met Zhang. What passes for corruption in China was stepped on hard by Xi. He closed the Chicken Street brothels, cut down on bribes, and tried to make China great. America made China in a real sense and enabled a lot of the problems that we face. The Chinese leadership view our leaders as weak, mentally soft, often deranged and unworthy of our position in the world.

      1. Well, apparently the PRC leadership can see the obvious about ours, so they’re one up on the electorate here.


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