Settled Science

Governments really hate it when science doesn’t support their narratives. Like that time Obama paid $10 million for the CDC to study gun violence, and they concluded that carrying a gun is the safest and most effective way to avoid being the victim of violent crime. Every news company turned around and talked about how the CDC had been banned from studying gun violence for decades.

And are we all going to die in 7.5 years or not? The leftists don’t seem worried anymore. Maybe they have resigned themselves to their fate


Tesla’s Crystal Ball

(Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943) “Light is a sound wave that travels through the luminiferous aether.”

“Atomic energy is impossible because atoms don’t release energy when they are split. Electrons probably don’t exist and if they do they are merely a different state of matter.”

“If we would just institute state enforced sterilization of undesirables we could breed the perfect race of humans by 2100.”

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.


Nature Shows the Way of the Future



Magic Axe (head)

Many progressive people in leadership positions engage in magical thinking. Such as: “People would be law abiding if only there were no police.” It influences their view of the future. It’s just like this magic axe head. I’m sure that there was a myth that whoever carried it couldn’t be killed in battle.


Future Cars (same as the old cars)?

improvised armored vehicle, Spanish civil war 1936-1939


Timeless High Art


Gold prospector John Dubriel and his dog.

Klondike Gold Rush, 1899. (LL the future years)


Better to Have and not Need

Than to need and not have (a maxim for our time)




  1. I would honestly not lose a minute’s sleep if every motorcycle on the planet vanished overnight and were never manufactured again. They just ain’t never been my thang.

    But dang, that engine is absolutely beautiful!

  2. We were promised flying cars and all we got was censored syrup.

    Speaking of magical thinking, if you tear down statues of old white men there won’t be any more racism. #science

  3. When I saw that “magic axe head” I figured that if the magic ran out the axe would still work..

  4. “If we would just institute state enforced sterilization of undesirables we could breed the perfect race of humans by 2100.”

    At one point we heard that Singapore was going to try social engineering a better quality of human from the carrot perspective (as opposed to the sterilization perspective): by giving payments to female PhD candidates for having kids. (No idea if this was true; not the point.) My comment was that Singapore wouldn’t end up with smarter people, just a lot more socially awkward glasses-wearers who couldn’t catch a ball or talk to girls. Seeing as I was in grad school at the time and hanging out with PhD candidates and postdocs, this was not well received — for some reason that remains unclear to me to this very day. So sad.

    Not supporting Tesla on this one, but I would point out that our social welfare policies are literally subsidizing the production of people with undesirable behavioral patterns, and generally low IQs and poor impulse control. (And the bad behavior is most likely not even half due to “bad environment” or “lack of role models”.)

    • Huxley’s Brave New World… I would have thought that by 2020, we would be able to electively eliminate genetic defects. In fact I predicted that the US would go big into eugenics when the tech became available. I guess I’m wrong.

      The inner city replicates its own failings predictably and with enthusiasm. There is little hope for them.

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