The Distribution of lighthouses in Europe.




The Population down Under


Map of Italian ancestry in Brazil. In all 15% of the Brazilian population is Italian. Brazil has the largest Italian descent outside Italy. Yes, Claudio, the Italians sure do get around…


The Gerrymandered States of America: A Map in which all states are gerrymandered to allow Joe Biden to win every electoral college vote. Of course, the vote, such as it was, remains in dispute in some quarters.

Note: Alaska and Hawaii are the same state on this map



A map of British people living in France. There are currently 148,000.


How Dangerous is Japan?

Natural hazards in Japan.


States where the government has a monopoly on the sales of some or all alcoholic beverages. And, yes, it’s just another form of taxation.


The longest drivable road in the world, the Pan American Highway passes through 14 countries and is 48,000 kilometers long.


  1. So… the Jerrymandering map, is it all of the USA except California and some insignificant northeastern states, or is it the other way around?

    As to compulsory voting, I’m not for that. Just accurate, secure and safe voting.

    That huge number of young people in Australia? Partly because of ChiComs emigrating and taking over.

    Driveable road? Maybe within an armored column, but there’s a lot of nations on that pike that are about as safe as driving through Somalia covered in crosses and dollar bills. Just saying.

  2. Proof positive that the US is superior. In Greece or Turkey you must bestir yourself to go vote. In the US you can sit at home stoned out of your head, or in a diabetic ketoacidosis coma for that matter, and still vote Democrat. What a country!

    Not sure only 9 countries have more sheep than people. There seem to be a LOT more sheep than anyone thought.

    • You don’t even need to vote in the US. The democrat party will vote for you. Even if you’re dead. What a country!!

  3. Love it! North Korea has compulsory voting. Do they send them off to re-education camps if they don’t vote even though voting doesn’t really matter since it is a foregone conclusion who will win since there is probably only one person for each office on the ballot.

    • Everyone loves dear leader in Norkland. Just like everyone likes Jo and Ho in the US. And yes, there is one person on the ballot. The dems are trying to do that here.

  4. If the good people of the United States keep putting up with this abomination we have that passes for a gubmint, that sheep map is gonna need some revisioneering pretty soon.

  5. Regarding the road from Tierra del Fuego to Prudhoe Bay, Tim Cahill wrote a great book about his journey up it.

    “The Long Way Up” was an interesting, if a little—a lot—too heavy on “green energy” baloney and went from TDF to LA. It features Ewen McGregor and Charley Boorman. Boorman is a complete natural in front of a camera and is the son of John Boorman who directed “Deliverance”.

    Lots of moto riding and beautifully photographed.

    • wiki stated it incorrectly at 48k kilometers/30k miles but its in fact 30k kilometers/19k miles per natgeo. that’s wiki for you.

  6. I’ve always wanted to drive the Pan American, since I first read about it as a little boy.

    Unfortunately, it was never really completed in any meaningful way, and much of it goes through post-apocalyptic-nightmare-world.


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