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A view from the great room to the deck of the White Wolf Mine and the snow beyond this morning. I was ready for winter to be over but….nooooo.


She proved to be good for something by serving as his personal confessional before she vaporized. It had been a unique experience for the Wolverine, using somebody as a rag to wipe the scum from a dirty conscience. And he didn’t have to kill her after she performed the service. Releasing the deadman switch that she held in her hand cleansed the whole matter.


Hey, Bubba, we can take these out to the range and dump a few magazines. Out there. What could possibly go wrong?

Full disclosure, I was Bubba, well beyond the statute of limitations ago and I learned first hand how tracers tend to ricochet into dry brush…and fortunately the law of unintended consequences was kind to me that day because it had been raining.


Gomer and family stop at the gas station and ask which highway they’re on and which state they’re in…


Harsh language is unlikely to deter him.


You’re going to meet people who are intimidated by you. You’re different. People don’t know how to react or how to accept somebody who is prepared to kill everyone that he meets (as advised by St. James Mattis of Quantico). They are not used to somebody who doesn’t try and fit in with their clique.

This blog offers those people who are confused by you some well earned adivce: “Screw them.”


  1. Not a bad place to watch winter from.

    The sensitivity training in the last caption reminds me of the Army Travel Motto.
    Travel to far lands, meet interesting people, kill them.

    • No, if you have to be quarantined, the White Wolf Mine is comfortable and remote.

      General James Mattis did say to his Marines that they were to be polite and courteous, but that they needed a plan to kill everyone they met.

  2. The pirate (still waiting on your book) has 4 pistols. Depending on how many are headed toward him, I see hand to hand, or sword to sword, battle with the 4 as backup if needed.

    • The pirate book is still sitting on the computer. I planned to travel to North Carolina and do some on-site research in April and May. Of course, that plan crashed with the introduction of the Chinese Plague. Thank you for remembering. I did go through what I had not long ago and tweaked here and there.

      • Looks like Edward Teach. “Blackbeard”. IIRC, he was renowned for carrying several brace of pistols, and often putting burning matches (punks for firing cannon) in his hair. Seems slightly unlikely as no fighting man would want smoke in his eyes. Somewhere I read his one piece of advice for surviving a deck fight- “keep moving”. Probably made up by a newspaper man , but bears consideration.

        • I suspect that the placement of burning fuses in his hair was more of an effort at psychological warfare than anything else. When you’re a pirate, it’s always better if the legend is larger and the prey heaves to and surrenders rather than fighting it out. There clearly were deck fights but if the prey hove-to and cooperated, quarter was often granted, with the exception of women, who would almost always be used by the pirate crew.

  3. Also- stairwells seem like a catchers mitt for unwelcome surprises. Like a fatal funnel in two axis’s.
    You’re the expert, LL. Are stairwells as bad as they look?

    • They’re choke points, to be avoided if possible. But often, you can’t leave an uncleared building behind and you have to use them. An alternative is to fast rope onto the roof and work your way down, but that requires a lot of support because you need a helicopter to deploy the squad and another two with mini-guns to protect the helicopter doing the roping.

  4. BANDMEETING WROTE – (I don’t know why it didn’t post) You are at the wrong elevation for winter to be over yet. Shoot for Memorial Day. I had a quarter inch of ice on my birdbath on June 13, 2017 here in beautiful Preskitt.

    I had snow up here last Memorial Day. My hope for an early spring was obviously in vain.

    • I guess that I could light a fire. I haven’t yet today. The view is spectacular. I walked out the front door yesterday and there was a herd of half a dozen white tail deer in the front yard are. They all bounded off, tails high. It cheered me up.

    • No, not a good idea at all. But if you use direct fire artillery it messes up the stairwells so that you can’t get up them at all. If you’re going to do that, better and just take the whole building down.

    • I live in the middle of a national forest comprised of 1.86 million acres, which is a good thing. However, I spend as much time with my children and grandchildren as I can and I’d be lying if I said that this whole quarantine thing didn’t get me down a bit. It’s a big house, built for visiting friends, children and grandchildren and it feels empty. Fishing season is coming but even some of the better fishing lakes in Arizona are closed.

  5. 61 deg. on Friday, 13 deg. and snow yesterday, and just finished plowing 4″ of global warming off the roads with more coming. That touch of Spring is just a tease at this elevation, then nature laughs and throws more Winter at you in case you forgot. No matter, it’ll help green up the pastures when it melts by Friday.

    Unfortunately I’m starting to believe there are a lot more Gomer’s out there than previously thought…those folks who easily gave up their Constitutional rights to follow police-state directives that had little basis in truth. It’s starting to look like the COVID19 came ashore back in September, which means that weird hanger-on cold/flu-ish thing we had in late December was THAT…but we now carry the antibodies. So, how is it that listening to those who’ve become drunk on their newly self-appointed corrupt powers, is a good plan? Time to either fish or cut bait.

    • As I think I’ve said here on the blog, I may have had it in January because I was down for almost a month with the very same symptoms suggested by the experts now. And Stanford University reports that a LOT of people in California have antibodies. Which means that it came and went without the fanfare. I’m not denying that New York and New Jersey have taken a serious beating. I’m just agreeing with you.

    • I received a telephone call from one of my 8 year old grandsons asking for a fishing report on Easter. He was crestfallen that the lakes have been officially closed because of the Chinese Plague.

      But all that will pass.

  6. Our early taste of Spring has vanished. Been 15* at night, and snowed the last three days. Going down to 10* tonight, which will most likely knock the buds off everything.

    Oh, well…..Spring In The Rockies!

    • The snow is melting here, DRJIM. And while I can hope it’s the last snow, I can hold a snowball in one hand and wish in the other…

  7. Well, it’s officially spring in north Texas. The mesquite has budded out… sigh… 34 degrees this morning though. Good post and I’m loving the new format.

    • The mesquite and palo verde is blooming at lower elevations, and the deer and elk up top where I live have their summer coats, but the weather is persnikety.

      Thanks re: format. There are a number of things that need to happen before its finished but it’s developing.

  8. From what little I can see, your hovel looks to be very nice. People who travel without maps should be ignored at all times.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    • The shack is nice. It’s spacious, had Wolfe/Subzero appliances in the kitchen, a dedicated guest area (that overlooks the valley) with a rec room for guests/family/children, and a six car garage with a work shop. I don’t complain about any of that because I designed it myself and it suits my needs.

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