We’re at the threshold of the weekend, which means we’ve survived the salt mine once again.

Reading between the lines (right), a lot of the leftist propaganda is failing, but the spew from CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media outlets continues unabated.

What did you think of the presidential debate last night? Who won and why?

Will there ever be a debate hosted by a neutral party or by a conservative? I know. It’s too much to ask for. BUT, I think that the debate was better managed by MSNBC than it was by Fox… and that’s sad.


Today in History

The First Crusade, led by Peter-the-Hermit was said to be sort of a gaggle of impoverished “hippies” who marched to free the Holy Land from the Mohammedans. While true, it also included soldiers and the core of what constituted an army.


The Christian Frankish army of the First Crusade arrived at Turkish-held Antioch; after a difficult march through arid Anatolia. Led by a coalition of leaders that include Bohemond, Prince of Taranto (leader of the Norman’s of Sicily); Raymond Count of Toulouse (leader of the south French); Godfrey, Duke of Lower Lorraine; and Robert Duke of Normandy (who, along with Baldwin of Flanders led the north French).

The siege would prove difficult in the extreme; the Crusaders suffering from lack of provisions. But the city would ultimately be betrayed to Bohemond on June 2, 1098. Days later, a Turkish relief army would arrive before the city under Kerbogha, Atabeg of Mosul. This would be defeated, in turn, on the plains beyond the river from the city.

Bohemond would take the title of Prince of Antioch; and found a dynasty that would rule the city as a vassal of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.


Fun with Maps


Communist China and Russia Endorsed Biden

The senile, corrupt, old pervert is somebody that they’d rather work with than President Trump.


The Left’s War on the Weather



  1. I think the very best thing about the PanicDemic has been that we’ve been able to go entire weeks w/o having to watch the autistic Danish kid having tantrums.


      • There has been a learning process (one would hope) that accompanied the plague. Improved therapeutics have softened the impact of the pandemic. Lock downs (beyond two weeks to slow the spread) have caused far more damage than they solved.

        But I’m with you, Kle, the Danish girl, daughter of a witch, as a poster child for the radical left has not been heard from much and that’s a good thing.

    • As Camperfixer notes, Greta Thunberg is Swedish.
      There is something syndromic (as in “constellation” of unfortunate medical conditions) about that person. Turns out she has a sister, who looks far more normal. Something is quite wrong with Greta.

      “The Danish Girl” is a 2015 movie about an unfortunate person who died undergoing a series of “sex reassignment” surgeries in the 1930s. (Not the first to undergo such surgery, contrary to claims by the movie publicity machine. That was apparently someone called Rudolph/Dora Richter, who was treated by a physician called Magnus Hirschfeld and surgeons Ludwig Levy-Lenz and Erwin Gohrbandt.)

      • The Danes and Swede’s still have “that thing” going on, mutual dislike. My experience with in-country folks metes that out. Here, not so much..being American still means we’re [supposed to be] all in the same boat rowing together. Last night showed who’s for us and who’s against us, that enemy within needs to be excised.

        Couldn’t watch the Danish Girl…grates my better judgement. Now Babette’s Feast, excellent old school film.

        • Oops… Swedish, not Danish. I don’t know that Greta has undergone gender reassignment yet, but it would be very progressive if she ended up as Greg Thunberg.

          • I was reminded of the old Danish joke by my Bride, “He’s so unhappy.” “No, he’s just Swedish.”

          • Eh, sorry.

            Danish / Swedish is too fine a line for me to easily see, even though I know it isn’t that way from inside. Didn;t mean to mis-label.


    • The mainstream media has awarded all the marbles to corrupt Joe Biden, as expected, as they predict a democrat landslide – with America embracing the Green New Deal and the socialist/communist agenda of luminaries like AOC and crazy Bernie, who stand behind Joe.

      That’s not how I saw it either, Trump didn’t score a KO but he did win on points. The democrat pollsters oversample democrats to skew the results now in the same way that they did in 2016. But we’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks.

  2. Clear choice after last night…Biden looked like a deer in the headlights, Trump was all over him like a cheap suit.

    Here’s the deal for me: Who do you want picking up that 3:00AM phone call when something in the world goes to hell, Trump or Biden?

    Biden will be asleep and have to sit on the bed edge for ten minutes to get his bearings while Trump will likely still be up, working.

    Silent Majority wins this one, handily. No worries.

      • Once Joe is asleep đŸ˜´ with his teddy bear in arms, you wouldn’t wake him until he has his morning glass of warm milk at 10 am. They’ll wake President Harris who will act like the screwball that she is.

        • Apparently someone overheard Trump, after leaving the debate, say “Let’s finish this thing.” He knows truth will win out, as do us normal’s out here in the hinterland.

          • If you pulled a man bun tight to your head, would that mean that your brain would be tugged back against your skull as well? I think that may afflict the progs — tugged brain syndrome. It would explain their affinity for Biden/Harris or Harris/Biden, depending on how you look at it.

  3. I didn’t watch a single second of this debate, no need. I already know who should be president.

    Besides, I voted yesterday (in person). Not that my vote makes any difference in the electoral college tally. I live in Illinois, voted most likely state to get murdered in.

    • Congratulations on your vote in person. Will Illinois flip for Trump? What are the odds?

      Are there better odds that Aunt Sally will cook a delicious meal?

      • Of the hundred or so meals that Aunt Sally has presented, maybe two or three rose to the level of ‘edible.’ The last one being a few years ago. “Delicious?” Not a chance, she just doesn’t have it in her.

        Illinois flipping to red? Same odds. Zero.

  4. I watched it as well. I’m not saying Joe’s a liar but he did tell some real tall yarns. Yes Joe, you’re against fracking, an important part of our energy independence. You’ve said so numerous times in the recent past.

  5. Talking with one of my (P)regressive neighbors this morning, I pointed out Biden’s flip flops. Her response was during his many years of public service he has learned to be flexible.

    I didn’t watch the debate.

    • Flip-flop equates to “liar” in normal speak.

      “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – Orwell

  6. I was born and raised about seven miles north of the “L” in “Like a Mad Max movie but with more feral hogs.” I take issue with this description; feral hogs simply cannot survive in this region, due to the high concentration of heavily-armed rednecks.

  7. I thanked God that I didn’t play a drinking game based on “C’mon man.”

    In what world does a grown man speak like that – particularly one in public life?

    • If I may…the same one that also said over and over, “We’ll have to work it out.” Vacuousness on steroids, that one. Seems the media and politicians think we are all children, getting old listening to them spew their condescending drivel.

      • Adrienne, you’d have been under the table in the first 30 min and unable to enjoy the balance of the debate, and too hung over to hear of the peace deal between Israel, Sudan and the US, announced this morning.

  8. Trump was the winner, not by much, but he got the best ‘hits’ in. 40+ years and nothing done, and the corruption accusation. Moderator sided with/protected Biden as much as she could. And no, I doubt that we will ever see a conservative moderator. The maps are hilarious!!!

    • The maps are certified accurate. I have a friend who lives in the area of Alabama (NE) where the annotation, “Snake Handlers and odometer fraud” are listed. He said, we should add, “The Klan”.

  9. Trump came on like a calm Godzilla in the face of scripted, stumbling, confused, weak and fakey Biden. He even got the corrupt old fraud to say he’d end the oil industry.

    A win.

  10. If you pulled a man bun tight to your head, would that mean that your brain would be tugged back against your skull as well?

    From the behavior of the man-bun wearing creatures around here, I’d have to say it does, which apparently causes most of their bizarre activities….

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