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Life at the White Wolf Mine

As always, greetings from Northern Arizona. I saw my first bear tracks of the season, which means that they are out of hibernation and will be out and about, causing mischief. Cutting for sign is important in this area. It lets you know what’s going on. Though the world would seem to be in turmoil, life in the Arizona highlands is remarkably constant and attached to the circle of seasons and of life. It’s a big country with few people, which is why I live here.

No picnic basket is safe when the bears are about.


Water Planet


There is a Rumor

Yes, another rumor. The rumor goes like this: an immune system suppressant was added into the MRNA vax to disable people’s immune systems so the immune system would not attack the shot/vax. They then had an “aids treatment” that people could take to avoid dying after getting the MRNA shot. That sounds simplistic, but we’re talking sound bite rumor.

Military deaths are projected to be 50X normal in 2022 after the military was forced to get vaxxed.

Believe what you want to believe.


USS Langley

This week in history – On March 20, 1922, following a two-year conversion at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, the former USS Jupiter (Navy Fleet Collier No. 3) was recommissioned as the United States Navy’s first aircraft carrier USS Langley (CV 1).


Prerequisite to be a Democrat legislator: Fail Economics 101

(daily wire). The White House is reportedly holding off on the idea of sending “gas cards” — pre-paid debit cards loaded with taxpayers’ money that the government would send to certain Americans to use toward gasoline — after pushback from Democrats who worried the idea would never work in providing economic relief in the face of high fuel prices.

Instead, President Joe Biden’s team and the gang on Capitol Hill are reportedly considering more stimulus checks, raising gas taxes on oil companies to fund means-based assistance, and rescinding federal oil leases to companies who do not use them to tackle the problem of high gasoline prices.



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  1. “raising gas taxes on oil companies” because they would never pass that on to customers.

    Those planes on the Langley must have been extreme STOL aircraft given the amount of runway left.

      1. The O-2 deck was a hangar deck. There is no telling how quickly aircraft could have been moved up for flight ops. As a prototype, Langley did her job. Lexington (CV-2) commissioned December 1927, Followed on her heels and was a fighting ship. (lost in action against the Japanese in the Coral Sea)

        1. Langley herself was scuttled by torpedo after receiving severe damage from Japanese air attack off Java in early 1942, part of the massive obliteration of ABDA forces in the SW Pacific. A hard way to make a living for sure.

    1. Yes, the planes were what we would consider STOL, and factor in the steaming speed of the ship into a headwind, all makes for short take offs and landings (even shorter using arrestor wires when one actually, you know, catches the arrestor wires.)

      Regarding speeds of aircraft carriers, it was rumored that the nuclear USS Enterprise at top speed could almost launch planes like the A1D when heading into a stiff wind. Rumors only, as her top official listed speed was somewhere around 35 knots…

      1. In most cases, sea state controls what speed you’re able to steam at. If you’re a destroyer, 35 Kts on a flat sea is possible. Most aircraft carriers can do close to 35 kts at state 8–9 (Strong Gale). You can tell when you reach Force 8 as you get parallel streaks of foam lines from the leading edge of breaking waves. Having written that, it’s difficult to recover aircraft in a strong gale.

  2. Joe-enomics…sounding like The Bern: “Tax those bad greedy corporations!” resulting in the consumer getting whacked further at the checkout.

    Starlink sent this yesterday:

    “Due to excessive levels of inflation, the price of the Starlink kit is increasing from $499 to $549 for deposit holders, and $599 for all new orders, effective today. In addition, the Starlink monthly service price will increase from $99 to $110. The sole purpose of these adjustments is to keep pace with rising inflation.”

    Time for a reckoning.

    1. I received the same e-mail from Starlink…and I’m still on the list to receive a system. They’re all going to Ukraine, where arguably, they’re needed more.

      IF you failed Econ 101 in school, you too could find a future and a high-paying job in Congress or the White House.

      1. Apparently. And while at the “prestigious” Yale and Haaavaaad, where all the geniuses go, they yank your backbone as well. Idiots, fools, and cowards…yet people vote for them.

      2. A 5-Pack of virtue signaling Ukraine flag pins are only $49.95 on Amazon, with 10% of proceeds going to “The Refugees”. The new “cognitive dissonance” badge, like getting Covid as an elite, despite having the-not-vax on board (or so they say).

        I’m sensing a massive ripple in The Force. God’s getting impatient.

          1. Can I keep my bust of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (on my desk) given that it’s a species of war trophy and that Iron Felix was a Pole?

  3. Sorry to hog…MrsPaulM, who deals in this science all day, said vaccines have an ingredient to BOOST the immune response, not suppress it. She is convinced this is nefarious.

    1. I lack first-hand knowledge or an in-depth understanding of all of the vaxes and what each does or does not do, but the experimental nature of the vaxes and boosters concerns me. They clearly don’t keep you from contracting or spreading the plague.

      Nefarious — that’s the word.

      1. Just put your obedience mask on, slave. That’s what Slow Joe Brandon and the Ho do.

        1. My obedience mask was lost at the dry cleaners so I will have to pass.

          Since raising taxes has never worked well in the past it just makes sense that our fearful leaders will try it again… I am sure it will be different this time. Of course we could go with another stimulus check, I have never gotten one so I don’t know if it would stimulate my personal economy or not.

          There is so much misinformation on the various vaxxes that I don’t think anybody on either side has a full understanding of how they work or the totality of side effects. All that conflicting info is what convinced me not to take it until it is much better understood. What I don’t like is the continual question: “Are you vaccinated against Covid?” every time I go to any type of doctor or medical facility. Even my physical therapist (torn rotator cuff) asks the question.

          1. Heck, just walk around town, they’re all over the sidewalks and parking lots, a little Windex or 409 will fix ’em right up for reuse. The enviro’s don’t seem to care about Covid Litter…because it’s a Woke cause for the deranged.

          2. The price of used cars is disturbingly high. So is the price of building materials, etc. Somebody needs to encourage the Communist Chinese to make more automobile batteries to support our new green critical infrastructure.

          3. Maybe we should all drive Airboats like they use in the swamps, has a big “windmill” on the back and if we change the engine to a bicycle then add wheels…exercise and no carbon emissions. The perfect everything Green Machine.

          4. @Ed- I hate that question too.
            I like to answer it with a little attitude and not explicitly answering their question. I haven’t been jabbed and won’t be getting the shot either, but I did catch and recover from the chinese flu. If asked if I’m vaccinated, I like to answer with “If I wasn’t before, I am now!”

      2. I should clarify…normal (as in ALL) vaccines have the immune response ingredient, the Covid ones do not, which screams “bad”.

  4. I for one am relieved to see that, of the six media giants, at least three (Disney, Viacom, Time Warner) are founded and/or run by non-whites. This is just and fair seeing as demographic trends are leading to whites becoming a minority in the US. You see, our betters teach us that our views, opinions, ethics, and behaviors depend solely on our group/ethnic identities, and not on our individual characters. Since they are tautologically our betters (proven because they say so), ignorant deplorables ought to take their teachings to heart.

    Imagine how oppressive, racist, anti-democratic, and just plain bad it would look if our news sources were controlled by members of some tiny minority instead of a multiethnic collation of people who look like America.

      1. I once told a woman census worker who showed up at my front door that my race was none of her business, so “deplorable” shouldn’t be any of mine, wot?

        1. I once, very politely, told a literal Birkenstock-wearing (with white socks, blech) census taker that I declined to answer about race.
          BSwearer: Why? You’ve answered everything else.
          MC: If we’re not supposed to see race, then why is the Federal govt obsessing about race? How does this build colorblind utopia?
          BSW: I see. [writes on his clipboard]
          MC: Are you checking “declines to answer?”
          BSW: [somewhat embarrassed] If the respondent refuses to answer then we’re supposed to write down our best judgment of his or her race.
          MC: Don’t take this personally, but are you an anthropologist? Either physical or cultural? Or maybe an MD? What training do you have to determine someone’s race?
          BSW: I have a degree in journalism.
          MC: I see.
          BSW: [backing off of my porch] Okay. I think I have everything I need. Thanks!

          1. You should have come up with something obscure and space alien rare. You could have said “deplorable” and might have been believed.

          2. I’m writing down “I’m not an anthropologist” from here on out. If the Hon. Latanji Brown-Jackson can play that card, so can the rest of us sub-class humans.

      2. I’ve known my official race was deplorable for a long time.


        Started the first official communist settlement in the Americas. And then became the first official rampant capitalist settlement in the Americas (rampant capitalists are not state-sponsored but individual capitalists who are out for themselves (after God, of course.))

        And it only gets worse.

        Getting kicked out of Canada.

        Sloshing lots and lots of poor Chinese peasants during the Boxer Rebellion.

        Those are just some of the highlights.

  5. Of those six companies. I wonder how many are based off shore for tax purposes.

      1. Not many unless their routes come under the Jones Act. How many ship owners and “US Corporations” feel free to demand help/protection when they get in trouble?

  6. My understanding of the shot is limited- however there are historically known problems with vaccines that can occur. As I understand it-
    ADE- antibody dependent enhancement, where the antibodies do not fight the virus, but bind to it and help it penetrate cells.
    OAS-Original antigenic sin- where the immune system gets primed to only react to one virus, and leave the others unrecognized-

    There are serious questions about the safety of the new jabs, but due to pervasive woke culture it is difficult to obtain information. Of course any concern is immediately placed in crackpot territory.
    Never the less, the words “died unexpectedly” seem to crop up in a lot of obit’s these days, usually attached to a young or middle aged person.
    The virus is real, but the response reeks of “don’t let a crisis go to waste”.

    Now we have a new crisis to pivot to, to save the Saintly Ukrainians from the Evil Russians.
    Pour out your Stoly, ban the opera singer, kick the Russian cats out of the cat show, these are the markers of hysteria.
    Have we always been so easily led around by our noses?

    1. WAIT-WAIT-WAIT — who is saying that perfectly good Stoli should be poured out? What and get stuck with Canadian export when the Canadian government is run by a Castro bastard? I’d go with Gray Goose (made in France) first.

  7. Ah, the Langley. “Let’s make the flight deck completely clear of obstructions so we’ll put the bridge and funnels off the side.”

    Next carrier. “Whelp, putting the bridge, funnels and ability to see actual planes and stuff off the side where it gets blocked by the flight deck didn’t work. Let’s cram it all in an island on the side.”

      1. The Langley should have stayed in US CONUS territorial waters and been used as a training carrier. She should never have been where she was. Stupid waste of a valuable flattop when we needed training vessels, and the powers-that-be knew it. Jerks.

  8. Consolidation is why we have the mess we do now… And amazing how ‘nobody’ is looking at any monopoly or anti-trust issues!

    USS Langley could hold ‘around’ 10 acft on the ‘hangar deck’, but since the elevator was in the middle of the flight deck, flight operations had to be stopped to bring up or lower any acft.

  9. I’m scared to get the vax but that’s just me. If I don’t I can’t see my people in Canada.

    What utter, evil, damnable, psycho saatans.

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