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Bullet Points:

* CNN’s Credibility Hangs in the Balance!  My first question to the headline was, “what credibility?”  Management at CNN will not allow their talking heads to get drunk on the air on New Year’s Evil. In the past, correspondents could be seen dancing on tables, getting their ears pierced, drinking from ‘beer bongs’, and sitting on the shoulders of revelers in some cases.  CNN management feels that today, on-camera drinking erodes the credibility of CNN personnel and damages the ‘respectability’ they may enjoy among viewers. Like Toobin whacking off during a zoom call?  This really is funny. Nobody watches CNN anymore if I was to watch on NY Eve, it would be to watch CNN talking heads make fools of themselves while in the grip of the grape.

* How much US tax money is being funneled into Soros-run charities?  (Breitbart) Pedo Joe is using the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to funnel American tax dollars to open borders groups, according to Sens. Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN).

* A number of stories broke immediately after the mid-term elections. I’m sure that it was a coincidence: Rudy Giuliani was cleared of wrongdoing; Newsom’s budget deficit is $30 billion. He claimed a $100 billion surplus; Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan that was never going anywhere was killed;  There were no nuke secrets at Mar-a-Lago!

* These are the rules of The Game: (1) there is no winning The Game; (2) once you are aware of The Game, you are always playing the game; (3) the point of The Game is to not think about The Game; (4) if you think about The Game, you have lost The Game, and must announce this to those around you – causing them to also lose The Game.

* Don’t Ask!  (link) “He is still recovering from a stroke and has lingering auditory processing challenges. The way Hill reporters are used to yelling questions at Senators will not work here,” wrote Rebecca Katz, a political strategist and advisor to Fetterman, on Twitter. Be assured, he’ll vote the way. the Majority Leader wants him to vote.


History Corner (h/t Frank)

I had no idea where Corinne, UT was located so I searched the Internet. Wikipedia revealed this information. I can’t tell you whether or not it’s accurate.

For almost ten years from its founding on 25 March 1869, the town of Corinne prospered as the unofficial “Gentile Capital of Utah”. As the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads approached their historic meeting place at Promontory Summit early in 1869, a group of former Union Army officers and some determined non-Mormon merchants from Salt Lake City decided to locate a Gentile town on the Union Pacific line, believing that the town could compete economically and politically with the Saints of Utah. They chose a location about six miles west of Brigham City on the west bank of the Bear River where the railroad crossed that stream. Named by one of the founders (General J. A. Williamson) for his fourteen-year-old daughter, Corinne was designed to be the freight transfer point for the shipment of goods and supplies to the mining towns of western Montana along the Montana Trail.


President Trump Promises:

Pres. Trump announced his candidacy to run for the office, in which, had there been no voter fraud, he would already be serving.

Because he is the sole political figure in living memory who kept each and every campaign promise made previously, and more, it may be wise to list the specific campaign promises made in his stump speech, and, if he wins, note if and when, and how they are kept. Some are vague and aspirational, others specific.

This also will serve to silence those who mock him for having no plans or no vision, or for dwelling on past deeds and misdeeds.

  • Revive the economy: return to low taxes, low regulation.
  • Immediately terminate Green New Deal regulations
  • Immediately terminate Biden’s war on oil, restore America’s position as an oil exporter, no longer dependent on foreign nations.
  • Eliminate supply chain dependence on China.
  • Promote and encourage domestic production of necessary goods and services.
  • Restore security to the southern border, which includes an immediate repeal of the Catch & Release policy, and the restoration of the Remain in Mexico policy.
  • Stop the flow of drug runners and human traffickers.
  • Restore legal protection and authority to local police.
  • Coordinate national efforts against gangs and street crime.
  • Ask Congress for the federal death penalty for drug dealers.
  • Remove federal funding from any school system promoting critical race theory or gender ideology.
  • Remove federal funding from any school system permitting men to compete in women’s sports.
  • Defend parental rights.
  • Eliminate radical ideology from the military.
  • Rehire every serviceman fired due to Biden’s COVID mandates with full back pay and an apology.
  • Eliminate all of Biden’s COVID mandates.
  • Keep America out of “foolish and unnecessary” foreign wars.
  • Built a state-of-the-art missile defense shield against hypersonic missile technology.
  • Top-to-bottom overhaul of DoJ and FBI to clean out corruption.
  • Dismantle the Deep State.
  • Ask for a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congressmen.
  • Ask for a permanent ban on taxpayer funding of campaigns.
  • Ask for a lifetime ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and cabinet members.
  • Ask for a ban on Congressmen enriching themselves by insider stock trades.
  • Promote election integrity: voter ID, same-day voting, and only paper ballots.
  • A manned mission to Mars.

The speech is available for review here: If this list is missing any elements, or misrepresents what was said, a correction will be welcome.


A Word to the Wise (h/t Frank)


29 thoughts on “From here to Corinne

  1. Once again, Trump is saying the sensible things that get people voting for him. Hopefully he won’t trust the deep state critters this time.

    1. I don’t think that President Trump truly understood what he was stepping into. I suspect that he thought that the Republican Congressional majority leadership would support him. Naturally, as swamp creatures, they didn’t. And on and on. As I mentioned on the blog yesterday, before people let you rise in the DC Administrative State, they need to have shit on you. If you don’t get dirty you don’t move up. Once dirty, you’re owned.

    2. Not just deep state govt critters: Trusting Ivanka’s husband (America’s Greatest son-in-law) was a really bad idea too.

      1. Imagine being in the White House surrounded by untrustworthy people (shudder). Did The Donald have a blind spot where Ivanka and Kuchner were concerned? Yes. Is it understandable? I think so.

        1. I waffle on those two, Ivanka is a classy measured woman and very bright. Jared?? A few months back heard an interview when he released his book, seemed clear and not divisive.

          1. Yes, he spoke on this during that one interview I heard him, which now I recall was with Dennis Prager. I came away thinking he is a good man and very knowledgeable.

            Ivanka- Heard an interview where some Journo tartlet tried to Shanghai her by goating her into some Lefty idiocy. Ivanka handled her with class, no raising of the voice, and pure facts…totally elegant while wielding the velvet hammer.

  2. The bread served in the first civil war was competent. I’m not going to argue with the recipe. A second civil war in the beltway is inevitable if the Trumpet wins the nomination. I just reviewed the red / blue voting map LL shared from 2016. The minds and hearts of the metro base can be turned to the truth. To restore, and better yet, renew our REPUBLIC. The cake being served by the Demolition Party is decorated with bait and switch thought speak. Is Brazil using Dominion voting like Venezuela and here? We need real bread, and I give thanks for a daily opportunity to earn it. Like Uncle Barry said, the government has had made my opportunities possible. He was 1/2 right, leaving off the fact that their power comes from on high. When there’s no straw for making bricks the taxpayers will be appealing to a higher authority.

  3. One must know the Game Rules better than your opponent. Trump knows the rules better than them (as much as anyone could), he’s been operating in those circles his entire life. He is about solutions, The Stye is not, which is why they feel threatened by his presence. They know they are cheats and will do anything to not be exposed (further). The List is a good start.

    Giselle Fetterneck is a dangerous Greencard Brazilian Manchurian to expand the “Squad”…her Senate Office “visit” outfit shows her contempt. This is a play, which is why The Dem’s installed her “husband” despite his brain running in 1st gear. It’s also why the R’s pushed Oz, who was next to worthless as a candidate.

    Thinking Dart Gal can now add the Bull nose ring to complete the ensemble.

  4. If the states do not get their election process straight then the 2024 election is doomed and we will likely dissolve as a country. Brazil is showing today with what is happening with the people having enough of improper elections.

    1. Brazil is, I think giving us a 2024 prelude. IF we make it that far. I fear we might have bigger things than elections to worry about by then.

  5. I wonder if the girl with unintended pierced nose went to the ER? I’m sure it hurt more than the first piercing, but I think the only treatment is to clean it and stick on a band-aid. Nothing critical there. All the important stuff (eyes, brain through the temple) were missed.

    I like virtually all of what Trump says. Instead of the “remove federal funding…” stuff about schools, I’d prefer he said, “shut down the department of education” but that’s asking for a lot. I don’t know that the executive branch can do that.

    1. Our kids still need an education, the DOE needs reconstruction. I mean every single person who believed in the game is needing re-education. People are following along with the plan because they don’t know or don’t understand how deep the infiltration of the deep state goes, they have no idea about the ties with the church and how far the hijacking of religion as a whole or how they have been deactivating our DNA, cause they want us in our primitive form. When all this starts taking place people are going to go bat shit, we are going to need the kids in a safe place at least for half the day, that could be they schools if reformation starts within the schools first. Emotional intelligence its at its all time low and these people playing with our lives are not taking into effect the serious metal health effects these games are causing on the population and the next generations are absorbing it all.

  6. Similar to what JG said. Given the stolen 2020 and midterm elections that have been allowed to stand, I don’t see a Republican being elected unless they are someone the demonrats feel they can control somewhat.

    And I don’t see the Republican party nominating Trump unless they’ve gotten rid of the majority of never Trumpers.

    Which leaves us with Trump running as an Independent (?), and splitting the Republican ticket like Ross Perot did in 1992.

    That was the year that many overseas military ballots were not counted because “received too late” was the excuse.

  7. It’s impressive the way that Trump is continually charged with everything from Jaywalking (maybe X-walking? sounds more sinister) to selling Paraguay the secrets of the axial-flow gas turbine, but in the end, absolutely nothing seems to stick.

    Almost as if it’s a gigantic spurious accusation smear campaign.


      1. Conspiracy Theory Territory should be the name of our new country.

        We aren’t going to get that though, so maybe it can be our nickname for the camp we’re all gonna end up in.


  8. Until there is election reform, state by state, he won’t be elected. I don’t see election reform as a burning issue anywhere.

  9. Fact-Check: AOC+ is more full (fuller?) of human waste than the toilet outlet pipes in any large-sized building in NYC. This does, however, bring up an important point:
    are Latinos Mexicans, Carribeans, Central or South Americans? a lot of very different cultures.
    are Asians Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese (Mainlanders or Taiwanese)? again, highly different cultures.

    1. There are cultures and subcultures that transcend race and are incredibly resilient and enduring. Some have religious tenants in common. Others have language or a distinctive accent. Some are molded by shared hardship in war and the impact of war. For some, it’s skin color but usually, it’s a combination of all of those. Many are insular, they’re almost all clannish. In American Indian lore, each referred to its own tribe as “the people” meaning that they were and everyone else was a permutation of that status.

  10. Don’t see “nuke Congress from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure” on that list. I was sure Trump said it, but perhaps just wishful thinking on my part.

    1. 70-80 million adult Americans have gotten to that point yet those ensconced in DC and Statehouses are so into themselves they believe they are doing the will of the people in spades.

  11. Yeah, 2022 showed us there will never be another ‘honest’ election. The margin/methods of cheat are too numerous to overcome. And Trump says and does the right things, for which he will forever be hounded…

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