The Rusty Potemkin Village

The USA is not ready for a real shooting war. I’m not going to belabor the subject extensively. Yes, we could invade a third-world country and dominate it — though look what a hash we made of Afghanistan.

^Our premier aircraft have very poor readiness rates because they are VERY complicated and require extensive maintenance. When they fly and fly right,  they’re world-beating.  They are technological marvels.  But keeping them in the air, in a sustained campaign against Russia or China, requires massive infrastructure in logistics and support (close to the front) that nobody likes to talk about.

^Drone aircraft can only operate in an air supremacy environment. They’re excellent for shooting at mud huts or moving cars in the third world, but they are easy prey for jet fighters (even old ones). Larger air-to-air missiles (AAMRAM, etc.) are too heavy for them to carry self-defense when the object is to have them linger over an area, sending back data.

^Satellite orbits are predictable and they are targets. Did the space force get their uniforms sorted out or are they still the abomination created by a diversity hire?

^The US Navy has been allowed to rust. The outward signs of corrosion on Navy ships are visible evidence that the service’s operations tempo is so crushing that it has become difficult to do all of the necessary maintenance needed to keep rust at bay.

There are a lot of examples that I can trot out, but cost-cutting measures, maintenance shortcuts, diminished retention due to the new “tranny positive, all-black service” has encouraged otherwise qualified people to leave.

The Marine Corps is part of the Navy even though they hate to admit it. They’re still hard but are reducing themselves to holding islands that nobody might want to occupy.

Big Army, has its problems. It botches things (see Afghanistan, see the occupation of Iraq) and there would have to be big changes with a lot of stars dropped in the septic tank to fix it. Talk about Nero fiddling – there is also this.


Mike_C shared a portion of his training

Mike_C e-mailed me a photo of a slide from one of his medical training updates at the medical convention he’s attending where it implies that all diabetics today are the product of systemic slavery in the Antebellum South. It’s gratifying that modern medicine is focused on slavery and the myths associated with it. Here, I thought that white people in the south in areas co-located with high concentrations of black people also suffered from higher rates of diabetes. Could it be due in part to genetic predisposition, diet, cultural mores that lead to lifestyle choices in exercise?

When I worked on cartel issues in Mexico,  I noticed that MANY Mexican people suffered from diabetes. Do we blame their ancestors from Spain and Europe (France also occupied Mexico) or the Indians?

I’m sure that facts that do not fit the narrative are not entertained, and bringing them up could get you tagged as a racist.


Lightfoot’s Penis

A lawsuit against the city by a former Park District attorney alleges that Mayor Lori Lightfoot, one of the ugliest women in America, berated staff in obscene terms over a Columbus statue, told them “My dick is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest dick in Chicago.”

I’m afraid that I will have to take her at her word. I wouldn’t want to gaze at her meat.




The State of the Union

“You used to have a president.  Now you have a circus clown gargling his own shit. How sad for you.”  Yes, it’s difficult to deflect that sort of criticism. I dare not speculate on what the Veep is gargling, as Pelosi adjusts her dentures.

Giveaways to Iran? It’s a return to the Obama Doctrine back in the days of Obamanation. President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran deal in May 2018. Brandon promised to restore it, and upon taking office

Money for Ukraine? Brandon wants Congress to send him $10 billion to help Ukraine fight Russia, according to a letter to Congress.

A wall on our southern border would cost a fraction of this, but Democrats said that there was “no money” for it. To them it’s all about importing democrat voters and stuffing the ballot box.


In a Break from the Madness

A self-Portrait of Jules – part of the series on art philosophy.


Identify the Tank & SPM



  1. And there’s the turtle advocating the assassination of Putin. The head of a nuclear power.

    I’m sure that will de-escalate things.

    How long until the world outside “the west” seriously start de-dollarization? Threatening India with sanctions for not playing along strikes me as something that could well be drop of water that overflows the dam.


    We have gone from clown world to ideocracy in a couple of weeks, and it doesn’t look to be getting better. I really envy your little spot on top of the world right now.

    • It wasn’t the turtle.

      It was Lindsey Grahamnesty.

      And to be fair, he was only suggesting the elegant solution.
      Russia doesn’t have a problem with Ukraine; only Putin does.
      No Putin, no problem.
      The guy who steps up to the plate wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Even if it’s a posthumous award.
      Vlad won’t care at that point.

        • I’ve started checking the wind map every morning to get an idea of where the fallout from Luke, et. al. will likely be headed that day.

          • We’ve got 150 Minuteman silos jst North of the Wyoming border. As Professor Falken said….”A millisecond of brilliant light, and we’ll be vaporized….”

            Certain people would benefit from watching that scene. Over and over again. Tied to a chair with their eyes clamped open, like Alex the Droog…..

      • Cheers for the correction. I mix American pollies sometimes. It’s probably how utterly stupid most are.

    • Assassination. So I ended up chatting with two strangers yesterday here in Chicago. Black Lyft driver from south side (with good taste in music, likes Johnny Cash!) became furious talking about Putin. “Crazy, man! Just crazy! How about uniting the scientists of the world to fight this literal plague killing millions of people instead of invading fucking Ukraine? Someone should kill him.”

      A Polish gal from the old country told me “I hope they kill Putin. We are going be next if no one stops him.” We had quite a chat. Nice enough girl, probably late 20’s. Talked about how Poles are viewed by other nationalities in Europe (mostly not flattering) and their role in history. To my amazement, this gal had no idea who Lech Wałesa is. And had never heard of Jan III Sobieski and his role in the Siege of Vienna. What do they teach in Poland these days?

      Elegant? I despise the pants-pooping pretender, but if anyone knocked off the holder of the highest office of MY COUNTRY I’d be out for blood. It’s about respect and fear. As in fuck with us and we’ll put fear of god into you. What on earth would make a person think the Russians are different.

  2. #1: This is the GRKPBV 90, armed with 2 X 120 mm mortars; belonging to the CV 90 family. The full name is “granatkastarpansarbandvagn 90” (= armored grenade launching vehicle, tracked).
    The vehicle was developed by HÄGGLUND after signing the initial contract with the government of Sweden in 2015 and introduced by the Swedish Army in 2019. In 2021 the full complement of 40 units was operational.

    #2: VICKERS MEDIUM Mk II, a pre-WW II development of Great Britain.

    • Sweden ordered another twenty. I was surprised that the units don’t have radar for counter-battery fire. They may be networked to another vehicle that performs that function. I’m not familiar with the Swede’s warfighting doctrine and hardware sufficiently to know.

      And yes, a Mk II

    • Now if you showed the Mk II from the other side, you’d see that the Brits put a sealed cooking pot inside the muffler on the left rear of the vehicle. Great for cooking soups and stews and heating water for tea.

      No. I am not kidding. Seriously.

      Which, in my opinion, is actually an excellent idea. I mean, the heat is right there, why not use it?

  3. Yeah, the only thing the US military has going for it is that everyone else’s military is a paper tiger these days, too.

    Except maybe the PRC – IDK how good they are, but they at least seem to be trying.

    IDK what the fancy new thing is.

    Bottom picture is a Vickers Medium Mk II, and then a Vickers Light Mk IV to the right, IDK what the 3rd thing in the back is.


      • Sir,
        my sincere congratulations: you are the true winner of this contest because at #2 you identified all three tanks correctly while I identified only the one in the foreground.

          • Thing in the back is another Mk II.

            Subtle clues are the overhang on the front and the two semi-triangular fenders over the front drive sprockets. You can see them clearly on the foreground tank, and also see the very sloped upper hull armor. Now look at the thing behind the 2nd tank and… semi-triangular fenders, overhang on the front and obviously sloped upper hull armor.

            Mk II in front, Mk II in back.

          • Okay Beans, I can see that – looks like a good call. You just can;t see the turret due to photo quality.


  4. the idiots in charge don’t realize dollars are bought by debt and that china russia and india are the biggest investors. when they quit buying we’re screwed. and brandon is pushing them to quit? ug, to all you 81 million that voted for joe because he was the “safe” candidate….never mind.

    • Somewhere in that cast of misfits, there must be somebody with their ducks in a row. I know, it may be too much to ask. None of them appear to be bright enough to pour sand out of a boot.

  5. All the blather by our “leadership” is doing zip to deescalate the situation and put Vlad in his place. Like the Covidiocy foisted upon us for 2+ years (now magically in the propaganda dustbin as it has reached its usefulness), and needing another mass distraction, their exact opposite approach looks purposeful…because…not their kids and they are beholding to others, not America.

    When your leadership is a bunch of bought losers (Feckless Graham proved this yesterday) this is what happens. I have zero faith they will “do the right thing”, and Short-Man Vlad knows it.

      • Yes, he does. “Joe, remember how we took good care of Hunter for you…?

        “Xi” sounds too much like an alternate pronoun to have been taken seriously, like calling a hurricane “They”.

  6. Life causes death, all facts are facts are racist. And Mr. Darwin is working overtime. Pass the biscuits and gravy.

  7. Mike C – Language and communication barriers? You have these? The NHS over here PAY for translators. Because obviously, that’s what free medical care was built for! Tch!

    LL – Thank you for using me as a “Break From The Madness”because I can quite honestly say that nobody has ever said that about me before. Can I call myself normal now? I definitely don’t have a penis bigger than Chicago either if that helps though according to MC’s classroom I meet be a bit over sweet.

    • You’re normal now. Though I think that’s cold comfort given the state of things. I shouldn’t have mentioned Lightfoot’s (allegedly) massive Black Mamba. While it’s progressive, the very thought is nasty.

    • Translators. Ho, yezzz. All sorts of translators. I last did clinical medicine about 10y ago and we had Russian and Spanish translators mostly. Also Chinese, but 30+ languages overall. I speak mandarin but most of the patients spoke Cantonese only. I purely hate doing clinical work through translators. Back then they were getting paid $50/hr. No medical training needed. A friend’s wife, PhD in biochemistry, quit her laboratory scientist job because she got the same hourly rate as a (Russian) translator, but she could work only the hours she wanted.

  8. Re: Mike C’s graphic:

    It’s amazing how quickly everything’s gone straight to hell. It seems like just yesterday, medical doctors could be expected to be rational practitioners of the scientific method. Now half of them are batshit political cultists.

    As for the SOTU, I think the dentures might be adjusting Pelosi. I think they might be calling the shots.


    • Spot on. I’m attending a session right now on COVID and cardiovascular outcomes. The speaker is going on about “long COVID”. He started with a “cute” anecdote about how his 3-yo daughter won’t let him hug her when he gets home from work “because COVID, Daddy!” Insanity.

      Yesterday there was a spirited panel discussion about whether life-long oral anti obesity drugs in fat young teens was preferable to the current guidelines of bariatric surgery AS FIRST LINE treatment. Surgery is the recommendation of a major pediatric professional society. (I had no idea; I do adult cardiology and don’t follow the peds literature.) This is plain evil! My too-loudly muttered comment to the effect of “how about having the fat kids go outside and run around? See how that works first” got me dirty looks.

      This particular conference went from good science to woke over the last 5-7 years. I came here to support a colleague doing a presentation, and to see just how bad a dumpster fire this has become.

      The level of trust in the medical profession has taken a bigger fall than the value of the dollar, and that’s saying something.

      Oh yeah, you had to show proof of negative covid test within the last 24h to be allowed to attend. I didn’t have one so they handed me a rapid test to do on the spot. “The men’s room is that way.” I declined to go to the men’s room and busted out the kit right there. “I’m sure you want to verify that I’m doing the test properly, and not giving you someone else’s strip for example.” I was kind of hoping it was an anal-swab test to make the point, but no, nasal swab. So there I was shoving the stick up my nose. Some women MDs came by, frowning (I think; masks you know) disapproval. What ARE you doing? “I’m being compliant!” They wandered off muttering.

      PS I’m glad to report this speaker gave a good, objective talk. He mostly kept the politics out of it. Concentrated on strengths and weakness of our current testing methodology and on how to move forward. Thank God. A non-crazy person putting science ahead of The Message.

      • If your friend is putting science ahead of the message, he is racist and likely a white supremacist.

  9. “^Drone aircraft can only operate in an air supremacy environment…”
    It’s rare I’d ever consider arguing; I just don’t have your background.
    (Now comes the butt) Besides being an eye-in-the-sky, I believe small drones “guaranteed” to C&B at the end of a mission would be able to infiltrate and devastate.
    Yes! I know I’m just a dentist (with a few extra qualifications).

    • Small electrically powered drones have very limited range because they are battery powered and their hovering nature makes them energy inefficient. They’re excellent for tactical applications and close-range observations. They are useless in wind, and the wind blows a lot during the winter in Ukraine. In the still of the morning, they can be louder than you want them to. be. Aircraft don’t concern themselves with these drones.

      Many of the small fixed-wing drones are powered by liquid fuel with gives them a heat bloom that can be picked on the IR signatures of fighters, and they may be too small to bother with – or maybe they shoot them down. Easy meat.

      • micro-chip controlled compressed CO₂ (dry ice, if need be) engine with thermite EoM C&B. shoot it to (or drop it at) altitude, unfurl the (gossamer resin) wings and let it descend: not pie-in-the-sky and not impossible with todays’s tech.

  10. nobody has the guts to shoot putin. his internal security minister almost passed out when putin disagreed with him in a meeting the other day. his voice was trembling and he was visibly shaking as he tried to turn his objection to invading ukraine into his wholehearted support of it. the rest of the ministers cowered behind him. that’s why putin’s having problems, bad intel from yes men.

    • Putin runs around Moscow with hot women on his arm, no bodyguard. He carries a handgun. He’s done that for decades. It speaks volumes.

      • Thinking it is one thing, saying it out loud is another. No need to show your hand, but pretty sure there’s a Bob Lee Swaggert type in Ukraine. Might have few windows of opportunity, last I heard Putin has been retiring to a bunker with his nasty guard dogs…and one thing being the Veterinarian’s help on farm calls taught me, you can tell the owner by their animals.

  11. Regarding drones and controlled aerospace environment, it’s quite obvious that the Russians do not control the aerospace environment, as they keep getting attacked by Turkish built but Ukrainian operated drones.

    But then again, the old Cold War joke was two Soviet generals sitting in a cafe in Paris and one asks the other “Who won the air war?”

    Nobody owns the air over the Ukraine. Both sides have failed to assure dominance. Just like the ground war. Though, just like the ground war, Russia has the numerical advantage and the old adage “Quantity has a quality of its own” comes to mind.

    Seriously, the lack of airspace control by the Russians is interesting. They’ve been selling the “We can and will control the air” and we have now found out that that was basically a Potemkin’s village of lies, semi-truths and carefully coordinated and choreographed air shows images.

    Now do the ChiComs. One (well, me) wonders if they are as much of a paper tiger as the Russians seem to now be.

    • Based on observations that I made in China, the PRC situation would be worse. Having said that, the issue of quantity that you quoted, rules the day. So half of the vehicles don’t get there? We’ll send a million and still engage at 20:1 odds.

      That’s one big factor for Russian success in the Great Patriotic War (WW2). There was the winter, long German supply lines, etc. but the Russians simply had the numbers and didn’t care how many people they lost.

      • One of my “alternate history” ideas is to pursue what would have happened if we didn’t supply Lend-Lease and free food to the Soviets during WWII and instead used that material in the Pacific and in the Med (two theaters that were woefully undersupplied until late 1943.) It’s why we had such trouble at Guadalcanal, lack of supplies.

        What would have happened if we (the free world) told Stalin to suck it and let Hitler and Stalin beat each other up unsupported by the US of A? We’d still do the ‘Reconquista’ of Western Europe, but we’d be much better supplied, and the English would haven’t have had to ration nearly as hard.

        Heh. Patton could have got his wish and pushed into Berlin. Hell, he could probably have pushed into Warsaw and to the eastern border of Poland.

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