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Colombian Navy Combat Swimmers (SEALs)

The Colombian Navy’s (Armada de Colombia) combat swimmer program relies in part on foreign experts in the field to work with their operators and keep them at peak efficiency.


Bullet Points:

* It would be nice, if, once and for all, the smear used by the Left of calling everyone who supports fascism “anti-fascist” and everyone who opposes fascism “fascist” were abolished and forgotten.

This lie, as all commonplace lies in the modern press and modern politics, is Leftist. Facists, socialists, communists, etc. are totalitarian state actors and form a body at one end of the political spectrum. They have a lot in common.

The designation of Left or Right, originally born in the politics of monarchic France, was co-opted by the Socialists to apply it to themselves, in order to cloak their totalitarian death-cult dogmas in the glamor and demeanor of pro-liberty and pro-equality measures popularized by the writings of Locke and Montesquieu and the success of the American Revolution.

Only by avoiding definitions, can the confusion of terms continue.

* Elon Musk plans to take Twitter’s new holding company public within three to five years after going private when he takes over today following the $44 billion buyout. Imagine, free speech on Twitter without censorship? It’s a difficult thing to grasp. Without the bots, there won’t be much activity on Twitter.

* I had a client balk at a price today. I mentioned that a new 2023 Ford Raptor quarter-ton pick-up truck, loaded, out the door with tax, license, and dealer BS was going for $125,000. I use pick-up trucks now to bid on jobs. It’s not that I want to spend that kind of money on a Ford, BUT, I say, that will be two, quarter ton pick-ups and it sounds like less.

* BRM Reports on problems with water levels in major rivers worldwide dropping. I don’t disagree with the effect, but the cause is something that requires specific investigations that are unfettered by political interference in each case, for each water course. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all of Earth’s water. There is no water shortage. There is a shortage of clean, fresh, water. Fortunately for all of us, purifying enough water for the use of all on the planet is solvable. Unfortunately, politics, greed, and the usual barriers along with agendas that are not in keeping with the best interests of mankind stand in the way.

* The Nation is down to 24 days of diesel. And counting. The White House says, “let them eat cake!”


That’s a costume, right?

Not the actual Devil?

Scriptures do confirm that …”and the devil was a broad in the land.”


The Question of the Day


Meanwhile, on Mars

41 thoughts on “Friday Follies

    1. F-150 Raptor, F-350 King Ranch or F-450 King Ranch are all in that $125K range out the door. Of course, I’m not talking about insurance. Yes, those prices are absurd. However, I’ve found that equating a number with a pick-up truck brings potential customers into the realm of what things cost, and thus the price.

      1. I’m totally stealing that methodology. I had a conversation with an alleged customer just yesterday who seemingly was unaware of the ape-shiit price increases for dang near all industrial equipment that have ensued in the last couple of years. Not to mention supply chain issues. Of course he had to be aware; his last name was not Brandon or Fetterman and was administering an intelligence test (he failed), but I digress. I would have shook that at him if I’d known about it before now.

        1. With the way pickup deliveries are delayed it might be “I’ll gladly pay you two Raptors on Tuesday for a contract today…altho better hurry up as supply may wither in the next few years.

          1. I had a friend who used to cost things out using beer and pizza, as in “Man, that’s sure gonna cost a lot of beer and pizza!”….

          1. All too well, Ed. Our purchasing agent tells us not to expect things to get much better for quite a while. He also said the same thing this time last year, so……

  1. It’s a good Friday…Musk immediately fired the CEO & CFO with his Twitter purchase. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming Chevy Leaf powered by a a backup generator.

    Speaking of that, I was reminded that Germany is demolishing a wind “farm” to mine the coal underneath. Talk about irony”. Lefty activists are losing their minds. (Tough darts kids…the real world knows what works.)

    And here I was taught Satan was a dude…but these days one can never tell.

    BTW, Scripture also says the The Apostles drove a Honda…”they were all in one Accord.” (bad Pastor humor)

    1. Musk will clean house completely unless there are techs that he wants to keep. It’s the only way to be sure. The C level people are certainly leaving with nice packages. I’m sure that they fan find some other woke corporate that will want them.

      The UK is predicting 10,000 deaths due to the cold this winter. The number may be a stretch but in our modern world, it’s still a shocking prediction. Maybe they’ll build safe, affordable, nuclear generators?

      Satan’s minions don’t know which restroom to use, so yeah, it’s up for grabs.

      1. To preemptively predict deaths among the populace due to crap policies the leadership intentionally forced into the mainstream requires a special place in Hell.

    2. “BTW, Scripture also says the The Apostles drove a Honda…”they were all in one Accord.” (bad Pastor humor)” -Paul M

      And The Three Wisemen were firemen from Texas, because they had come from afar.

      1. Jesus wasn’t born in Africa because they couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.

    1. The ground penetrating radar can be picking up some artifacts that might not be water, but at this time, the science seems to be solid. Extracting the heavily saline water and purifying it is another problem altogether, but I don’t think that it’s beyond our present capability if you aren’t looking at price per gallon.

      1. In the 2013-14 timeframe I worked with Cal Tech Planetary Sciences Department on a project. JohnD from Norway who reads this blog will recall that because I flew to Oslo to speak with scientists there. Anyway, even then there were some defendable estimates on water on Mars and those numbers were quite large and exciting.

  2. AFAICT, people balk on prices reflexively; there is no reasoning involved. It gets worse as one ages, too.

    I was e-mail-corresponding with a guy about 60 year old luxury cars the other day, and he was complaining about the price for a part. I pointed out that he was lucky to be able to get the part at all, and it came to less than a couple tanks of gas for the car…


    1. I balk on the price of a new pick-up – big time.

      My European partners have a habit of low-balling on price, particularly the price of business class international travel. I’m CONSTANTLY telling them to run ACTUAL numbers first, and to plug in all of the associated costs. Quoting actual cost to customers is fine, but they’re throwing out 3-year-old numbers, and the actual price has doubled since then. They whine, “what if we don’t get the contract?” I whine back, “what if we lose money because of your irresponsible quote?”

      Ask PaulM, the price of business class accommodations in Denmark, for example, are at least 3x what they are in the US. South America – Colombia for example – isn’t as bad, but it has still doubled and you have to get on an airplane.

      To whine further, one potential client wanted me to fly to a South American country and handle a problem that would take about a week. They quoted a price they wanted to pay and it was less than airfare. So I throw out pickup trucks, tires, rims, and objects that people can relate
      to. It’s true that I price myself out of what people want to pay, but it’s not worth losing money. Big corporate clients are fine because they understand all that. It’s the smaller guys who choke hard and I don’t blame them. Costs are outrageous.

      1. Oh, they know, these azzholes, they surely do know what things cost. They’re not that ignorant. They just don’t want to admit it or pay for it.

        Yeah, I’m repeating myself. I’m of that age, you know. But the older I get the more insulting it all seems. Sorry, it’s been a long couple a weeks and I’ve heard this song and dance every day of it. It’s been a bit like walking into a bar and somebody has fed a stack of quarters into the jukebox and punched song number B15 seventeen times and it’s a Taylor Swift song, but you can’t leave.

        1. It would have been worse if it had been B14 – Brittany Spears.

          People have a number in mind that they’re willing to pay. Sometimes it’s realistic and sometimes it isn’t. The Pickup truck scenario helps frame their expectations.

        1. Hey, Ol’ Joey Poopypants just got done telling everyone to buy Generic cereal to save a buck…problem solved.

          The tone deafness is unreal…because when he’s in his Corvette revving the engine burning fossil fuels and oil, completely forgetting his push for “green” bravo sierra, he proves his true nature; a bum and a mook with privileges.

        2. Frederick – I prefer to be paid in gold but it depends on where payment is made. Because of the new draconian laws laid down by the USGOV on all its citizens and the banking regs, I won’t discuss this further. Suffice it to say there are a number of ways to make payment.

          1. Oh, I’m a cheap bastard about cars, too. I’ve never owned a new car, and probably never will.

            All the nice new ones cost what a house should, nowadays.


    1. If it was Elizabeth Hurley in her devil suit – I’d say, “Definitely the Devil”

  3. Re the ‘devil’, some ‘research’ would be required… And yes, realistic costs are scaring off a LOT of people who want stuff done at ‘reasonable’ prices…for them…

      1. Had to look that one up……

        I meant the “booth babes” dressed up as “Beastie” the Berkeley Software Distribution mascot.

        But then an old Unix hacker like you knew that, amiright?

  4. I would have thought the water pressure would push into the cartridges and ruin them, and something simple like a paint sealer wouldn’t be sufficient.

    The elites won’t permit such a large and prominent concentration of free speech as a free Twitter.

    That’s not a costume, that’s a work uniform. Satan used to be a dude, but he transitioned to lead/lie by example; isn’t the new format more appealing?

      1. I recall when it was the System Administrator’s Tool for Analyzing Networks… I like the new casing better.

  5. “They whine, “what if we don’t get the contract?” I whine back, “what if we lose money because of your irresponsible quote?” -LL

    I once worked for a construction company that the estimator consistently underbid projects.
    When asked why. He said that if he bid them for what we should we would never win a contract.????
    The company was saved by landing a huge cost-plus project.
    There may have been nepotism involved…pretty sure.

    1. The way I see it, if nepotism gets you work, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

      Full disclosure, I tend to underbid some work myself. Not all of the time and the expenses and overhead are the expenses and overhead. I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I was referred work maybe four years ago. I spoke to the client about the scope of what he wanted done. It would put me on the road in Florida for about a month. I quoted time and expenses at the family and friends rate and he whined bitterly. “Couldn’t you stay in a Motel 6?” And on and on. And “I need you here yesterday.” I explained that I will bill corporate clients (established corporations like Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Maschinenbau Kiel in Germany or Itochu in Japan, or Pirelli Tires in Italy and all over, or Hines – pretty much all over.) but individuals need to pay upfront. In his case, 50% upfront and if halfway through, he didn’t pay the rest, I’d simply go home with the work unfinished.

      He was unhappy with the terms but I thought that he was the sort of weasel who would try to stiff me. I referred him to other people who might do the work that he wanted cheaper.

      Two weeks later he called and wanted me to move forward and I told him that my time had been scheduled. If he wanted me to change the schedule it would be 33% more. Or he could go elsewhere. The point of this being that working for the guy wasn’t going to be smooth and it wasn’t worth going through the hassle unless he paid a lot more for the same work. I don’t know what happened to him, but I didn’t work with him.

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