As if there weren’t enough follies during the course of a regular week, we’re exploring them on a Friday. Some are saying that the voter repudiation of Chesa Boudin is homophobic, and that would clearly fly if the voters who booted the Soros guy were not overwhelmingly democrat and homosexually oriented in one of the 36 gender arrangements (kama sutra complex) that I can’t and won’t begin to discuss here. The Soros crew is very active further south in Orange County where they’re shelling out money to oust conservative, law-and-order district attorney Todd Spitzer. As a 21-year alumnus of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, I do understand the changing inner-city demographic in Orange County, California that they are playing on. Wait for it…the cry is that Todd Spitzer (white, heterosexual) is a racist. It’s a tedious rant. I worked with Spitzer’s three predecessors and Todd fell into political traps that are common. Will he survive the financial onslaught?



Would you have Identified the SPG?

It’s a Nork M1978 Koksan 170mm SPG discovered in an Iraqi boneyard during the 2003 invasion. Likely captured from Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. Difficult to ID in working order.


Oh, Hunter

No Friday Follies post would be complete without a Hunter Biden update.

(Breitbart) Hunter Biden’s Las Vegas call girl, Cheryl Deboves (you can follow her on Facebook, just as Hunter does), won a $20,207 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) check under a “female owned sole proprietorship” designation.

Deboves’s check reportedly was doled out to her under the criteria of “Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.” The check was reportedly sent to her person instead of a business because she alleged her work was performed under a sole proprietorship, the Daily Wire reported.

Deboves also asked Hunter for help combating a drug dealer on August 23, 2018:

“Eric keeps threatening me, and now he has someone named Keaton threatening me too who just got out of prison or whatever… Can you please help me? Like he scares me a lot. I hate it when men threaten women,” she wrote.

“Hi beautiful how are you been too long,” Biden wrote, also asking her to FaceTime naked. He arranged to pay her to ensure her phone plan would have data for the call. On March 1, he sent her $500 through Venmo, according to emails on his laptop.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the PPP loans were ripe for fraud. According to CBS News, “a total of $813 billion in PPP loans went out in all, and a new report shows ‘more than 70,000 loans totaling over $4.6 billion in potentially fraudulent PPP loans’ are now being called into question.”


Population Control (Great Reset)

“Democrats are pushing drivers to abandon their gas vehicles despite the lag in available infrastructure, and the increased demand that charging will place on already-fragile electrical grids. In 2020,”..

Thoughtful analysis indicates the statement above is only partially true. Democrats are driving up the price of car ownership to discourage main street Americans from ownership of private vehicles.  In the “Great Reset”, private ownership will be discouraged and long-distance travel by private citizens, strictly regulated. Read UN Agenda 2021 / UN Agenda 2030 and Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset.” The New World Order agenda which treasonous Joe Biden is executing at warp speed is all spelled out and in plain view, for anyone to read.


A Code of Morals

There was a brief discussion of heliographs on Wednesday. By way of follow-up, I thought to add this brief piece by Rudyard Kipling to the discussion. A Code of Morals has been one of my Kipling favorites, right up there with The Post that Fitted.

Now Jones had left his new-wed bride to keep his house in order,

And hied away to the Hurrum Hills above the Afghan border,

To sit on a rock with a heliograph; but ere he left he taught

His wife the working of the Code that sets the miles at naught…

You should read the whole thing. 

[At dawn, across the Hurrum Hills, he flashed her counsel wise —

But, howsoever Love be blind, the world at large hath eyes.]


  1. Chesa Boudin is homosexual? I had no idea. But I do know that repudiating him is definitely anti-Weathermanic.

    Perhaps Todd Spitzer can accuse the forces arrayed against him of anti-Semitism. But I don’t understand Orange County politics enough to know if that would help him.

  2. Chesa Boudin is a groomed Communist criminal tasked with upholding the law. What could have possibly gone wrong with that setup? Voters are stupid, easily led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Anarchy comes in many forms.

    “Are they not merciful!”…Lockdown the middle class over an intentionally manufactured pandemic in order to offer favor to large corporations who are kicking back cash to prop up your grift, then print a pile of fake stimulus to pay off those you just harmed. Appeasement Bread tossed to the starving Colosseum crowds. And no one watching the ledger.

  3. What’s the cost to fill that electric battery and how does that compare to $5 gas? Another of the unanswerable questions that should not be posed to the wise ones of the left. Now for something completely different:

    We should hold New Zealand accountable for their planet killing sheep gas. Maybe a special tax on socialist politicians and a travel ban on them too?

    • New Zealand has gone in a weird direction. Maybe it’s the isolation? They clearly love Big Brother – and Red China. Linkage?

      • Joking aside, New Zealand should dedicate its GNP to developing solutions to coal seam fires worldwide that have burned for thousands of years in some cases, belching out greenhouse gas. If they’re serious, that’s one place for them to start.

    • The City has gone to the dogs, Jim. San Francisco has done an odd boomerang between lunatic fringe government where all crime is tolerated and hippies shit on the sidewalks in large numbers and clean-up campaigns that bring things into a measure of balance. The pendulum swung and stuck hard left.

  4. How inconvenient for the New World (mega theft) Order that bloggers like you (and by extension your many readers) keep shining light on their plots and schemes. Imagine how much more they can accomplish if they don’t need to fight distractions.

    By shining light I mean publishing what is clearly intended for consumption by the chosen few true believers and fellow thieves (if there is a difference).

  5. The state of the US seems clearly the result of coordinated action to wreck things. I had dinner with a very international bunch last night (including but not limited to French, Belgian, Lebanese) and the consensus was “we never thought this kind of thing would happen in the US!”

    Anyway, revolutions happen when people feel they have nothing left to lose. Therefore I wonder if this enemy action is well thought out. But then again they are the eternal masters of the overplayed hand. For people who place so much stock in psychology and psychiatry, they seem to have remarkably little understanding of normal humans. But on the other hand, viewing the world through the lenses of paranoia and resentment gives a profoundly warped vision.

    • It started when during the SOTU when Trump said, “America will never be a Socialist country!” We cheered, they jeered, then got to work turning us into Communist Russia inside of 15 months. Show trial with paid liars. Can I hope for a well placed meteor?

      Agreed on the pop-psyche stuff…in the end they still have no idea what people are thinking at any moment.

  6. Incidentally, there may be an opportunity in arbitrage of iodinated contrast agent (like for CT scans). Some areas of the US report major shortages, while others seem to have stocks FAR in excess of requirements.


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