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Following the Money in Ukraine

(Gateway Pundit) “We all know Russia invading Ukraine is horrible.  Innocent Ukrainians are dying.  However, the US should pause before giving any money to Ukraine.  How much of it will never make it there?”  – more here on the wayback machine.


“War is when the government tells you who your enemy is. Revolution is when you decide for yourself.”


Fifty Quislings

In 2020 at the second United States presidential debate, Joe Brandon lied to the American people and said the Hunter Biden laptop story was a “Russian plant.” Joe Brandon: Look, there are 50 former national intelligence folks who said what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant.

These are the 50 former “Intelligence” Officials who colluded to interfere in the 2020 Election by signing a letter saying that Hunter’s laptop was a Russian Plot:

James Clapper (Former DNI) I’ve met and spoken with Jim Clapper and he is not an impressive man. He’s a weak man, a ‘small man’, easily bought and swayed in my opinion; Michael Hayden (Former CIA Director); Leon Panetta (Former CIA Director); John Brennan (Former CIA Director); John McLaughlin (Former CIA Director); Michael Morell (Former CIA Director); Marc Polymeropoulos; John Sipher; Doug Wise; Nick Rasmussen; Russ Travers; Andy Liepman; John Moseman; Larry Pfeiffer; Jeremy Bash; Rodney Snyder; Glenn Gerstell; David Buckley; Nada Bakos; Patty Brandmaier; James Bruce; David Cariens; Janice Cariens; Paul Kolbe; Peter Corsell; Brett Davis; Thomas Finger; Roger Zane George; Steven Hall; Kent Harrington; Don Hepburn; Timothy Kilbourn; Rick Ledgett; Ron Marks; Jonna Hiestand Mendez; Emile Nakhleh; Gerald O’Shea; David Priess; Pam Purcilly; Chris Savos; Nick Shapiro; Stephen Slick; Cynthia Strand; Greg Tarbell; David Terry; Greg Treverton; John Tullius; David Vanell; Mike Vickers; Winston Wiley; Kristin Wood

Nine further “intelligence” officials colluded with those listed above but decided to remain anonymous.


Evergreen, Stuck – Again

(link) Last year, the 400-meter-long Ever Given, an Evergreen-chartered ship that is longer than the Eiffel Tower and weighed 220,000 tons, was stuck in the Suez Canal for six days. The vessel and its 17,600 containers blocked the canal in both directions, resulting in a backlog of more than 400 ships delayed by the incident.

The Hong Kong-flagged Ever Forward was stranded after departing the Port of Baltimore Seagirt Terminal on Sunday night, according to mapping data compiled by Bloomberg. The 334-meter (1,096-foot) vessel was en route to Norfolk, Virginia when it got stuck in the Chesapeake Bay.

It’s still stuck… but apparently, shipping can enter and leave Baltimore.

It all begs the question of who is skippering Evergreen’s ships, and whether they’re simply hiring the lowest bidder.


Identify the Infantry Fighting Vehicles


Forty-five miles from the White Wolf Mine

(as the Eagle Flies)

Soldier Pass

Be it ever so humble, it’s always nice to return to Arizona.


A Day Late


39 thoughts on “Friday Follies

  1. “How much of it will never make it there?” How much will make it back here?

    Worth reading – “there is no reason a contained conflict on the edges of Europe should be fundamentally altering the global financial system. The hysterical overreaction is doing that, as it was intended to.”

    1. The secret aid (read tomorrow’s blog for a brush against that boulder) usually makes it to the point of use. If it passes through Congress and their designees, there is no telling, but key members like to wet their beaks. It’s not just the bills that they pass but the riders and hard earmarks that siphon money here and there.

      Ukraine is the new Covid. When that’s over, there will be another squirrel for the media to chase.

      1. “…another squirrel for the media to chase.”

        Boy, if that doesn’t describe it perfectly.

  2. Makes you wonder if the Ever Given’s captain was a political appointment for someone’s younger son?

  3. i always have the urge to climb spires like those near your home, thinking there must be some undiscovered artifacts there. then i remember indigs seldom wasted energy climbing…yep, brandon et al fell for it hook line and sinker. now the petrodollar will be history and the u.s. right along with it…..several of those intel people were in the room during benghazi. lock them in a room and toss in grenades until nothing is recognizable.

    1. The destruction of America will extend to eliminating fiat currency and putting everything into a digital format for WE THE PEOPLE so that it can be easily erased if your social score drops. Like China. The petrodollar has been a mainstay of the US and the World’s economy. The Chinese RMB doesn’t float on the world market. It’s worth what Beijing says it’s worth. Using it as a standard is spooky.

  4. I’m thinking most of the donated money will be accumulated, sent to personal accounts, and eventually added to the income of corrupt officials.

    1. Published figures show that most charities give 10% at most to the people who need it. There are churches that are more reliable and honestly give almost all of what you give to the people who need it. I leave it to you to decide how you donate but giving money to UNICEF or many of the advertised charities only puts it in the hands or the administrative gravy train.

      1. If you have too much money, you can buy carbon credits from the White Wolf Mine and then use those to offset whatever. It’s exceptionally woke. I accept all currencies and prefer Krugerrand.

  5. Biden is toast. Done. Stick a fork in him. Not looking good when the Lefty NYT Rats start telling the truth (on Pg 20, but it’s a start). Ukraine looks like amateur night at the Roxbury with The Pompous Angry Redhead desperately spackling over every massive fail, and every media type thinking they are an expert war color commentator that we have no national interest…other than laundering billions of OUR money for Congressional Cheats.

    Some simple math: A 5-up Gallows, an hour per set up/take down/cart off, 5 minutes between sets…x 10 sets…call it 12 hours to complete the task of ridding ourselves from ONLY ONE group of reprobate DC scum, some of whom are on Fake News as THE experts on Ukraine and Russia. The infection needs to be excised…maybe Lindell could add a PPV service, call it My Purging ™, and you get a free pillow to watch the insanity.

    Ever Given – If Biden were a freight service; Owned by China, got him cheap, and gets stuck at every turn leaving the rest of us high and dry…but for…Revolution.

    Stock up on buttered popcorn (my pref. is Jolly Time MTB for m/w – or – Whirley Pop), sit back and watch the upcoming sinking ship disaster reality show…could be a multi-part series, AOC might even find true love and get the final dead rose.

        1. I think that with every order, you also receive his book (a free gift). Some say that you can’t give those books away and he’s proving them wrong.

      1. You know, humor therapy aside, where we find ourselves isn’t humorous. The tea leaves are not showing a happy ending for America unless we rid our upper echelons of these people, somehow. So I daily ask God to raise up some righteous folks who can actually make a difference. So far He hasn’t tapped me on the shoulder, but am willing, whatever that could mean.

        1. America screamed, “GIVE US BARABBAS” – and that’s what they got. Why would God gainsay the same mindset that brought the world Soddom and Gomorrah?

          1. Mike_C’s “civis Americanus sum” is spot-on relevant even in the midst of the heeled-over American ship taking on water over the rail (my oft repeated preferred visual). Yet…I’m of the profound belief that He can raise up the right people IF households and people’s hearts put Him central. Profess a proper faith, then watch Him move mountains. It is my undying hope.

  6. That list of intelligence officials does not look like America. By my quick glance, there are maybe 7 or 8 women on that list (barring boys named Sue and girls named Roscoe) which is WAAY too low. Out of 50 people I expect half women. Racially, seven must be negroes, three or 4 Asian/Pacific Islander, and at most two Jews (actually half of 2.8% is 1.4 which rounds to exactly 1, but let’s round up to nearest whole number). Of all of the above, 9 should also identify as Hispanic. Until this grave and historic injustice is corrected, with appropriate apologies and reparations, the US national security situation will not, and CAN NOT improve.

    1. I’ve met Clapper and Brennon (who I despise). There is another lady on the list who I met years ago and actually like. She is female (doesn’t just self-identify as) and while liberal and as Jewish as Barbara Streisand, is nice. But that notwithstanding, the final solution offered by riverrider is appropriate.

      Still, Mike_C, I think that you’re missing the point. There are mornings when I wake up and say, “I feel like a 25-year-old negro female” – and that’s what I am until I change back into a sixty-something white man like Cinderella at midnight. Race and gender are only constructs. Jim Clapper, an 81-year-old, senile white man from Ft. Wayne, Indiana could self-identify as a seven-year-old Samoan male, and you are obliged by every standard in this nation today to accept that. Yes, an average seven-year-old Samoan would have more sense, but that’s another issue. Just like Admiral Dick Levine, courting tackle intact, wakes up and says that he wants to be a hag and woman of the year – and it is so.

  7. None of folks above whose names I recognized inspired me with any confidence. Your opinion of Clapper is likely correct.

  8. The top one looks like it started out as a BMP, and then somebody made a hot rod out of it. I can’t figure any more specifics about it.

    The second one is a British FV-something-or-other Spartan, built on the Scorpion (etc.) chassis for the Recce boys. Behind it there’s either a Scorpion or a Scimitar, I can;t see the gun well enough to figure which. Neat little machines, a whole miniature mechanized force OOB. I heard a story which I can;t testify to the truth of, that when a bunch arrived in the Falklands the Ghurkas stole them, thanking command for making some tanks in their size.

    As for the Evergreen ship, merchant mariners have had a hell of a time the last few years. Trapped on the ships, bad conditions, bad pay, understaffed, trouble getting more / new crews, etc. I expect the high accident rates are directly related.


    1. The quality of the merchant marine has been in decline. You’re right on point. The owners pay pennies to the crews to handle their (insured) massively expensive ships.

  9. The White House – Washington DC – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday snapped at a New York Post reporter for asking real questions about the Biden crime family. The New York Post’s Steven Nelson asked Psaki a series of questions about ‘presidential conflicts of interest’ related to Hunter Biden’s payments from Russian oligarchs. Psaki repeatedly interrupted the reporter. It seems that she didn’t dig what he had to say.

    1. The International Energy Agency (IEA) on Friday urgently pleaded with governments to reduce oil consumption. The IEA suggested “car-free Sundays” (don’t drive to church), opting for public transit, and working from home three days a week to reduce the consumption of oil.

      Or we could drill for oil and develop nuclear power and f*ck the IEA.

  10. Concur on Clapper. Re Evergreen, I ‘believe’ they were still under control of a pilot. Same situation as the Evergiven grounding. Also, Baltimore is one of those ship channels that is needing a dredging badly…

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