China’s latest missile tests into the South China Sea are a warning to U.S. aircraft carriers.

US ICBM’s and SLBM’s can hit anywhere in China, and there are also Rods from God. So if we’re talking ranges, the ChiComs need to factor that in.


I Wonder

Is BLM is headed to Louisiana to help blacks affected by Hurricane Laura? You know, rebuild homes, clean up trash, feed the hungry, clothe those who lost everything. We know that they’ve been raking in in billions from corporate danegeld.


Whose Life Matters?

Do I give one rat’s ass about the multi-millionaires at the NBA? No, I don’t. Play or don’t play, but do you matter? I don’t think so. What about Democrat congressional leadership, or the squad? Do those lives matter? Not to me. Not in the least. I’m not going to hasten their journey to the great beyond, but if they undertake the trip, it means nothing to me. Antifa thugs who pull people from their cars to beat them – should their lives matter? Certainly not to me. Under the right circumstances, I’ll be their travel agent. In fact, I just spent more than I should have laying in special ammo, including – 45 Colt, multiple projectile rounds

“Multiple Projectile Technology focuses on our belief that multiple wound trails are better than one (the FBI testifies to this in their Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness Training Manual).  It offers users the benefit of multiple projectiles from a single cartridge through the careful machining of solid copper or brass bullets designed for controlled dispersion.”

Point blank range, should offer the shooter a blending of options within the same cylinder. Such options with .45 Colt/.454 Cassul are available. I do the same thing with .45 ACP magazine load outs.

The more a certain class of people choses to loot, burn and pillage, the less their lives matter to me.



The Chinese Plague

The Plague will get you…

I’ve taken some heat from medical types I know, who admittedly are older and have compromised immune systems. They are seriously bunkered up and I’ve asked them why. There follows a long explanation (much of it rambles) about how if you don’t stay bunkered up, you’ll DIE.

First off, I’ve been subjected to threats of dying for all of my adult life. So the shrill, baleful, “You’re going to DIE, LL,” isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s boring when we’re discussing this particular plague. The stats came out for local problems. On the order of 90% of plague deaths took place on the local Indian reservation. The rest took place in nursing homes. While Indian lives do matter to me, the morbidity on the rez, is not surprising. And a lot of the folks in nursing homes were living on borrowed time.

One day it will be me and it will be a bullet while I’m working somewhere, or a car crash, or a better and more evolved plague, or the old ticker will tick its last. But I frigging REFUSE to be cowed by this particular plague or the Democrats who love it. No mask, but I carry firearms with particularly wicked ammunition.


Lemon Speaks 

Don Lemon is a lying shoat in my opinion, but he’s queer as a three dollar bill and he knows his dudes. So when he talks about his preferences, he has some credibility. I saw this meme and said, “of course.”


Do You Drink Liberal Tears?



The Warning on the pack says, “They’ll Kill You…”

Map of Current Cigarette Use Among Adults in the United States


Delmarva Peninsula 

Which is the better side – Maryland or Delaware?


  1. Occasionally-Coherent’s face is a picture of stupidity.

    Her cretinous features remind me of when there were rotten boroughs in the UK (the worst having just 9 voters to elect an MP) – how could anyone with an IQ greater than 50 vote for this pudding?
    Surely the system is not corrupt, ha ha

    • She represents a ghetto constituency (much the same as Speaker Pelosi) and the guy she ran against didn’t campaign. She offered free stuff to everyone, which is a familiar refrain. But yeah, pudding for brains.

    • I am in Minnesota. We have Ilhan Omar representing Minneapolis and some inner suburbs. Her primary challenger, Antone Melton Meaux out spent her, and had lots of well produced TV ads. There also was at least one PAC putting out anti-Ilhan ads too. She still got over half the primary vote. Last time in the 2018 general election, the Republican received like 18% or 28% of the vote IIRC. She will get reelected even if she dropped dead tomorrow.

      The only chance of removing her is if her corrupt butt gets indicted, tried, and convicted. Even then, I could see her desperately trying to serve/graft in Congress while in prison.

      She will be in Congress for decades and eventually the future face of the Democrat Party Congressional Black Caucus, just like Fredericka Wilson, Hank Johnson, and Maxine Waters are their current faces.

  2. Interesting projectiles.

    We recently got my wife an S&W 380 Shield EZ. I grabbed a couple of boxes of Underwood just because they were available. First time I have bought their ammo. Got the 68 gr Xtreme Defender load. As expected, it’s a bit softer shooting than 90 gr loads. Underwood also offers a load for 9mm Makarov.

    • I think that the .380 is a good choice so long as you have the right ammo for it. Easy shooting and the 68 gr rounds should be effective for that defensive role. If you’re loading them, you might want to load it as a +P, but that’s just me.

      • Points taken. My wife is small in stature and her grip strength is not what it once was, so I was hedging my bet with the 68 gr rounds. Am happy to report that she handled the 90 gr ammo just fine.

        I had no desire to start reloading 380, however given the current circumstances and my cloudy crystal ball, I am now set up to do so. My habit has been to carry factory ammo when out and about, and shoot handloads for practice.

        My current “T-shirt and shorts” gun is a PA-63 in 9mm Makarov loaded with Hornady FTX. I recently shot a Glock 43. Liked it, and am on the hunt.

        • It’s good to have the capacity, even if you don’t need to (yet). It’s a cloudy crystal ball. I’ll be happy when President Trump is set for another 4 years.

  3. I’ve been living on borrowed time for quite while now and have renewed the loan on several occasions. Given my age(70) I likely have somewhere between 10 and 20 years to go and I’m not about to spend my remaining time cowering in fear. If the Wuhan Plague gets me, so be it.

  4. How odd is it that video’s of people collapsing in the street, being barred into apartments, giant chemical spraying trucks elephant walking up a boulevard, crematoriums working day and night, and vast orders for funeral pots all should somehow slip by the Chinese web censorship? It looked like Wuhan got hit with the Andromeda Strain.

    A cynic might be led to think they were deliberately drumming up panic. Sure worked on me, for about a month, six or seven months ago. Then the numbers started coming in, and it was instantly apparent this china bug was killing mostly old folks in bad shape. It hit the same people the flu hits hard.

    It was too good a crisis to let go to waste, IMO. So the control freaks got happy. They are going to leverage this as hard as they can, for social control.
    We are being played, people.

    The thing that bothers me is how many people, ordinary reasonable people, swallowed the bait and refused to consider any other data than the breathless hysteria doled out by the “experts”.
    If this was a tenth as bad as it is made out to be, every one of us should know at least a few people, personally, who have gotten so sick they were in the ER, ICU, or dead.

      • When it first hit the news, there were enough unknowns that a cautious response seemed to be the way to go. After more news came out, and we could see that the initial assumptions were flawed, along with the models created from them…..well, it’s now time to wait for something resembling sanity to dial society back to normal operations.
        I hope that’s not a bridge too far in my area.

        I’ve been tempted to get a plague doctor mask to wear to stores, just as a comment on my take on the foolishness.

  5. I don’t know anybody who’s been in the ER, ICU, or dead. I don’t even know anybody who knows anybody who’s been in the ER, ICU, or dead. Take that back. I know somebody whose some kinda half-assed relation died of cancer but tested positive so COVID was cause of death on the certificate. Yeah, I know that’s second hand news at best, but I’ve done business with this guy for twenty-five years and he hasn’t lied to me yet, so………

    • I know people in the area who are close to the situation on the Navajo Reservation in the area, and they know of a number of people who died of the Chinese Plague. All were old, sick, obese and the culture didn’t allow for quarantine measures.

      • I’ve read the claim that the reason that minorities are getting hit hard by this is that they are still partying and sleeping around as usual – for an example, see the recent Chicago drive by where 20 people were injured, when gatherings are supposed to be limited to less than 10, plus, poor health and risky behaviors among those groups.
        is this similar to what you’ve seen?

        • More heard about than seen. First, the Navajo people like to travel and visit. It’s what they do and it wasn’t partying per se. Just a cultural imperative to visit friends and family. So the spread was automatic. Second, there are a lot of health issues with the Navajo – alcoholism, diabetes, obesity, they smoke, sort of a perfect storm for a virus that hits the respiratory system hard. Some younger, otherwise healthy people died as well as the older population, but it primarily culled the old and inferm.

    • I don’t personally know anyone who’s been in ICU, but several of my friends have taken care of entire wards of COVID-19 patients at ICU or step-down unit levels of care. As expected, most were elderly or had lots of pre-existing problems, but there were some-few patients who were young and previously healthy.

      On my end, I’ve peer-reviewed more than one manuscript on chest-imaging findings of WuFlu, which does weird stuff to your coagulation system, leading to pulmonary emboli in addition to the usual snot that builds up in your lungs.

      Personally I am >95% certain I had WuFlu in February. Probably from a end-January red-eye flight LAX-BOS next to some Mainlanders (Chinese) with filthy habits and decidedly non-Western concepts of personal space. Sigh. Or less likely from an early February international conference in Orlando (where about 1/3 of the attendees looked like hell and were snotting and coughing; not just Asians, but also Germans, Swiss and Brits). Felt like crap for about 10-12 days, during which I lost my sense of taste for about a week. I know a few other individuals with test-confirmed WuFlu, but no ICU admissions and no deaths.

      All that said, the risk is WILDLY overblown. And our mask/cower/house-arrest response is idiotic.

      • Mike C, I haven’t mentioned this on the blog before, but I may have had the plague in January. My third daughter’s in-laws went to China at the end of 2019 and visited Wuhan. Her mother-in-law came home sick and gave what she had to my granddaughters (pictured in a blog post later today). They visited and I caught it. This was before we knew what the plague was. It may have been the plague or just the flu. I was sick for about three weeks, then I got better. No drama. For one week of that, I was sicker than the other two. I haven’t ever been tested and, frankly, don’t care enough to do so. It really doesn’t matter.

    • My brother just told me that he had flu-like symptoms for a couple days, got tested and he was found positive.
      But not his wife.
      They do not social separate or wear masks around each other.

  6. I wear a mask in businesses as a courtesy to the poor souls who work there. Otherwise, no. At age 76 my main fear is Alzheimer/dementia. So far, knock on wood, doing ok.

    RE smoking. Wonder why they skipped “smokeless tobacco”? I know many non smokers who are “dip” addicted.

  7. This is a great post.

    Is there a better end, telos if you like, than the quaffing of liberal tears?

    Fall upon and destroy them utterly.

  8. Lives mattering is sort of like respect, you have to earn it.

    Civilization sort of has to act like human lives are universally worthwhile and precious, but IRL, pretty much no lives matter, except maybe to a small circle of friends. Unless you’re Einstein or Beethoven or something, chance are nobody’s going to remember your name in a hundred years.

    Once you’re stupid enough to fight with the cops though, you’re voluntarily forfeiting your life. No sympathy at that point, and the cops don;t treat you any worse depending on your skin color. Wealth, sure. Fame, too. No meaningful ethnic bias though.

    Ammo: I wish there were a cut-away view of the round, showing how it’s built.

    Masks: I wear them when I have to to keep from getting myself and innocent bystanders in trouble. Other than that, nope.

    I expect that the “huge reduction in contagion risk from wearing a mask (let’s pretend that a bandana and an activated charcoal volatiles respirator work just the same, as the laws pretend)” amounts to a huge statistical difference, say, from two in a million down to one in a million. Yeah, I’m not buying the effectiveness of the face placebos.


    • Yup, me neither, and so far, at least, I have had the luxury of getting away with not wearing one. I saw one place calling clothe masks ‘germ infected face diapers’.

      Many people and many places are acting like masks are silver bullets and have abandoned other protective measures like cleaning surfaces and not touching what they don’t have to.

    • Kle, the first frangible round that they built was seated in a 45/70 Government cartridge. I’ll search around to get some pictures and cut-aways.

  9. Friend was in ICU and intubated. Over 60, obese, high blood pressure and a life-long smoker. He survived and made complete recovery.
    Same family, daughter in law, approx. 2 months ago had mild cold symptoms. quarantined with husband who has not contracted COVID to date.
    As for masks, I wear one on the rare occasions I go to the store, I prefer to be gray man and not create trouble for myself. Having spent years working around clean rooms and having to go through the training and yearly re-certs, I have scoffed at the whole situation from the beginning. But most people are so impervious to education that I have completely given up trying to explain it, even to friends.
    I’m so glad I work alone.

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