Captioned Photo: Chickens celebrate New York City’s commitment to only consume plant-based products.


LL,  sitting on a camp chair, BS-ing at the Top of the World,  near Moab, UT.



This is another open forum day, with a wide-open table for you to lay your opinions on. There is a lot going on in the world, in the Western Hemisphere, in Eastern Europe, and in Ukraine.


I still believe firmly that the Ukraine mess is a wag-the-dog scenario but the more complicated and the more people are involved in close proximity, the more likely it is that one artillery battery will decide to start dropping rounds and then things get very frosty. This is the problem with using hotspots to try and deflect from failed policies at home. President Brandon is not doing well, and the curtain has been pulled back on the wizard where things like the pandemic are involved.

Russia looks at NATO and more particularly at the US and sees a decrepit president, backed up by a whore and a gaggle of incompetents at State and Defense. Why not take advantage of the situation before the Americans are able to oust the fools?


As it was –

The Territorial Insane Asylum at Phoenix (above) as seen around 1900 near 24th and Van Buren Streets.

It was the only publicly owned and operated hospital in the state. The hospital consisted of three buildings side-by-side with the administrative facility in the center and the patient’s wings on each side. The original structure burned in 1911 and a new facility was built. One structure from the early 20th Century remains, and can be seen if you look closely from Van Buren.

Progressives advocate bringing back asylums such as that one for people who don’t vote for the demented old crook and the whore.


Nine meals away from starvation:

Castro’s bastard son holds a two-pair poker hand consisting of the black aces and black eights. The pair of aces and eights, along with an unknown hole card (deadman’s hand) and he pushes all his chips in. The truckers, on the other hand, are holding a royal flush, and the Canadian elites are concerned about being flushed.

Truckers deliver fuel, food, and everything necessary for society to move forward and the liberal elite are trying to factor how accurate the “nine meals away” model of societal distress is.

And it’s all over mandated vaccinations that we now know are based on false premises. They don’t prevent the plague or its spread.

Canada is having a constitutional crisis right now. Their Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted in 1982, which means as a matter of fact that one of the men who helped draft it, essentially a Canadian founding father, who was famously the Premiere (governor) of Newfoundland, is still living, and is now suing the Canadian federal government for violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This creates an amazing paradox because the courts are required to interpret the Charter as much as they can from what they know about the intentions of its drafters. A comparable scenario in the US would be if James Madison came back from the grave and sued the federal government.


USGOV plans to supply crack pipes to addicts in the name of equity because some liberal egg heads have decided that black addicts have inferior pipes.

Now it appears that they will be buying those crack pipes from China with your tax dollars. Let’s go, Brandon.


DHS Guidelines

The fact they are saying “misinformation” is domestic terrorism is worse than it sounds. The way they now identify terrorism, if you question the government at all you lose all rights.

No right to privacy, etc. You name it you’ve lost it.

What were once rights are now privileges for the obedient.

A friendly reminder you can still lock yourself in your house, live in fear of all other humans, and wear a mask without the government telling you it’s mandatory.


Identify the Aircraft and Armament

Yes, I know that it’s a TU-95 – what is the variant? (2000 photo)

This aircraft forced the British public to learn French words…


  1. IDK what’s going on near Ukraine, but all these maneuvers have to be bankrupting the Russians, and they must be expecting to get something in return?

    My favorite thing about the Crack Pipe Welfare is reading all the “Trustworthy Media Debunkers”
    pushing the same script saying “we aren’t buying crack pipes to hand out to trainwreck people, that’s too expensive – we’re just buying crack-pipe accessories”.

    The second plane is a Super Etendard. Give me a minute to zoom the Bear pic, and I’ll try and figure out the ordnance / model.


    • Moving forces not so expensive. Using them is what gets the costs soaring. Russia gets most favored nation status with China by moving. Also, rumors of war increase price of oil / natural gas so Russia benefits.

      • The army has to eat wherever it is and burn fuel to keep itself warm. Conducting a large winter exercise is something that they need to do every so often. As Jeff says, once you start shooting, the costs are counted more profoundly.

        I found it weird that the White House predicts that the war will begin NEXT WEDNESDAY. I’m not saying that it won’t, but usually, there is not that certainty. Sending Camela there gives her the opportunity to take credit for averting war – or to be assassinated.

  2. Things are getting spicy all over. I believe we all know it’s going to get worse so it is imperative we continue holding the line.

    Let’s go, Brandon!

  3. “USGOV plans to supply crack pipes to addicts in the name of equity because some liberal egg heads have decided that black addicts have inferior pipes.”
    Because crack is safer than Ivermectin for the relief of Covid.

  4. Opening statement of the Canadian Charter:
    1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it
    subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a
    free and democratic society.

    All following rights subject to the bastard son of Fidel Castro.

  5. i think we have confirmation of your ukraine theory. they announced they are sending kamelface to europe to “defuse” the situation. this will , in their mind, give her foreign policy creds, maybe even a nobel. which proves the situation was made up to begin with. slight miscalculation though on their part. i have a hard time believing vlad is blowing all that money when he’s hurting for it already. then again he just made a series of oil/gas deals with china et al. frankly if he wanted europe i think he could take it. we found out later that the soviets were faking the whole thing. maybe norad is a movie set too. and what if ol vlad knows it?
    as to canada, the tyrants are going after the trucker’s kids, among other dirty tricks. there is no honor among those thieves. biden regime urging turdeau to arrest them all. not enough jails in north america. wait til they get a load of our convoy. we have over a hundred times as many truckers. our leaders don’t have the restraint that canada has shown though. busting heads is their fallback solution to everything, unless its blm/antifa of course…i won’t say what dhs can do out of respect for the host. thanks for letting us vent here LL……. oh, i hear Brock Townsend is in bad shape, prayers for him and his family.

  6. Then there’s the idiot who advocated slashing the tires, emptying the fuel tanks, and arresting the drivers as a way of getting things moving again. Good luck with that one.

  7. the supply of crack is building up. biden’s illegal entry ‘midnight mules’ he flys all over country has the supply now excedeing the demand. so the goverment issue pipes will hopefully level the field.

  8. The Ukraine could turn into a Sum of All Fears fiasco.
    As for the pipes – wasn’t it the Bee that had a headline about the Biden Administration issuing new masks that have holes, for those getting the pipes?

  9. Son, wife and grand dog will be up around Moab this weekend. Tall guy on a mountain bike. They drive a Mercedes Sprinter camper van – he built it out himself. Utah tag. He’ll offer you a beer.

  10. Goodness, that asylum looks bleak. I’m here to suck the life right out of you and feed you sepia memories.

    We have Ukrainians here threatening to go back and fight for the old country. They better hurry up cos Ryan Air has got a half price sale on and flights are selling out like hot Kiev cake.

    In other news, a grandpa from my town walked into a betting shop the other day with 3 pence. You might wonder if this 85 year old fella was a bit bonkers- who walks into the bookies with just thruppence? Well, turns out he has a motto: I know I’m a winner because I set myself up to achieve things. How’s that for positivity? With just the loose change in his pocket he put a 10 fold accumulator on the football and won just shy of £3,000.

    He who dares.

  11. The elite mentally seem to live in a world divorced from regular working people. I was reminded of this by a post this morning in another blog.
    A friend, now long retired, ran the commissary function at Washington University in St. Louis. Fiercely conservative she never voiced her views. Even twenty years ago the ivory tower types wouldn’t allow alternate views.
    Seems history repeats itself and neither the elite nor the commoners pay attention until, as my late father would say, “Their bellies start flapping”. I foresee belly flapping times coming, soon.

  12. Ukraine = Distraction Theater given permission by Biden’s idiotic presser statement. Putin is emboldened because Our Potted Plant is beyond useless. Putin isn’t scared, he volleys and Biden will issue a “stern statement”. Amateur hour at the hootenanny.

    Crack Pipes = Impeachment. Blatant violation of Federal Law. Dem’s buying votes the old fashioned way, drug out the “oppressed” inner city crowd.

    9 Meals? I’d last about 3. Luckily we have the 60 Day supply tucked away, a full freezer, good stock of split firewood (yeah, that insurrectionist stuff), a BBQ (another insurrectionist tool), a full propane tank (IT’S A BOMB!), enough diesel (yet another “I” tool), and friends with heavy equipment. We’re good.

    That Asylum could be Chateau LL. Even comes with water, an AZ premium.

  13. That plane? I identify it accurately as “Target with bad things hanging under it.” Either plane, actually.

    And Britain found out how saving money on a close defense weapon worked for them. They didn’t need that 20 feet or that gatling system, saving money was better, no?

    As to insane asylums (and sanitariums.) Both worked for a very long time. Both were and still are needed. Can you imagine if we attacked AIDS/HIV, drug resistant TB, and all the other super bugs that the druggies and others gave us like we did over a bad flu?

    • I remember my mother going to the TB sanitarium in south Texas, mid 1950’s, to visit a friend who was forcibly sequestered there.

      As to the crack pipes, presumably the genuine ones will be emblazoned with the Presidential Seal and a Union label.

  14. Free crack pipes is not enough. Why stop there? Make it free drugs as well. Whatever you want. And while we’re at it, proper dormitory-style apartments with a nice meal plan. Toss in free wifi. In exchange, no narcan, ever, and you never get to go to Emergency or admitted to hospital. Cold? Yes. And it would probably kill a few friends of mine, who I would miss very much.

    The “escape valve” is proper treatment programs for those who earnestly want them. Recently I’ve been talking with a few “graduates” of “opioid treatment” and halfway houses in a major city here in New England, and their stories are sad on a personal basis, and infuriating on a societal basis, given the corruption and plain sleaziness in major parts of the system.

    While I’m on about “proper treatment programs” I’d also like a pony for every child, and to poop out diamonds.

    • I’ll be behind you with a scoop and a sieve. If you were gay, you could poop out pink diamonds. I shall content myself with high quality clear. Maybe you’d consider just eating coal? Remember, cut, clarity, color, carat weight & shape when you’re producing for the benefit of the White Wolf Mine Foundation and Global Initiative.

      If you’d consider eating cobalt, we might get some nice blue diamonds.

  15. WellSeasonedFool February 11, 2022 At 9:36 am
    I would use a .44 Special wad-cutter from 6′ away (the eyes are no longer good enough for a further distance).

    I recall that during the 1st Gulf War a troop decided for some perverse reason (boredom, stupidity, lack.of training, vandal in the making?) to shoot a tire on an eighteen wheeler while it was waiting to be cleared at a checkpoint…the resulting explosion denuded him and put him in the hospital…hopefully followed by a less than honorable.

    Thomas Jefferson opined that, “Any society is but three meals from revolution.”

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