The Battle of the Billionaires

Branson jumped Bezos’ glory but Bezos still launched in his giant flying penis and Musk is building a fleet of starships. It’s right out of a sci-fi novel, but we’re living through it.

Virgin Galactic

From peddling vinal records to dipping his big toe into space.

From peddling books online to sitting inside the head of a space penis.

You make stuff, you sell stuff or you work for the government.

Musk is now on the verge of mass-producing starships. (h/t SiG) It makes Bezos and Branson look like sideshow barkers.

I’m ready for somebody to invent Cylons. Full disclosure, I preferred Cylon Model Six (portrayed by Tricia Helfer), pictured right.

Come on, billionaires, go for it, take things to the next level – Cylons.

We could call them “replicants” if it makes you feel more like we’re living through Blade Runner.

Musk could have them settle the first Mars Colony, naturally, we’d lose contact with the settlement and forty years later, they’d land and take over mother Earth. The story writes itself.

Evil billionaire George Soros would make a fantastic Imperious Leader for the Cylon Army, wouldn’t he? His body would be dead by then but they could keep his brain alive in a vat and then move it to a Cylon body.

Who can argue that elements of our current world are perfect sets for Blade Runner? We don’t need to wait for 2049.

More billionaires need to step up and go for it.






      • Only in the sense of helping to enable Bill Gates to become whatever it is Bill Gates has become. I’m not saying Gates has 666 tattooed someplace. But I think it possible he might know somebody who does……

        I was really more thinking, Allen died while trying to get into space, just not while airborne. That’s the “kinda sorta” part.

    • There has been a lot given back – Carnegie, Rockefeller (for good and evil), Paul Allen, Howard Hughes, and many others. I find the current billionaire space race hobby to be a less serious departure – with the exception of Musk, who I think will go down in the record books as a truly great and visionary man.

  1. The Last Battlestar Galactica Leads a Rag Tag Fugitive Fleet on a Lonely Quest for a Shining Planet Known as…Earth.

    • And they’re bringing the Cylons with them.

      There is a point there. Why do we need to build them here if they’re coming from wherever?

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of vinal records before – guess I need to look into them 🙂
    I’d prefer a Cherry 2000 model.

  3. Sir Richard is more like some of the “Sport Pilots” I knew who had all manner of exotic aircraft. He enjoys it, rather than living and breathing it.

    Not sure about Bezos, but I don’t trust him. Too much secrecy and his rocket just looks weird. I wouldn’t care to ride into space in a giant dildo unless there was no other way.

    Musk has the right idea. Huge fleets of proud Silver Spaceships that take off and land vertically as God and Heinlein intended. Huge factories cranking out said ships and their powerplants. And mostly on his own dime. Capitalism at it’s finest. As Ed Cole would have said, “He has Gasoline in his veins”….

    I prefer Seven of Nine, but that’s just me.

  4. My kids have a spiderman cartoon series on dvd. One of the pro/antagonists i voiced by tricia.
    I have all BSG on dvd.
    That voice.
    That body.
    Tricia has it all.

  5. Musk just wants to go home. And he’s read WAY too much Buck Rogers, but at least his ships look like rockets, not a giant dildo!

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