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Educating America

The California Board of Education just nixed its history curriculum due to a purported stain of white supremacy, replacing it with an ethnic studies model rooted in critical race theory. In early 2021, the San Francisco Board of Education voted to rename 44 district schools, removing historical figures such as George Washington, Paul Revere, James Monroe, James Russell Lowell, Theodore Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover because of their supposed ties to slavery, the oppression of women, and genocide. They recently changed their minds, suggesting to reporters that it would cost too much. Ok, then.

Last fall, a Washington D.C. city committee recommended renaming a host of public monuments and government buildings, replacing Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Francis Scott Key with “more women, people of color, and LBGTQ Washingtonians.”

The leftist blackballing of Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, who led the Union war effort that crushed the Confederate slave-owning class in the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression and then pushed through Congress the Thirteenth Amendment ending slavery, failed their political purity test. Rampaging Portland, Oregon protesters pulled down a Lincoln statue. In Chicago, a city commission, under pressure from leftist activists, is considering the removal of five Lincoln statues in order to “address the hard truths of Chicago’s racial history.”

The Cultural Revolution in Mao’s China targeted the “Four Olds” of the pre-Communist era — old ideas, old culture, old habits, old customs — as the Red Guard ransacked the country forcibly renaming streets, shops, and monuments, destroying classical Chinese architecture and paintings, desecrating Confucian temples, and exhuming, convicting, and burning the bodies of Ming Dynasty emperors.

Embracing Maoist principles is very woke, especially in California.



Has France Surrendered to Islam?

– There are also teachers who, possibly because they are scared, choose to bow their heads, give up teaching certain subjects and — when students shout anti-Semitic and anti-Western insults — to act as if they hear nothing. It has become almost impossible in most French high schools to talk about either Israel or the Holocaust.

– Most journalists prefer avoiding all discussion of the advance of radical Islam in France. They know that those who do so are immediately called “racists” or “Islamophobes” and are often threatened, prosecuted, sentenced to heavy fines or fired from their place of work.

– Even though what the journalist Éric Zemmour said was accurate and verifiable, the CSA (Superior Audiovisual Council), said that to state certain facts constitutes an “incitement to racial hatred”

In the run-up to the French national election of 2022, LeMonde (March 22, 2021) reported that they expect Marine Le Pen will win.

November 1, 2020. Didier Lemaire, a high school teacher who works in Trappes, a small town west of Paris, published an open letter in the left-wing magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. He spoke of the murder of Samuel Paty, another teacher, savagely beheaded two weeks earlier by a Muslim extremist. He denounced the submission of the French authorities to religious intimidation and the impossibility of the French school system being able to transmit any real knowledge of history or to give students the intellectual means to think freely. He said that in just a few years, the situation in the city where he worked has deteriorated markedly. Lemaire wrote a letter that I will quote here:

“The year I arrived in the high school where I teach, the city’s synagogue had just been burned down and Jewish families forced to leave. After the 2015 and 2016 attacks in France, I got involved in preventive actions…. In 2018, seeing that my efforts collided with forces much more powerful than me, I wrote to the President of the Republic to ask him to act urgently to protect our students from the ideological and social pressure exerted on them, a pressure which gradually withdraws them from the national community. Unfortunately, no action was taken….

“There are currently 400 radicalized people with a S file [dangerous to the security of the state] who roam freely in Trappes…. Thousands of ideologues are at work… fostering a feeling of victimhood [in order] to incite hatred. These ideologues are by no means ‘separatists’: they do not simply want to remove people from the national community, they want to destroy the Republic, democracy and the school system…. Their strategy is to avoid a frontal war, and to multiply acts of terror to exhaust the enemy…. They neutralize danger awareness by using the bad conscience of “progressives”, and by speaking of ‘racism’, ‘injustice’ or ‘police violence’…. They want to reduce women to slavery. They infiltrate schools, universities, the local and national political sphere, by spreading everywhere…the injunction to ‘accept the difference of the other’. They paralyze the will to respond to killings other than with flowers, candles and words…

“We are at the beginning of a war of terror that will amplify because a large part of our fellow citizens prefer not to see that it is our heritage that is threatened. If they were willing to see what is happening, they would have to fight with courage. Samuel Paty had this courage. No doubt, because he cherished our heritage. But he was not protected by the institutions, which underestimated the threat, just as our political representatives and the majority of our citizens do.”

He nailed it.

24 thoughts on “France and America

    1. I don’t think that it will be France. Maybe Germany? Which population has hunkered down with bullshit plague laws with the most docility? The British perhaps?

  1. “LBGTQ Washingtonians”

    Thus the statehood for D.C. movement opens up another front. Bwany Frank would be so pleased.

    1. Sodom on the Potomac – a state? The idea of reliably democrat senators from the District of Colombia sends the chill up my leg that Chris Matthews used to feel.

  2. What do you expect from the Left Coast, morons on top of morons with some warped sense of reality. Only morons believe they can erase history. My guess is the more educated in the hate America crowd are the perpetrators. Problem is eventually what they do eventually leaches across the nation like some cancer.

    LBGTQRXYZ Washingtonians…how about “Moronic Reprobates”. Half expecting the Capital, still fully ensconced inside razor wire like some 3rd World dictatorships palace of evil, will get painted in a more sensitive diversity rainbow scheme with BLM (burn.loot.murder) banners.

    France is toast until they gain some gumption to combat the locust plague. Denmark closed immigration due to those “types” not assimilating but leaching.

    1. Seems obvious…

      Trump= MAGA/KAG
      Biden and his band of [the real] deplorable’s = cripple and weaken America so our enemies can attack and destroy us.

      80 million (DJT’s true election result) might have a say in the result.

    2. “Only morons believe they can erase history”
      Unfortunately they have been doing so for eons, and quite successfully. Never forget our morons are more moronic than most and the average citizen feels too outnumbered and afraid to stand up even though they are the majority Those that do stand up become the proverbial nail to be hammered down. I often wondered what it must have been like to see first hand, though Russian eyes, the revolution against and fall of the Czar. Now I don’t have to wonder.

      1. Good point. While the good among us might be far too patient I believe the tipping point has been reached. Pure speculation on my part, call it spiritual discontent driving this thought.

        1. I think that the tipping point came and went.

          The “man on the street” is generally in denial.

          1. Well, as in any Zombie/Tidal Wave/Asteroid/Godzilla apocalypse movie they’ll be the first to go, standing with their phones videoing the disaster.

          2. I kinda hoped for flesh eating zombies. But the dystopia is still in its formative stage. We could end up with zombies.

          3. For grins we watched World War Z the other night, sitting there saying to ourselves, geez, looks like the Covid hysteria…except for the zombification part.

  3. A 2nd cousin, female, small junior college employ, put on her FB page a NBC report, portion here.

    WASHINGTON — A group of ultraconservative House Republicans, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., are discussing launching an “America First Caucus” that would protect “Anglo-Saxon political traditions.”

    Her comment? “That is racism”. Dick Morris has up an article that, in my summation, Black Privilege has replaced integration.

    Here, France, elsewhere the New World Order is being pushed by whatever means is at hand.

    How soon will corporations like Google and Microsoft use their power to censor us? Plainly, they are considering ways to do so.

    Who knew George Orwell wrote a campaign plan?

  4. At some point in time there will be a reaction. I do not know when and where but I know the reason. The left will of course deny they are responsible for causing it, they will blame the the right. But the left never ask themselves why the right increased the popularity. In the past it was politics but now religion will be a driving Force.

  5. Read a letter from a father to the other parents from the Upper East Side of Manhattan’s Brearley School for Girls ($54k per year)…what used to be an excellent school that has been infested with CRT, equity, diversity (except for admissions of course), and the all-encompassing feel-good, safety. An excerpt that was especially pointed from his other spot on reasons to not reenroll his daughter:

    “We have today in our country, from both political parties, and at all levels of government, the most unwise and unvirtuous leaders in our nation’s history. Schools like Brearley are supposed to be the training grounds for those leaders. Our nation will not survive a generation of leadership even more poorly educated than we have now, nor will we survive a generation of students taught to hate its own country and despise its history.”

    Everything he states points to the indoctrination of American youth regardless of public or private schooling. Moreover, this point is showcased daily in what we see at all levels of our elected, a complete lack of virtuousness, which starts with humility. Our leaders have neither.

    1. In order to be a free people, we must be a virtuous people. When the mob (in not quite a metaphorical sense) screams for Barabbas to be freed every single day, it showcases who we are as Americans. It’s an ugly truth but it’s there for all to see.

      How do we treat our weakest in nursing homes?

      How do we treat infants and the unborn?

      Do we deserve freedom when we are begging to be made slaves?

  6. And in the meanwhile, the Western Churches are silent or actively complicit. Granted, there are notable exceptions but they’re few and far between. Russia? Different story.

    Regardless, the Rainbow Regiment has being thrown off tall buildings to look forward to. You can almost hear the wailing “coexists” as they plummet to the diverse if bloody ground.

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