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The NATO View

Russia is presently incapable of replacing war losses in Ukraine.  Yes, a lot of what they’ve sent into battle would be declared “junk” in much of the world, but it is still their army. The more that is destroyed in combat, the better,  as far as the NATO states that they threaten.

(zerohedge) NATO wants the war to continue for as long as possible so Russia can be drained and isolated, while the media is addicted to the clicks and ratings it brings.

The article also reveals how Zelensky wants a “legally binding security guarantees from the United States and others to defend it if it were attacked,” something that is totally delusional.

As Chris Menahan notes, a peace deal looked possible around a month ago when Vladimir Putin vowed to end the war “if Ukraine agreed to recognize Crimea, accept Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states, swear off joining NATO and disarm.”

However, despite being told by Israel to accept the deal, President Zelensky refrained from doing so immediately after the U.S. decided to send $14 billion dollars in aid, an act that prolonged the war.

“(Zelensky) should have taken Putin’s deal as Bennet told him to four weeks ago,” writes Menahan. “Instead, he has insisted on sticking with his strategy of forcing all men aged 18 to 60 to take up arms and become enemy combatants so he could use their deaths as atrocity propaganda to con NATO into the war.”

NATO nations benefit from the attrition of the Russian Army, Airborne Forces, Navy, and Air Force. That is simply a fact. For example, their Su-34 ground attack aircraft (captioned above), believed by the West to be good, have been found to be wanting. This may be due to bad electronic warfare capabilities, inadequate pilots, or shoddy tactics, but they’ve lost 50% of those in the theater due to a combination of battle damage and maintenance failures that they started with and there is very little to show for it.

The UK is asserting itself in Eastern Europe as a friend and is sending/has sent advanced weapons to Ukraine. The US and other nations have done it under the clandestine rubric, but have done it all the same. From AWACS support to secure coms, Ukraine is receiving help to destroy the Russian military.

Keep in mind that announced aid to Ukraine does not compare in any way to clandestine support in the war.


Just how Stupid is the FBI?

I don’t think that they’re stupid, but they are definitely the politically inclined secret police.

(just the news) Special Counsel John Durham revealed he has unearthed a text message showing Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann falsely told the FBI he was not working on behalf of any client when he delivered anti-Trump research.

Are we expected to believe that the FBI couldn’t figure out that Michael Sussman was a Hillary Clinton pawn?


Biden Ignored

I’m sure that you’ve seen the video of Barack and Slow Joe in the East Room of the White House with poor bewildered Brandon flummoxing around with everyone ignoring him.

“Obama returns to the White House while Biden goes back to being the irrelevant dullard he always was must be quite difficult for Democrats. After all, Biden is the anchor to which they are tied.” – Ben Shapiro

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  1. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Shapiro. Biden is not the anchor, he is the brain dead mouthpiece, which is why he was installed in the first place. As I remarked over at LSP’s place, it is stunningly obvious who the big dog in the room is. They could install a cucumber in the oval office and it would not affect current policies at all.

    1. Democrat politicians are shackled to two rotting carcasses – both Jo and Ho

  2. “Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told Zelensky to accept the deal …”

    What the hell is even this? Why would the leader of a small Middle-Eastern nation be putting his oar into a regional Slavic brother-war? Surely Zelenskyy is 100% a proud and patriotic Ukrainian, who just happens to have Jewish ancestry. I mean, Chris Sununu (governor of New Hampshire) is of Lebanese descent, but does Michel Aoun (President of Lebanon) tell Sununu what he should be doing?

    “that announced aid to Ukraine does not compare in any way to clandestine support”
    It’s not the announced stuff that worries me.

    1. Most of the grain brokers who sell Ukrainian wheat, corn, soy, etc. to the developing world are Jews. Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, and some are former IDF regular Israeli Jews. That might not come as a surprise, but it’s very large money. Peace and an open Port of Odesa, the approaches to which have not been mined by the Russians on their way out is the key to getting those grain shipments moving and commissions paid. Naturally, those middlemen would be willing to grease Israeli. government palms to end the conflict.

      These brokers don’t keep K Street lobbyists on retainer but Israel does and has a host of their own.

      War is a racket, but so is peace.

      I guarantee (I shan’t swear because it’s overly dramatic) that clandestine aid is at least 10X the official announced aid. Put the Private Military Corporation payments on top of that. Naturally, they’ll be flying Russian-made stuff from the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, or Albania with advanced IFF gear mounted, to get them from point A to B, coordinated by the CIA deconfliction center in Poland. I’m not breaking a confidence, I just know how such things work. I even suspect that I could give you the geocords of the deconfliction center. But I won’t.

      1. I appear to be having the strangest ocular migraine that kept me from being able to read the first two paragraphs. I don’t know what the etiology of this current migraine is, but I have been told that negative stereotypes come to life after they have been repeatedly fact checked as FALSE (not to mention hateful slanders and libels) sometimes trigger idiosyncratic ocular migraines. But I guess I’ll never know for sure.

        1. Etymology — The name Ashkenazi derives from the biblical figure of Ashkenaz, the first son of Gomer, son of Japhet, son of Noah, and a Japhetic patriarch of renown 6,000 years ago give or take a couple thousand.

          Never mind.

          There is no such thing as gravity. The world sucks. LLs first law of motion

          1. The Abayudaya Jews (Uganda), were persecuted by Field Marshal, Doctor, President-for-Life, and The Last King of Scotland Idi Amin Dada Oumee. None of them are involved in the Ukrainian grain brokering business to the best of my knowledge, Mike_C.

            Most Abayudaya are of Bagwere origin, except for those from Namutumba who are Basoga. They speak Hebrew, Luganda, Lusoga or Lugwere.

            In about. 1903 or 04, the British developed a Uganda Programme to give a portion of British East Africa (including Uganda) to the Jewish people as a homeland. I don’t know if that actually went anywhere.

          2. “The world sucks.”

            The forward-pumping portion of the cardiac cycle, systole, is from active muscular contraction of the left ventricle. Due to the different orientations of muscle fibers in the layers of the heart, the contraction has a helical twisting component, much like wringing out a dishtowel.

            There was a debate whether the filling portion of the cycle, diastole, is passive, or whether the untwisting of the left ventricle actively pulls blood into the chamber. (Nerds will point out that atrial contraction actively pushes blood into the left ventricle during late diastole. This is true, but we are ignoring that for the current discussion.) Anyway, some of like to believe in the active early-filling hypothesis because that would mean that: Systole blows, and diastole sucks.

  3. War is a racket after all, time to buy some stock in Lockheed Martin or Boeing.

  4. Clandestine aid is an interesting one, given the rumors swirling about NATO intelligence being trapped with Azov. I don’t believe the one about a general being captured, but I could believe more junior officers getting caught. Certainly appears to have been a significant effort to get someone out.

    1. Siberia. That’s what game Xi is now playing.

      How do I know? Not a lot of violations of Taiwanese airspace in order to gin up a kinetic reaction by Taiwan to justify taking Taiwan.

      I know, I know, you’re talking about it tomorrow but as soon as Russia faltered in Ukraine I sensed a sea-change from West Taiwan.

      1. There is very little holding China back now that the Russians pulled their pants down and were found wanting.

  5. looks like they are going with the bucha massacre as their false flag op to gin up the war to full scale. start taking your kio3 if you are so inclined. the bucha area was contested for weeks and passed back and forth several times. when bombs drop they often hit civilians, though what civilians are doing riding bicycles and strolling down main in a war zone idk. these things happen, not always a “war crime.” not worth several million or billion lives. maybe we’ll get lucky and putins nuke won’t work any better than his army. i bet china is crapping their pants, knowing their army is likely worse off than putins, lol.

    1. “War crimes” are a load of shit on their face. They are just an excuse to either insult your enemies or abuse your prostrate defeated foes while feeling virtuous.

      Civilian deaths and lots of them are just a side effect of the primitive way of war that is the only way the Russians know how to fight.

      The “press” pretends to be all upset about them but they have encouraged the Russians by never complaining about it before, all the while lambasting the US for bending over backwards to avoid civvie deaths in our wars but still having an unavoidable few.


  6. Think the (P)regressives have enough votes in Congress to proclaim the Lightbringer Acting President until the next Presidential election? Slo Jo is 25th ed, the Ho steps aside, Pelosi declines. Yes, there is that pesky Constitution but that has never concerned the (P)regressives.

    1. I read today that some reporters from the New York Times and Bloomberg and elsewhere are calling on POTUS to just flat out ignore Supreme Court decisions his handlers don’t like. Well, they didn’t actually say “his handlers” but ya-know……

      1. Biden, left to his own devices, would wander the streets of Wilmington, DE until somebody picked him up and returned him to the nursing home.

  7. Now do one on how ‘good’ the ChiCom military equipment is. I get the feeling that their stuff is as full of maskrova and garbage as the Russian stuff is.

  8. I don’t blame the Ukes for not surrendering, they are doing too well to give up yet.

    If I were them, I’d be holding out for a full return to pre-2014 borders, in exchange for NATO-agreed Finlandization.


      1. Looks like we’re going to need a different word for “Finlandization”, now that they’ve applied for NATO membership…


  9. One of the best things about Ukraine is how our leaders weren’t profiting off it like some kind of blue and yellow Choctaw Casino. Just to drive the point home, the Dallas skyline’s lit up in Zelensky colors.

    Come on, kids, let’s see an AZOV banner… what am I saying! a Black Sun unfurled over the streets of Dallas. That’s not to excuse Wagner and the Russians, but still.

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