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Billionaire liberal (and former Nazi) George Soros donated $1,800,000 to National Public Radio on October 18th. The money was earmarked by Soros for NPR to hire 100 new reporters for a project targeting state governments called “Impact of Government.” (sort of a ‘let’s eliminate the 10th Amendment call to arms)
With the Soros-inspired firing of Journalist Juan Williams from NPR, they’re looking to hire 101 new reporters. Firing Williams, a liberal who may not be liberal enough, sends a signal to prospective NPR hires. They’d better stay on the LIBERAL side of the line in any reporting they do. Therefore NPR has set itself up along with rags like Mother Jones Magazine as one that will tell the side of the story that is designed to help make the news rather than to merely report it — the way George Soros wants to see it made and reported. 

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  1. If reporters make $18,000 a year this $1.8 million would pay for 100. But two problems:
    1) I think they would need to pay at least three times that at a minimum, including benefits.
    2) It's only for one year.

    (Also, I am thinking Juan Williams made much more.)

  2. Perpetua – I'm sure that they don't intend to hire 100 reporters in one year because it would choke NPR, who might not be ready to handle the influx and manage them all. I guess that it might be over a two or three year period – embedding them in the states that count and more or less neglecting the balance of "fly-over" country (again, with the exception of places like Arizona where the depredations of conservatives would need to be documented).

    Williams' contract with Fox News was $2 million over 3 years – a substantial bump over what he made at Fox AND at NPR – and a book deal in the offing.

    Odie, George Soros is a white cat and a monocle short of being a bad guy in a James Bond movie.

  3. I've issued a fatwa against Soros and declared Jihad on the Left. May as well fight them with words they understand

  4. At least you KNOW Mr. S did this. With the Koch brothers and the other Rove secret contributors, we don't know who is giving what to what.

    Mr. Williams was employed by NPR as a reporter/personality. When he gave his personal opinion he became a talking head. FOX is now paying him the big bucks so NPR won't need to waste their money on him.

  5. Charlene- BOTH sides have PACs who don't need to report who contributed what to whom. Giving to NPR and organizations like NEA that purport themselves to be acting in the public good require disclosure of the donor so that it's tax deductible.

    I agree with you (don't shake your head in disbelief) that we should not allocate ANY public funding to NPR, NEA or organizations of that ilk. That way people like Soros can unabashedly pursue that sort of funding without having to tell anybody about what they're spending money on.

    AND the PACs should be required to be COMPLETELY transparent. The politicians (all parties) wouldn't be happy but it would serve the public interest.

  6. Juan Williams was plenty liberal for me. I recall finding him annoying to listen to on Fox. Sorry if that is not liberal enough for Soros. Hey, Soros needs to find new frontiers to conquer. Maybe he will want to visit Antarctica in winter?

  7. Opus #6- It will be interesting to see if Williams is less liberal in 6 months than he is now. I suspect that the blush is off the rose for him when it comes to the true nature of his liberal idols and chums. But some people ar slow learners.

  8. Minor correction as to Soros. He's a Jew of Hungarian extraction and a self-admitted Nazi Collaborator.

    As to his gift to NPR. That $1.8 million is just about the figure I'd expect to see for settlement of a wrongful termination suit.

  9. LA – I know that Soros is a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis to send fellow Jews to prison camps where they were exterminated. While we quibble here, I don't know how to split the man who collaborates with Nazis for fun and profit (he said it was the best time of his life) and one who "is" a Nazi. The fact that he looks back on those days fondly is obscene.

  10. LL: I take your point, though I suspect the Nazis would have been happy to do away with him too, eventually. I agree entirely with your view that he is obscene for his fond recollections of the times.

  11. The NPR firing is so blatantly Orwellian Soros should get The Order of Lenin for his efforts.

  12. Euripides, that's one award Obama doesn't have…yet…but one that Lenin would no doubt give him if he still lived. So, what you're proposing is that Soros get his Order of Lenin BEFORE Obama gets his? That could cause friction among the Socialists.

  13. Fox is paying Juan 2 mil. You, or Opus, or DC, or Nickie, or many many others could easily put that sort of stuff out into space for all to hear instead of putting it out on blog for free.

    Not me though, I can't talk that long without my voice going south.

  14. I'm too mean to be a network commentator, Opus is too smart, Nickie is too bombastic — maybe DC?

  15. No problem. Obama can be awarded the Order of the October Revolution "bestowed for active revolutionary activities and large contributions to the strengthening and expansion of the government." That way Soros and Obama can remain faithful party members without the friction of competition.

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