GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) 

Doctrine calls for the use of the MOP once enemy air defenses have been neutralized and air supremacy has been established. You can hide, but you’ll still be vaporized. (See captioned graphic)

The B-2 Spirit carries two of these. The doctrine calls for dropping them on the SAME SPOT, just to be sure. One, then the other.

Some people also call the sweet spot, the ‘fun zone’.


  1. And how many B-2’s do we have? Or perhaps do we have enough MOPs for the Chinese and Kim?
    I know, I should use your search engine.


      But the answer is twenty.

      The USAF is putting a lot of hope in the B-21 Raider, and there should be many more of them. It’s a new generation aircraft even though it looks a lot like a B-2.

  2. The B2s are based at Whiteman AFB near Knob Noster Missouri. That’s not terribly far from here so I do see one fly over now and then.

    • I haven’t seen them more than two or three times, but I think that they’re very cool. The fuselage form and composites are still stealth, but the electronic component is out of date. I don’t know that we’ll be able to distinguish the difference between a B-2 and a B-21 at any distance.

  3. Geez, 60m concrete bunker buster…serious stuff…and someone figured two were necessary. Needs a new name tho, like this one from Ironman 2: “It’s able to bust the bunker under the bunker and reduce anything to rubble…I call it it The Ex Wife.”

    Despite our Supreme Potentates working to remove all sense of America, those of us who understand the importance of this weekend will do so despite their soulless behavior. To that I offer SKAAL! to all who served and gave the ultimate measure for the freedoms we [still] enjoy.

    • A weapon that we call “The Ex-Wife”. I thought that laughing while you flayed the skin from somebody was called ‘cruel and unusual’. But maybe we’ve come to the point where we need it.

      • I think they’d get the “don’t mess with us” point. Making a strong and direct first impression tends to put the enemy on their heels. Worth it even if momentarily.

        • The USAF dropped a BLU-109 on the Iraqis during Gulf War I and they thought that they’d been nuked. All of the air defense radars went live and USAF/USN took them ALL out.

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