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It could be DeSantis or somebody else. It really doesn’t matter to the woke.

The plutocrat-controlled news media is gearing up for the next, boringly predictable, round of mouth-foaming, epileptic histrionics. Even though President Trump is predictably the next Republic candidate for President in two years, God willing, the news wants their inner-city zombies ready, willing, and able, like a hypnotized Pavlovian dog, to suffer spastic fits of schizophrenia delusion on command, and riot, and burn, and loot, and murder.

All this is because, the next major Republican political figure, regardless of who or what he is, must be worse than President Trump — infinitely worse.

Once the lunatics are down screaming that a New York liberal with patriotic leanings, i.e. Trump, a man not originally any more rightwing than John F. Kennedy, is worse than Hitler (never Stalin or Mao, who they secretly admire), the lunatics have already screamed up to an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. The panic is infinite and absolute, so they cannot get MORE panicked. Nor can they dial it back.

The Leftists are in a continuous loop of overweening pride.

It explains why they contradict themselves, never look at the evidence, never use logic, never follow the science, but claim to do all these things, and everyone else is not. It explains why all they want, each time they call for dialog, is for you to shut up. It explains why each time that they call for compassion for the poor and downtrodden, they organize forced abortions, mass starvation, torture camps, and genocides. It explains why the Brandon regime hands out free crack pipes (made in China) and drugs to homeless addicts — who could be more loving than that?

They are not trying to lie to you. You are not a real person to them, but a shadow puppet, merely a player in their own internal psycho-drama. It does not matter whether their words and beliefs are true or false. That distinction means nothing.

They recite phrases and toy with notions that momentarily assuage their ever-gnawing guilt. The phrase either works or does not work as an opiate. Whether it reflects reality or not, never comes up. They do not look at reality or care if reality is really there. They are people,  wallowing in pride, who have lost that part of their brain which allows a human being to admit and learn from a mistake.

Witness the current rants: The economy is better now than when it was booming. The Southern Border is more secure now than when it was secure. War with Russia under Biden is better than Peace in the Middle East under Trump. Gas prices are falling. The Rout of Afghanistan was a triumph. No one made any errors or miscalculations. We meant to leave billions of dollars of top-notch military equipment in enemy hands and reignite the worldwide Islamic terror groups.

Melodrama is the order of the day. Every word must be a maximum volume, every statement as outrageous and inflammatory as possible.

Each crisis is the worst imaginable, requiring immediate action by a government armed with more totalitarian powers, and without debate, reflection, sense, or due process. Until the next crisis, which is one hundred times worse than the last time. And the next is worse yet.

No matter how loudly they scream, they must scream louder next time, lest they seem insincere. And yet, somehow, their policies never work, and Baal never ignites the fires under their sacrifices, if you take my meaning.

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    1. In a way, they can. And they installed a corrupt moron as president and dumb whore as veep – not an easy task.

      1. They can ignore reality…for a while, just like a car that just ran out of gas can still coast down the road a ways. It’s like they’re hoping the deluge will only arrive after they’ve passed on.

        1. “Coasting”…yup. Unless it’s an EV, like my Li-ion Makita cordless tools it’ll stop dead in its tracks, leaving you stranded on the side of the road setting up your portable Chinesium solar panels and praying for sun. ‘Course, sans the panels maybe a rancher in a diesel pick up with a generator in the back comes along and shows no judgement, instead just helps.

          This is the reality the Dem’s are doing to America, and we’re on ‘2% volts’ remaining. Can’t be ignored as we’ve been coasting for a while.

    1. The media reassures the faithful that their hatred is justified. Self-hypnosis is aided by chanting with others who believe as you do and also are dressed up as vaginas.

        1. I don’t think that any of this blog’s male readers and contributors have ever entertained the notion of dressing up like a massive penis and wandering around in public, chanting.

          It speaks to character…

  1. Trump, IMO, needs to be the power behind the throne. He is just too damn old.

  2. [Who The Enemy is] really doesn’t matter to the woke.
    Exactly. When your identity and self-image are based on claims of suffering (regardless of true or imagined) and persecution, then you MUST have an oppressor. And if there isn’t one, then you create one.

    You are not a real person to them
    Exact-lier (MORE exactly). Only THEIR suffering is real. For values of “their”. As I’ve said before, Quantravious is NOT a 7th-generation slavery survivor. I personally am NOT a 3rd-generation Rape of Nanking survivor. Yet Quantravious has been taught to whinge about de slabery. Aping his creators and enablers who go on about their “own” suffering although they personally have never suffered in any meaningful sense. (Not getting into Harvard and having to go to Home State University is NOT suffering.)

    We meant to leave billions of dollars of top-notch military equipment in enemy hands and reignite the worldwide Islamic terror groups.
    Yes, our owners most certainly did mean to do that. Clearly Russia is not exactly the threat we had feared. Germany has been whipped into submission. Who oh who can the likes of Nuland, Boot, etc point to as the enemy and oppressor now? Voltaire supposedly said “If God did not exist, we would have had to invent him.” If you have wildly disproportionate control of the financial system, academia, newsmedia, popular culture, and the legal system, how can you be a powerless, persecuted victim? So you build up, indeed in some sense create, the people who hate you the most. I’ll bet nearly anything this is mostly NOT deliberate evil on the parts of persons such as the ones I’ve named. It’s such a part of their identity that it’s subconscious. Unfortunately, regardless of whether it is willful hand-rubbing, mustache-twirling evil, or the lashing out of a twisted and damaged psyche, the effects that the rest of us have to endure are the same.

  3. Well said…encapsulates America’s brainwashed problem 2-year-old-level problem children who can’t get what they want but have no real idea of what they want, yet scream it loudly.

    Under these lunatics America is mid-warning track and running head-long for the Left Field wall with a goal of being in the far parking lot, as far away from the playing field as possible.

    Contrast: Had an auction at one of the rear properties, older fella who didn’t want his kids to deal with all his stuff collected over the years. Mostly ranch folks, some as far away as Nebraska. Good crowd, respectful and “like minded”. Refreshing. Then again, the left doesn’t come to those things…what are they gonna do with a tractor or air compressor, or a screwdriver for that matter?

    1. Ahh…must edit better…too many ‘problems’ in there. Alto, come to think of it, the problem children are a problem and need a good spanking.

  4. And they accuse us of being the ones who don’t see how great everything is going.
    I think the country may be irrecoverably fractured.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  5. Didn’t someone (Einstein I believe) say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? That is what the demoncraps do, take the same exact actions to fix a problem, unemployment, medical care, gun violence, whatever, to fix a problem when those actions never have fixed anything before. To darn narcissistic to admit they are wrong so the end up being the nuts that are running the asylum.

    1. Heard a blurb on an old study of prison inmates, 90% (or maybe all) had a clear conscience, they weren’t doing wrong in their minds, in fact many had delusions they were the actual victim…of the system.

      That mentality is not unlike Arbery in Georgia…the travesty of that mess is unreal with justice being bent around on itself so it’s allowable social justice lawlessness. This kid was a thief and reprobate, having been caught stealing from construction jobsites. Yet his parents – who are all of a sudden fully involved in finding justice for their [nere-do-well] son – are now getting their race-bated 15 minutes, shouting how their ‘wonderful’ angelic son can rest in peace as all three defendants got life sentences for protecting their neighborhood and themselves as this kid ran at them (a bit simplified but not my point).

  6. Yes, the people who want bad laws are part of the problem. But the people who carefully obey those bad laws, from the principle that law-obeying is itself a good, are also part of the problem.

    Hitler would not have been a problem if he had stayed a lone crazy guy ranting in bars. Stop obeying bad laws, stop paying taxes to implement bad laws against yourself, and you will be able to ignore the crazies.

    1. To a fairly large extent, ignoring bad laws is a workable plan.

      Once you start ignoring the tax bill, you;re on the road to having to ignore different crazies, in jail.


    1. I was going to post it on Sunday but had to be out of town, so posted it today.

  7. fbi raiding trump’s home in fla. sad day for america. rule of law is truely no longer.

    1. The President of the United States can DECLASSIFY anything that he wants to. That is a fact. Whether. you are a patriot President like Trump or a Chinese hireling like Brandon, you can declassify.

      President Trump left office with papers for his presidential library. No matter who classified them, he defacto declassified them.

      The FBI truly is the secret police.

      1. We are watching tyranny real time, and the rule of law being trampled for political pirposes. Trump scares them. Wait until he sues the regime.

      2. They could not successfully impeach him despite two tries and a loaded deck. Now they will tout this as some great victory for the rule of law when all they are trying to do is discredit him and Republicans prior to the upcoming midterms and then the next presidential election. Agree with LL in that the FBI is now the democratic secret police.

          1. And they don;t give a rip about optics anymore, which speaks volumes as to their intent. November will be too late.

          1. They’ll send disposables and what Sun Tzu referred to as “doomed spies” to carry that out.

          2. The righteous must stand together…we’re all Doc Holliday’s running up against these people, and most of us have skills.

        1. Digitalized, like central bank money, to be turned off at the push of a button. Just repeat the daily haiku :
          Shot shot shot,
          Boost boost boost,
          Vax vax vax,

  8. I realized long ago that trying to reason and present facts to persuade or to “initiate a dialogue” with any leftist (even mild ones, when they existed) is utterly futile.
    Their ‘narrative’ is their religion, and they are going to cling to it with a cultist’s fervor no matter what happens to them or around them. They are impervious to anything counter to their delusions and any who hold differing views are, in their minds, literally demonic forces which must be resisted and destroyed any way possible.

    They are filled with joy and deep satisfaction as our lives, careers and traditions are destroyed and they would scream and cheer with mouth-frothing glee as we and our families are fed into woodchippers, because to them we are not people, not even humans, we are the forces of evil.

    History teaches us over and over again there is no reconciliation possible with such people.
    This is an existential crisis and will be resolved the way it always has throughout recorded time.
    Our reluctance to face what is coming and what has to be done, hoping that some miracle will occur, and will restore The Republic and The Constitution, is also a delusion.
    No political process is going reverse what has already happened or stop what is coming.
    No Hero is going to rise and stop this.
    God is not going to stop this, why should he, this world has forsaken Him.
    He might well decide to just sit this one out.

    “God gave Noah the rainbow sign, No more water but fire next time.”

    1. Ps 120
      1 I call on the Lord in my distress,
      and he answers me.
      2 Save me, Lord,
      from lying lips
      and from deceitful tongues.
      3 What will he do to you,
      and what more besides,
      you deceitful tongue?
      4 He will punish you with a warrior’s sharp arrows,
      with burning coals of the broom bush.
      5 Woe to me that I dwell in Meshek,
      that I live among the tents of Kedar!
      6 Too long have I lived
      among those who hate peace.
      7 I am for peace;
      but when I speak, they are for war.
      Well, they can have it.

  9. The Fourth Branch of Government is making their move against Trump, Trumpism, conservatives and republican voters. The DOJ, IRS, FBI, NIS’s are taking the gloves off and dropping the masks. It’s go time. Their motto: If we can’t beat them in a fair election, destroy them. Dark days are here.

    1. It remains to be seen how this all works out. If the legislature goes Republican there will be hearings and possibly funding reductions to the FBI. The deep state won’t want to see that happen.

  10. @Shiloh, Old NFO,RR, Ed C, & WWW, et al –

    This is a tyrannical play that is a total lie. I would bet they are planting evidence when they knew he wasn’t even there. Biden, Garlan, and Wray are beyond corrupt. This will start serious civil unrest with this unlawful action against a former President that half (or more) of American’s voted into office. If this continues unabated we will see civil war as the good people start getting locked and loaded.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance…”

    We are there. This is why The Founders drafted 2A. The Dem’s will go down…they just don’t know it yet. This will get nasty ugly.

      1. Yup. My Spiritual discord meter is pegged…America is being torn apart by these Broods of Vipers.

        1. They can’t do a clean thing because they are filthy and everything they touch is filthy – every act is a lie and a desecration of their oaths of office. It’s just who they are.

      2. The Dem’s made Jan. 6th into something it wasn’t (except by them), they will get a proper insurrection now, and here I am very far from that fray, but am seriously affected by their unlawful action, as should all American’s.

    1. I saw an older guy (aka “one of us”) at the County Fair wearing a shirt that started with the script “We The People….”, and then under that in block letters was “Are Getting Plenty Pissed!”.

      Only saw TWO masked people there, both quite elderly.

      1. I understand it when people who are knocking at heaven’s door wear masks. They’re fearful.

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