Looking for…

…Space Aliens?

(more here) Experts say, “look in the mirror.” It’s difficult to quantify what makes an expert or why one expert’s opinion should be weighted more heavily than another’s. I tend to get my space alien information at the same place the Men in Black did – supermarket tabloids. The truth is out there.


And while we’re on the Subject of Space:

This appears to be the best we can do, even having had men walk on the moon in the late 60’s… yes, I do understand that it’s a political boondoggle, but even taking that into account, shouldn’t we have done better?





  1. Looking for aliens. There is a great similarity in the DNA of Homo Sapiens compared to other primates. Makes me kind of doubt that we specifically are from another planet. Every time I look at the wonders of nature be it the structure of an eye or the latest from Hubble I see more verification for Intelligent Design.

    ISS being the best we can do. I would add the words “so far” at the end of the sentence. With a little luck, even though a good percentage of the population seems to be boarding the crazy train, there should be enough sane individuals that we will continue to advance. I do admit that there has to be a bit of faith involved though.

    After yesterday’s ammo bill I will have to pass on the UFO detector. Money well spent though, very fulfilling to have the grand-kids over to shoot.

  2. A bit surprising that we got even that much accomplish, seeing as how the govt was in charge of the space program. Elon Musk is showing how you can run rings around them 🙂

  3. “So Far” indeed. And What Frank said. I recall reading somewhere one of the astronauts was asked about the launch experience. He replied words to the effect that “Everything on this sonofabitch was built by the lowest bidder”. Apollo 13 proved that, however it also proved what good folks can do when they figured out how to get the crew home again.

    I also recall the light bringer stating publicly that the mission of NASA should be “Muslim outreach”. Maybe that was to be a job for “Navy Corpse Men”.

    Obviously (like electric vehicles) the next big tech break through will be energy. A more efficient way to get stuff up there than rockets.

  4. NIce shot of the </iMir. I still remember the night it came back home. Analytical Graphics had a nice simulation set to the tune “Disco Inferno”.

    I’m glad I lived in the 60’s. We had it all. One of my personal indicators of Peak USA happened in 1970 when GM produced their last high-compression V8 engines. The Goliath began to eat us then, with increasing rules and regulations, some good, some bad.

    Yes, we went to the Moon, but look what happened after Apollo wound down. Not much. Going to the Moon was a political decision, with little thought given to what happened next. The side effects and spin-offs of The Space Race were staggering, though. They became so common place that the magic of being able to do those things wore off. The example that comes to mind is a question asked by a “reporter” at a NASA press conference after the first shuttle had successfully landed.

    “How Many More Teflon Fry Pans Will We Get Out Of This?”……asked in her best snide, cynical, superior voice, no less.

    The last Old Skool High Performance V8 GM built was the 1973-74 Pontiac Super Duty 455. 310 HP from 455 cubic inches, or 7.46 liters. Nowadays my pickup truck has a 310HP engine, but it’s a V6 with Double Overhead Cams, 4-valves per cylinder, variable cam timing, electronic direct fuel injection and an electronic, coil-on-plug, ignition system. 310HP from 220 cubic inches, or 3.65 liters, less than half the displacement.

    And where we had the Saturn-V, we now have the Starship.

    I guess you could say we have done better, in some things.

    UFO detectors, huh? Might be a new growth market if the Monkeypox fails, and we’re under threat of invasion…..

    • Things changed in ’73 with the rise in oil prices.

      Monkeypox? As you’re thinking of that don’t forget about the Murder hornets!

      • Change started in 70 with the clean air act and emission standards, which killed the muscle cars by 73. With the oil embargo of 73 shoveling the dirt in the hole and the 75 cafe standards setting the tombstone.

    • I think the engine in my ’71 Mustang was the last real performance setup from Ford. I don’t recall anything similar available in ’72.
      429 ci (short stroke 460) Super Cobra Jet. Ford claimed 370hp (major sandbagging for racing and insurance purposes). U-tube dyno runs of the same factory engine package show a bit over 500hp at the wheels. When I bought it, my insurance agent looked in a small booklet for the VIN, and announced a 20% surcharge for “excessive horsepower”.
      IIRC, 11.5 to 1 compression
      small Holley vacuum secondary carb.
      Ram Air
      Biggest valves in a production engine.
      Radical cam that had so much overlap I could run it across country using regular (cheap) gasoline.
      4.11 Detroit Locker in a 9″ diff with 31 spline axles.
      Factory installed Fairbanks modified C6 auto trans (very rare option).

  5. Aliens? Brings to mind the old mountain man saying, “Don’t go bothering something that ain’t bothering you”. Same goes for Bigfoot.

  6. Yes, yes and yes again. We should have done better. Here’s hoping we will.

    And dammit, I was going to do a space post but you beat me to it. Hmmmm.

  7. I tend to believe that if/when space aliens fly by the earth, they roll up the windows and lock the doors. Live long and prosper.

  8. Want to weep? Go research post-Moon Apollo and next generation Saturn and all the things we could have had in orbit by 1980 if we didn’t waste our money on the Shuttle program.

    Almost reuseable Apollo capsules? Yes, the next ‘flight’ of capsules after the Moon era were to be at least 75% reuseable, requiring some refurbishment. Proven design, proven ability to replace and upgrade components.

    Nuclear upper stages? Yes. Designed and tested, all we needed to do was build and launch.

    More powerful but cheaper and reusable engines? Yes, already designed, tooling readied, test articles fired, ready for production, the Mighty F1a engine. Even plans for a returnable and recoverable engine section (like on the upcoming Vulcan) so that the engines could be used over and over and over, only replacing maybe the bell section.

    Space tugs? Yep.

    Refurbishing upper sections into large stations or fuel depots? Yep. Think Skylab on steroids. Ring stations, stations, zero-g stations.

    Moon bases? Yep, especially with nuclear ‘freighters’ plying the way between Earth LEO and Lunar Orbit.

    All of it. Modular Saturns with liquid or solid or liquid and solid boosters, capable of lifting up to half a million pounds to low Earth orbit.

    And we pissed it all away.


    • The military mission in space has always taken priority over civilian missions. While I understand why that is, I think that the matter was bungled by NASA’s political machinations. The entry of Musk and SpaceX onto the scene has been a big game changer.

    • I am a pilgrim. A stranger in a strange land.
      For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,
      And when the good ship New Jerusalem arrives, be on the right side.

      • Most of us will go there before he comes here – unless he’s coming soon. The point is to be ready for either option with a humble heart, a contrite spirit, living as he taught us through his example.

    • The government found that direct purchase of votes through Johnson’s great society was more efficient for getting reelected than building things. And then building things became too expensive for the budget.

      • X2 – and now we learned to buy our own bonds by printing money (another bond). Isn’t it cool?

    • I saw that we could not build the Saturn engines today. We do have the prints and such, but the accumulated knowledge, productions,etc. are all gone. We would have to completely go through that learning process again. Sad

  9. who’s to say we and the creatures didn’t come here from a distant world, on an intergalactic ark of some sort? i’ve always said God is an alien. doesn’t make him any less God.

  10. I’d like to know how the manufacturers tested their alien detector – did it arrive with an alien-signed certificate or a photo of the craft?
    Reminds me of a ‘psychic field detector’ I was asked to evaluate (in the 70s). It was a nearly empty box with a battery, light and pushbutton. That was it – push the button and the light illuminates! And yet (probably stoned) fools bought them!

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