In essence, Leftism is the sin of pride disguised as compassion.


Leftists believe that men can’t know the truth. There is no objective litmus test for truth or a lie (CNN). All truth is therefore subjective to the individual, which is the definition of a sociopath. If it’s good for me, it must be “good”.

What this means in a progressive nation is that “there is no truth”. Unfortunately you will also hear that preached to congregants who “shop for a church” that will pander to their particular sins. Keep the money coming and I’ll tell you what you want to hear. No, not everywhere, but often enough.

Progressive theory holds that all we know is irredeemably distorted by our racial make-up, history, class interests, and psychological shortcomings; hence all knowledge is merely bigotry in disguise. To make a judgment between virtue and vice is vile bigotry in disguise; and to make a judgment that one society is better than another is vile racism in disguise. And bigotry or racism is a hate-crime. Discrimination is a hate-crime.


The Progressives do not believe that there is any relation between human causes and human effects. They do not believe virtue leads to happiness or righteousness, nor that vice leads to unhappiness or condemnation.

If you say that chastity leads to happy marriage as cause leads to effect, the Modern Liberal will stare at you blankly, like a cow watching a passing train. If you say paying unwed mothers to have bastards discourages wedlock, they will call you a racist. If you say applauding, defending and supporting the terrorist Antifa thugs against the innocent American citizens encourages more terrorism, they will shriek like mad harpies. They think that to come to an unflattering judgment about any other man or race of men is not just rash and rude, they think it is evil, a type of bigotry, a(nother) hate crime.

They have taken a whole area of human thought, namely, everything embraced in ethics, politics, morals, economics and history, and declared it all off limits, and forbidden to be thought about or discussed.

By definition, you cannot indulge in self deception without being at once a deceiver and a victim of deception. Both the humiliation of being a chump and the guilt of being a con-man boils in the back of the progressive mind.

Only one emotion is potent enough to smother this humiliation and guilt: pride. Humiliation and guilt lower the self esteem. Only pride raises it. The only source of pride immune from facts in the world is spiritual pride, the arrogance of a Pharisee who sneers at all other men as smaller than himself, because and only because of his greater holiness, his lofty moral code, his spiritual greatness. Watch any CNN anchor pontificate and it will become obvious that this is their holy grail.

A man who claims to be a faster runner can be put to the race; a man who claims to be the greater poet can be asked to read his verse; but a man who claims only superiority in an invisible and imponderable spiritual realm can be put to no human test.

In short, because Leftism is the theory that truth is impossible, and reason is a hate-crime, it requires self deception. Because self deception provokes guilt and humiliation, the self esteem of the Leftist is continually uncertain. Because it is uncertain, it must be uplifted.

The only emotion loud and broad enough to smother the powerful emotions of guilt and humiliation is the uplift of sanctimonious pride, pride in one’s own perfect righteousness.

Since they live in a world without cause and effect, they are unwilling and unable to make any judgment about what actually harms and actually helps. Making such a judgment, remember, in their minds is bigotry, the one sin to be avoided at all costs.

They can only judge by good intentions. Results do not matter. Everyone receives a participation trophy.

However, their judgment by intentions and not by results is not a satisfactory explanation. Why are they predictably, inevitably, and always wrong?

They are always wrong because their theory of morality springs out of their theory of epistemology. Their theory of epistemology is that there is no truth. Hence, their theory of morality is that there is no right and wrong.

If there is no right and wrong, there is no such thing as virtue and vice, no winning behaviors that lead to success and no losing behaviors that lead to loss. There is no consequences to any act. At most there are acceptable behaviors which gladden the hearts of your neighbors, and unacceptable behaviors, such as being judgmental (that is, using your evil reasoning powers to perform the evil hate-crime known as stating the obvious).

To the morally retarded who live in a world where there is no such thing as better and worse, wise and foolish, virtue and vice, efficient and inefficient, logically there can be no such thing as success and failure.

In the Progressive playbook, all life is pure chance. Those men and races and nations who are successful are merely fortunate. The unsuccessful are merely unfortunate. (See Jarred Diamond’s GERMS, GUNS AND STEEL for a truly embarrassing display of this pathology on display. The reason for the success of the Europeans is due to the good luck of living along a wide band of temperate climate. Just luck.)


“Civil rights used to be about treating everyone the same. But today some people are so used to special treatment that equal treatment is considered to be discrimination.” — Thomas Sowell


Imagine if your theory of life convinces you life is all purely random chance. Life is a spinning roulette wheel. Now you watch the wheel spin: and the number for the White races of Europe comes up not once or twice, but over and over and over again. After the Europeans win the game the first time, that might be random chance. After they win twenty-five centuries in a row, that seems crooked. If they win every game between the Peloponnesian War and the Cold War, that is clearly a plot.

Were you in such a game, you would not demand proof that the game was crooked: no proof is needed because no one wins every single spin of a true roulette wheel. There would be no discussion, and the winners would not be merely lucky, they would be crooks. The losers would demand, and rightly so, restitution of every penny.

Any loser who continued to think that the game was fair would be a fool whose blind gullibility is frustrating to the point of madness — such frustration is felt by the Marxist meeting the poor man who believes in private property, or the feminist meeting the woman who believes in marriage.

All rules by definition are crooked, part of a con game. Any attempt to excuse, explain or defend the rules is either misguided or malign.

The only success under crooked and malign rule is by definition a crooked and malign success. It is a successful crime.

Concluded tomorrow with part three


  1. Brilliantly thought through.

    On the surface it is easy to wave a hand at the Left’s insanity, but that is the lazy way…and they always ratchet up, not down. Now they have breached thresholds never to be touched, destroying everything American with their tortured thought process without consequence. Combating them requires understanding the animal as best we are able. It is very instructive how they don’t go into rural areas.

    • If they go into rural areas, they need to ship body bags. You may notice that they always travel with a sea of “reporters” and that the cameras go crazy documenting their depravity. In rural areas, the press pass isn’t respected any more than they are.

      • Much of the liberal lunacy is bound by circular reasoning, and a few examples are cited here. I am currently watching George Clooney’s “Catch-22”, a Hulu series, and much of the same logic seems to be applied to WWII bombing operations, as seen by the hapless bombadier Yossarian, trying to reason his way out of flying yet another mission through a flak-saturated hell over the skies of Italy. I never read Joseph Heller’s book, maybe I should, and get a better perspective on how liberal logic is applied today.

        • George Clooney is a good actor, but he’s also an icon of the Progressive Left. I’m surprised that he did Catch 22.

          • I don’t much care for Clooney’s politics, but he sure can produce an entertaining series. Ditto with Leonardo DiCaprio; he’s a left wing nut job, but he produced the mini-series ‘Grant’, which was excellent.

            I am not a believer in boycotts, and will not pass up a big bowl of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Chunky Monkey’ just because the manufacturing management are bat guano crazy lefties. If we start down this boycott road, us conservatives would be well served boycotting everything related to Massachusetts. Nothing good has come out of that commonwealth for a very long time. Except Boston Cream Pie, we’ll take that off the boycott list. And Boston baked beans, also off the table. Then again, there’s Sam Adams lager,….

  2. Stumbled upon this the other day.
    Joe Sobran:
    “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”

    • Envy may be at the heart of it, but there are a lot of privileged elite youth and leftist adults who live in gate guarded splendor and emerge to throw bombs. For them, it’s more than mere envy.

  3. Very good point in showing that Leftist philosophy makes cause-and-effect seem like a rigged game, LL.

    Well done indeed.

    • Danegeld stopped when the “victims” stopped giving in to blackmail and raised their own armies. It’s still very fashionable to give money to BLM and to lick the feet of black people. Maybe the elites will grow tired of that too and will go back to reminding us that we only have seven years left to live.

  4. I enjoyed this sermon very much. There is no truth! screams the deaf man making a universal truth claim. And yes, it makes no sense, it’s incoherent, reason isn’t in it, and all in the name of freedom. Such is the logic of the Pit.

    So, in the absence of any objective right or wrong what remains? Force. We’re seeing the case study played out in the US right about now, as if history didn’t furnish enough examples. We may thank God that enough people are still alive to oppose this evil.

    Have a gaze, if you can find the time, at CS Lewis’ Abolition of Man (short read) and its novelization, That Hideous Strength. He puts it well.

    • The insanity of the mob will convince many people to MAGA with President Trump rather than with poor old senile, corrupt, creepy Joe.

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