I’ve received a few back channel e-mails asking how an entire population of leftists (millions of them) can  fail to discriminate between police and criminals, to pull down statues of abolitionists, or wear the neck-cloths of African tribes notorious for being slavers, all in the name of fighting imaginary neonazism, or how people can call both for gun confiscation and, without a blush or stammer, for defunding the police.

It takes a special kind of stupid if you’re a thinking person, but if you’re a pathological narcissist, maybe it all makes sense, I guess. Orwell summed it up in 1984 with the Party’s Slogan:

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

It only makes sense if you’re progressive.

How do we explain why the rich, who are routinely vilified by the Left, numbered among its most ardent supporters? Why do the secular American Jews fawn over the people who would thrill to throw them into box cars and send them off to be gassed?

How do we explain the Left’s astonishing hostility to facts, common sense, and evidence? How do we square their proud and enduring narcissism with their total lack of accomplishment, and with their utter devotion to destructiveness, a yearning to ruin everything they touch?

How do we explain their profound sanctimoniousness combined with their applause, praise, support, and tireless efforts to spread all perversions (especially sexual), moral decay, vulgarity, and every form of desecration?

Other than just chalking it up to narcissism, how do we explain their pretense of intellectual superiority combined with their notorious mental fecklessness? Maybe their professors instilled it in them in the expensive temples of higher learning where their parents sent them to get them out of the house? Maybe they learned it in shopping malls (temples of greed) where they learned to spend without earning?

How can we possibly explain the duality of their violence and their pacifism; why they hate the very things they should love most?

Why do they scorn and vilify any honest disagreement?

Republican Mitt Romney marches with BLM domestic terrorists

Why do the churches – the Catholics, the Baptists, the Buddhists, the Anglicans, the Congregationalists and even the Mormons throw money at domestic terrorist organizations and make common cause with the people who hate them most? And don’t tell me that it’s returning scorn with love and cash.

I often chalk this up to some form of insanity, some sort of intellectual infection that can’t be attributed to a plague, but it’s more complicated and simpler than that.

Rudyard Kipling wrote about it in 1909 and documented it in The City of Brass. Heinlein couched it in science fiction, but it’s still there for all who have eyes to see.

Continued tomorrow with Explaining the Left –  part two


  1. This IS an intriguing topic. Does anyone have theories as to why and how pathologically narcissistic people maintain doublethink? What good does it do them? Does it empower them with flexibility of action and choice?
    Businesses, churches and others can be bullied into virtue signaling to appease the mob and avoid boycotts. However, like all forms of blackmail, the demands on the virtue signalers get worse. The evidence of this is clear…isn’t it? A certain chicken restaurant wants to fight racism with…segregation? Blacks only on Sunday in their establishment. What’s next?

  2. Fredd The Wise can tell you why the left is so bereft of sanity: laziness, pure and simple.

    Are the left comprised of evil people? To some extent, yes. But not the majority. Most of the left wants ‘fairness.’ On paper, who could argue with that desire? Everybody wants things to be fair. But digging down into what comprises fair and unfair, well therein lies the rub: that takes work.

    The left wants what Karl Marx wanted: nobody to be poor, nobody to be rich at the expense of others, nobody to own more than the next guy, everybody on equal footing, and everybody having an equal slice of the pie. That certainly sounds good on paper, but getting everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) on that same page is not going to happen, although the lazy left thinks it is possible.

    The left denies human nature, and this is the flaw in their philosophy. Just like nature’s creatures, such as bears, every biological organism does not go out of its way to survive. They all take the path of least resistance. Why would bears only eat grubs, nuts and berries when there are tasty pic-a-nic baskets to filch? They will go for that pic-a-nic basket every time. Duh.

    Why would the left waste their time and energy seeking facts, statistics and common sense answers to complicated problems? Nah, all of that takes too much time. Everything they believe is laid out for them in comic book format by Move On.org and CNN. Easy to digest. With reasonable positions easily understood; the right wants everybody to starve and die, while the left loves everybody. Who would want to side with anything to do with the evil right? Nobody except evil-dooers, that’s who. Duh.

    See how this works? Water seeks the path of least resistance, and so do the Left. To do otherwise is just too dang much work. The left is not crazy, it’s lazy.

  3. We seem to be in Heinlein’s Crazy Years.
    “So many casual killings in public streets and public parks and public transports that most lawful citizens avoided going out after dark…
    Public school teachers and state university professors who taught that patriotism was an obsolete concept, that marriage was an obsolete concept, that sin was an obsolete concept, that politeness was an obsolete concept – that the United States itself was an obsolete concept…
    Cocaine and heroin called “recreational drugs”, felony theft called “joyriding” … felonious assault by gangs called “muggings”, and the reaction to all these crimes was “boys will be boys”, so scold them and put them on probation but don’t ruin their lives by treating them as criminals…

    Millions of women who found it more rewarding to have babies out of wedlock than it would be to get married or to go to work…”
    I fear for my grandchildren.

    • I’m going to try. I don’t warrant that my explanation will hold water, just that it’s an explanation and it’s in three parts, this being the first – the question of WHY they think the way they do. It would be so much easier to chalk it up to brain fever or something like malaria.

      • “It would be so much easier to chalk it up to brain fever or something like malaria.”

        That would be my vote, how else could anyone explain their rabid insanity?

  4. Very much so. (your commentary)

    I am at the point of not listening to anything except trusted outlets, the rest is propaganda. (watched “Eastwood’s “Richard Jewel”…that was 1996, and I recalled the events clearly. Even back then the fake media created a story from nothing to “get the scoop”, and the FBI clowns entrapped another innocent.)

    For the past 2 decades pop-psyche foisted their touchy-feeling junk science into all aspects of American life — the workplace, schools, government, and especially schools. Then there’s weakness in the pulpit that offers a feel-good worship experience instead of challenging and convicting their congregants. Not all of course, but a lot, otherwise we would not see the fearful sheeple wearing masks in the Summer, or the anarchists running open-loop in the streets.

    The Rabid Left will continue ramping up every week until election night…then they’ll realize what their idiotic and moronic mentality has wrought…zip, nada, nyet, except righteous disdain from the rest of us and another term for this President.

    • One thing I’d add: When the “rich” get bored they often find social things to assuage their boredom. Any large city with a homeless “program” is usually started by the wealthy. The pictorial spread in the local news presents the symbolism in living color.

      These programs never work…but the participants feel better about themselves.

      • Progressive theory holds that all we know is irredeemably distorted by our racial make-up, history, class interests, and psychological shortcomings; hence all knowledge is merely bigotry in disguise. To make a judgment between virtue and vice is vile bigotry in disguise; and to make a judgment that one society is better than another is vile racism in disguise. And bigotry or racism is a hate-crime. Discrimination is a hate-crime.

        The Progressives do not believe that there is any relation between human causes and human effects. They do not believe virtue leads to happiness or righteousness, nor that vice leads to unhappiness or condemnation. (There is no difference between the objective truth and an objective lie because everything is subjective – CNN)

        If you say that chastity leads to happy marriage as cause leads to effect, the Modern Liberal will stare at you blankly, like a cow watching a passing train. If you say paying unwed mothers to have bastards discourages wedlock, they will call you a racist. If you say applauding, defending and supporting the terrorist Antifa thugs against the innocent American citizens encourages more terrorism, they will shriek like mad harpies. They think that to come to an unflattering judgment about any other man or race of men is not just rash and rude, they think it is evil, a type of bigotry, a(nother) hate crime.

        More on that tomorrow and concluding on Wednesday.

        • So, in short, those on the Left are mentally ill abnormal tortured logic using buffoons who feel guilty for being alive. Got it. (hehe)

          There’s an easy fix for that…would not dissuade them from launching themselves off the closest cliff to tidy up the gene pool.

          Looking forward to Parts 2 & 3.

          • They could make a quick end of things, but narcissists don’t get tired of looking at themselves in the mirror. They don’t commit suicide. Sorry.

            Sociopaths (cant tell the difference between right and wrong – if it feels good to them, it’s right and a sociopath is ALWAYS right.) don’t process morality, or ethics except as systems of belief that constrain OTHERS.

  5. flouride? vaccine side effects? secret 4g programing? mutant dna? maybe its just a built in self-destruct , installed by God as a gift to Mother Earth.

    • Too much money for too long. Raising generations who don’t understand work, don’t respect where food comes, despise their weak parents who ship them off to grad school because they can’t stand having them under foot, all that and more.

  6. Nice intro, and I’ve been reflecting on the same, along with everyone else.

    Why the incoherence, insanity and rage? For example, and I’m surprised you didn’t note it, the left’s marriage with a radical Islam that’d destroy it.

    Kipling’s “Brass” goes a long way, to be sure, and what’s at the heart of it all, what’s at the root of the incohate nihilism?

    The anti-kingdom. Read accounts of demonic conversations with exorcists and you get close, I think, to the state of mind. Of course the immediate appeal reaches out through the senses and immediate gain before it collapses to the raging idiocy of the Pit.

    Looking forward to Pt. 2.

    • I’m not even suggesting that I’m ‘right’. I just offer one man’s perspective here on the blog and reflect on yours and the others who comment.

  7. I take difference with your reference to Anglicans. Please be more specific. The Episcopal Church went off the rails along with the Anglican Church of Canada, The Church of England and mostly other Norther European Anglican institutions. The majority of Anglicans have not run off the rails (yet). There is a large Anglican group, amongst whom LSP and I are members that have not jumped the shark. 🙁

    • LSP, a friend of mine, and I, have discussed this at length recently both before and after the court decision. When I posted this, I did paint it with a broad brush, but the Church of England (the Archbishop of Canterbury) and it’s particular communion (I’m searching for the correct words here) clearly have sided with groups, which can be considered to be “the left” and so has the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on Earth. The Pope is a Jesuit and as a group they have also been leftists. I have personally dealt with situations where Jesuits have run guns to communist insurgents. This is not to say that all Jesuits are cut from the same piece of cloth any more than that all Anglicans are. Or that all Baptists are. There is a dangerous trend among MANY of the religious groups to pander to these subversive organizations and to fund them either directly or through “feeder groups” such as the NAACP, or Media Matters.

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