Coldstream Guards Regiment

There is a good history clip here. The ‘star and garter’, left, is the regimental crest, worn on hardware on dress uniforms.

As an infantry unit, I have no idea how they compare to other modern regiments in the British Army. Is there a selection process to become a grenadier guard or a Coldstreamer? Are guardsmen plucked from the ranks of the regular army? I understand that the Coldstream Guards now includes women in its ranks. Very progressive of them. In any event, the youtube video might be enlightening.


COVID-19 Advice

  1. If you keep the severed head of an enemy in one hand and a sword in the other, you will not touch your face.
  2. There is a .01% chance of rain and nobody outside is using their umbrella…What’s wrong with people?




Practice Makes Perfect

What the “progressive left” doesn’t grasp, and won’t until it’s too late, is that none of these guys support their agenda or their friends. Not a single one of them is a communist.

And in America, there is one of them, trained and often well blooded, behind every blade of grass. Trained well, disciplined, employed, and not given to fits of rage because wet work is best done cold.



In England there is a saying that the Lamb will make you a lion.

The English are offended if you mix it with Diet Coke, over ice.


  1. With a lone exception, the five British Guard Regiments each recruit from a very specific catchment area. The Scots Guards in Scotland, Welsh Guards in Wales, Irish in Ireland (and not just in Notherrn Ireland, either!); this ensures very good chances of everyone having shared acquaintances and experiences outside the Regiment. The Grenadier Guards recruit all over the United Kingdom, and relish in their status as the First Guards, and hold the Lef of the line. This is much resented by the Coldstream Guards, which define themselves as “>Second to None” and hold the right of the line. The Coldstream Guards also recruit in a very specific catchment area, ie the counties crossed by their parent regiment while marching to London way back when, during the post Cromwell restoration if I recall correctly.

    Do note that the Grenadier and Coldstream Guards, plus some garrisons an some Cavalry squadrons, were the entirety of the British Army in that period.

  2. And Guard Units are supposed to be elite, and of utmost loyalty to the Sovereign. This they’ve always been. The Guards have also been one of the catchment areas for the SAS, though I suppose the Parachute Regiment supplies more.

    • I have personal experience with SAS, though it was a long time ago. There were some Royal Marines, and mainly paras back then that had been scooped into the net. The selection process was difficult, but it needs to be.

      • Royal Marines can be expected to “stay home” and join the SBS. The Guards own a parachute platoon, this may be a prep school to ensure -some- Guards get in the SAS. This appears to’ve been a major goal when the 22nd SAS was re-established post WWII.

  3. As I said on my latest post, “I know a number of people who no longer keep their battle rifles cased.
    We won’t be having any of that nonsense here.”.
    There’s a rifle behind every bedroom door.

    • No, don’t case the rifles. Minutemen had to be out the door (theoretically) with their rifle/musket and kit in a minute. Today, you need to be ready and trained. Though the question of the particular load out has to be considered. Things have become more specialized since the American Revolution.

  4. I’m with Ed on the uncased rifles.
    I’ve never tried Lamb’s rum and I suppose I should look around for it and give it a try. I like a good rum and have found Appleton’s, a product of Jamaica, to be quite tasty. If you have to have Coke with your rum, get Bacardi or Captain Morgan. Pop ruins good adult beverages.

  5. Is mixing the Rum more about the soda or the ice? Heard there’s no ice in all of England.

    The Dem’s are scrambling with the waning COVID-Affectso…throwing everything at the wall to maintain control over the mind-numbed masses. Heard some “doctor” on a quick check-in with Fox who stated Covid-19 now causes vasculitis and organ damage! On and on this paid operative went talking about COVID’s highly dangerous effect – they are just finding out about. Yeah, right…more strawman bunk to maintain the fear-mongering narrative that is slipping away ever so slightly. Like the more truthful CDC 6% REAL death rate – FROM – COVID…9200+/- cases, not 170K. Liars not ever to be trusted.

    Any mask-wearer who confronts a non-mask wearer should be asked, “And when flu season hits will you mask up continuously? And if so, why this year and not in all the years past? Then wait for these nimrods go ballistic in response because you are showing them to be the fools they are.

    Government operatives are everywhere these days, acting all innocent and polite (certainly an act to disarm). We’ve had no fewer than five Census “workers” show up unannounced – effectively trespassing – asking about the same properties that are not residences as they should know per county records..leaving little census info packs to blow around and litter, and walking and driving around like they have any right. I swear these people are fishing because we never answer their invasive American Community Survey questions that got ‘slipped’ into the current census questionnaire, just “# of residents at this address”. Yellow Alert at all times…it’ll get weirder.

    As much as Amazon was deemed “special and essential”, UPS and Fed-Ex deliver…saves me from having to deal with town foolishness. Went nowhere over the weekend…and there’s nothing like a good moose in the morning to set the tone for the day.

    • The British (to include Scots) hate ice. I’m not sure why. When I lived there the cultural divide on the issue of ice was as profound as wanting bread toasted on BOTH sides.

      The census is legitimate so long as they ask for # of residents. Constitutional. More than that, and they get shown the driveway. I had a similar issue here because the White Wolf Mine is comprised of more than one property, cobbled together into one whole functionally, but taxed separately.

      • Ice is essential to modern living. My buddy’s dad, originally from Austria, left his beer in the garage, drank it warm. No thanks.

        Thinking I could use a Hydra 6…could install it on the tall rock outcropping. The visual alone would be a deterrent.

        • I remember going to a chip shop and buying Irn Bru and they kept it on top of the lard fryer where it was HOT. I would take it outside and put it into snow (if there was snow on the ground) or back to the flat and toss it in the fridge. And I’d eat the delicious fish and chips without drinking anything.

    • I’ve posted about this before, but briefly, when I refused to answer “race?” last time (a guy in Birkenstocks came to my door), he told me he was instructed to put down his best guess if the resident declined to answer.
      “Are you a physician? Or a physical anthropologist? What training do you have that qualifies you to decide my race? Which by the way is a social construct.”

      This time I’m telling them I’m African-American. (Olduvai Gorge, baby! Because I’m not a science denier.) They also ask about religion. I’m telling them Asatru.

      Seriously, seeing as the data are used to determine where section 8 and “immigrants” are to be sent, tell them you’re a negro and a Muslim.

    • Had a nosy “census worker” try to gain access to my home last go around. It didn’t work; something about an annoyed mifht shift worker answering the door in underwear and a pistol was off-putting to her for some reason.
      We’ve since upgraded to acreage, a fence, and a locked gate, with four large and barking dogs.

  6. from the sound of the woods this weekend, there’s one or more behind every tree. seems after months of saving ammo they have found cause to expend precious rounds and practice again. hmmm, what could it be?

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