The Transplant Game in China

(Epoch) Falon Gong provided unwilling donors for the Chinese organ sale business (for fun and profit).

Hundreds of Chinese doctors and other medical workers have been acting as “executioners” for the state to sustain the lucrative organ transplant industry, a study published in a top U.S. medical journal has found.

The study, published in the American Journal of Transplantation on April 4, reviewed more than 120,000 Chinese-language publications on organ transplants and identified 71 papers where physicians had carved out hearts and lungs from people for transplants without first conducting a test to establish brain death—revealing that patients were killed for their organs.

…But in the early 2000s, reports and research emerged that Beijing was forcibly harvesting the organs from detained prisoners of conscience.

These allegations were confirmed “beyond a reasonable doubt” by an independent people’s tribunal in 2019, which determined that such atrocity has taken place for a long time on a substantial scale, with the persecuted faith group Falun Gong being a primary organ source.


Sen. Ron Johnson on the Biden Crime Family

(link) Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) derided the Biden family as “grifters” and “influence peddlers,” as more evidence emerges of questionable business deals involving President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and brother, James.

“They knew exactly what they were doing,” Johnson told “Just the News — Not Noise.” “They were using Vice President Biden’s position and his name to peddle influence, and rake in, vacuum in millions of dollars from all over the world

“The Bidens are grifters. They’re influence peddlers. They’ve made millions. They’ve compromised themselves, and they’ve compromised America’s national security.”  (the article continues)


Crooks & Pirates


The Irish Pirate

Philip Roche (1693-1723), according to the General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates, which appeared in print in London the year after his execution, was an Irish pirate who roamed northern European waters from 1721-23. The author, Captain Charles Johnson, implies that Philip Roche committed many other crimes, but can only report the acts for which he was convicted and hanged.

Page from the Newgate Calendar. The pirate Philip Roche murdered the crew of a ship, throwing them overboard 18th Century 

He is said to have been a man who did not show his black soul. He enriched himself through insurance fraud, piracy, robbery and murder. Roche and his gang – a fisherman named Neal, Pierce Cullen and his brother, and Francis Wife, the first two of whom are reported to have come from Cork – embarked at Cork in Ireland in November 1721 to be ferried as passengers to Nantes in France aboard a French Schnau. The small ship had only a small crew. Because of Roche’s navigational skills, the French captain Pierre Tartou put him in charge of the ship when the captain and mate went to rest. One night, when the captain and mate were asleep, Roche ordered the four Frenchmen of the crew into the sails. When the first two climbed back down, Roche and his gang knocked them down and threw them overboard; the other two, including the ship’s boy, fled to the topmast. Cullen climbed up, caught the ship’s boy by the arm, and threw him into the sea, the last Frenchman he drove down, where the others smashed his head in and threw him into the sea as well. Captain and mate were captured and tied back to back. They pleaded in vain for mercy and were likewise thrown overboard.

The new captain Roche landed at Dartmouth, had the ship repainted and refitted, and renamed it Mary. He rewrote the bills of lading in the name of Pierre Tartou in the name of Pierre Roche. He then sailed via Ostend to Rotterdam, sold the cargo of beef, and took a fresh cargo on board, along with the owner of the cargo, Mr. Annesly. On the first night out of port, they threw Mr. Annesly overboard. The latter swam alongside for some time, pleading in vain for his life. When Roche Havre de Grace docked and heard that the authorities were searching for Captain Tartou’s ship, crew, and cargo, he abandoned the ship.

The crew took the ship to Scotland, landed there, and disappeared. The ship was seized and taken to the Thames.

Later Roche, who was committing fraud in London under the assumed name of John Eustace, was arrested. He gave himself away as Philip Roche by a letter he had in his pocket, addressed to Philip Roche. Confronted by a captain who knew Philip Roche well, he was identified beyond doubt and committed to Newgate Prison on urgent suspicion, eventually confessed when put to the question, was found guilty of piracy and hanged at Execution Dock in London on 5 August 1723, aged 30.


Yesterday’s Pawn Shop Finds

Browning auto 5 12g, shotgun

Langenhan 6.35 in 25 auto, pistol

Rock Island M206 in .38 spl, pistol

Cruising Northern Arizona Pawnshops can be interesting.



Crossing the line was a ceremony that is still performed by both naval and merchant ships to celebrate passing through the equator in a north-south direction. The custom has its origins in the time of the age of discovery of the Portuguese, who, crossing the dreaded equator, wanted to confirm their courage and their faith by baptism. Before the voyages of the Portuguese, the prevailing opinion was that the equatorial region was too hot to inhabit or cross and that an expedition to the southern hemisphere would inevitably be fatal.

‘Crossing the Line’ (caricature) by George Cruikshank

One account from 1708 tells of sailors being hoisted up on the yard and then ducked into the sea up to 12 times. This evolved into a less hazardous version involving a large canvas bath filled with seawater on deck, with a plank across it that could be suddenly withdrawn.  Before the ship actually crossed the line an emissary from the court of King Neptune appeared on board. He brought a message for the captain announcing when the king would be arriving and presenting a list of those who were to appear before him. On the actual day, the pollywogs, those who had not yet obtained their freedom from Neptune, were confined below decks, to be released one by one.


King Neptune arrived, accompanied by his wife, Queen Amphitrite, together with an evil-looking barber, a grim-faced surgeon, fierce-looking guards, and various nymphs and badger bears. After parading around the ship, the group convened a court on a platform beside the pollywogs in turn. The barber besmeared their faces with a foul mixture of tar and grease and then scraped it off with a hoop iron razor. The surgeon administered medicine and then these unfortunates were tipped into the bath for a good ducking, then they receives a sea or weather-related nickname. The nickname remains important even today.


A ship might remain for weeks in the belt of calm that lies close to the equator known as the doldrums. While in this region all aboard suffered from enervating conditions and longed for a breeze. Departure from the doldrums was therefore a time for thanksgiving. And these celebrations were used to improve morale.


    • Falon Gong is a set of meditation exercises and texts that preach the virtues of truth, benevolence and forbearance. It was founded in north-east China in 1992 by Li Hongzhi, a former trumpet player.

      The adherents of Falon Gong gets in your face. They remind me of the old Hari Krishnas at airports. As a result, the Chinese Government persecutes them. Christianity is somewhat repressed in China but not as actively as Falon Gong or Islam precisely because they tend not to be militant. Islam is even more of a political movement than it is a faith.

    • They ran out, for the most part, of obnoxious and open Christians. And the current pope bought protection for Catholics. You can stick out in China, as long as you don’t stick out as far as others, in this case the Falon Gongs and Ughars.

  1. That organ-harvesting racket has been going on in China for decades, but none of the world’s big shots ever seem to care.


  2. My father, during WWII, crossed the Equator on a troop ship from the West Coast to India via Australia. At the end of the war he rode a Liberty ship from India to the East Coast via South Africa. Doesn’t crossing the Equator on all three oceans convey some special status?

  3. Shellback here. I’ve been on 20 launches from the Equator, and setup and testing required that we cross back and forth 6 to 7 times, so I’ve Crossed The Line over 100 times.

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