Editing Viruses    (and engineering them)

OriGene, a US company headquartered in Rockville, MD, appears to have been the originator of the tool of choice used by the Chinese Bioweapons Laboratory embedded within the Wuhan Virology Institute. I called Thursday in preparation for this piece and they hung up on me. I called again, and spoke to somebody higher in the food chain and they said that they were at the cutting edge of creating a cure for COVID-19, which may be true. They build tools.

I’m not blaming OriGene, providing that they supplied the Communists with gene editing equipment as has been suggested. There was no law against it and that brings into question the USA and the protection of the public from an enemy nation… Presidential aspirant Slow Joe Biden took a $1.5 billion gift from the Communists, but the mainstream media won’t discuss THAT.

(From the website) CRISPR/Cas9, is an RNA-guided targeted genome editing tool which allows researchers to do gene knockout, knockin SNPs, insertions and deletions in cell lines and animals. The CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing system requires two components: Cas9, the endonuclease, and a guide RNA (sgRNA) which guides Cas9 to a specific location in the genome sequence. With the protospacer-adjacent motif (PAM – the sequence NGG) present at the 3′ end, Cas9 will unwind the DNA duplex and cleave both strands upon recognition of a target sequence by the guide RNA.

Did the Communist Chinese blend COVID with HIV RNA as has been alleged in publication after publication? It’s likely. It also explains their reluctance to alert the world when they learned of the release.

I’ve asserted this many times and will do it once more (for the record). Any genetic testing laboratory in China will also have a military application. That is how they roll. It’s how they have always operated. And they view anyone not in the People’s Republic of China (and many ethnic minorities in the PRC) as enemies.

It’s time that we behave as if they are an enemy to the United States and to the world. (more here on Chinese Espionage)

The Advice Corner – Not quite Dear Abby.

Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing. If everybody likes you, you have a serious problem.

Some people never are able to go crazy. What horrible lives they must lead. – C. Bukowski

If you can’t imagine her throwing a Molotov cocktail, I don’t think that she’s the right girl for you.

I think that’s enough advice for the moment.


    • The price of life, liberty, and health, is eternal vigilance. We can’t afford to take our eye off the ball anymore.

    • I don’t think that we’re in the Vonnegut novel Cat’s Cradle. The ability to splice in RNA is technical but it’s hardly unique or unknown. The effect of a release of this sort of thing is obvious.

  1. You gotta be willing to step up to the plate and swing away, and when you do, never ever take your eye off the ball or you will lose…badly — especially when dealing with those who would retaliate over the littlest thing, or worse, those who we believe to be “friends”…they will take advantage of the chinks in the armor when least expected and wreck you.

    My bride would toss the Molotov Cocktail, or more likely, run you over with her horse if she felt you were a threat.

    Bold move calling OriGene…twice. Those types believe they can operate in a vacuum. (h/t)

    • The US has supplied the Communist Chinese with the means of our destruction for a very long time. It has been so widespread that it’s difficult to crucify any one person or company. Rather it was complacency. And we can’t afford that anymore.

  2. I’m with you Larry. I want you to understand that in no uncertain terms. Why you might ask? Because your a Warrior, A Man of The West. I can tell, from the very first word I ever read you wrote. Some things are just true as a matter of the heart and the spirit.
    Even if we live 3000 miles from each-other and don’t know each-other from Adam, it doesn’t matter. What does is I’m with you, that you know this, just as if we stood side by side with our weapons. Maybe that is the most powerful weapon against these evil times and those creating them.
    But Lord, I love me some AR’s and good kit and another man who has mine and I have his six.

    I believe from careful decades long consideration, there’s a lot going on in that we have reached a critical state we have never seen in all our history as a republican form of representative government, as citizenry, in politiks, and that critical intersection is essentially “they”, have gone all in, chosen in finality to destroy us as a civilization and most important of all as Free Men living in a civilization of ordered Liberty, that they have no other enemies but us dirt people, they of course have always treated as as existential enemies because we are free people, who can not ever be all controlled under their totalitarian jackboot, therefor regardless of the outcome, they have nothing to lose in attempting to destroy as much as possible of our culture, way of life, our livelyhoods, our essential wealth, the soul of our prosperity that is our economic freedom to create wealth and own property, and above all the system of rule of law designed to protect us, from rule of men, our most very natural rights and properties, from intellectual to our arms. But most of all the things, they fear us using our minds more than using our idea of rule of law, and our rifles against them. Because the mind which does not fear them is the weapon they fear most of all. They should. I hope they are haunted day and night, they are haunted in their inner sanctums, their dreams whisper of our indomitable free nature as Men at night, that we are a shadow of righteousness and vindication, a fear that permeates everything they do and are.
    In fact, I don’t have to hope, I know in my bones they fear Freemen like us. The proof is right there, all around us.
    Good people do not do these things to other people.
    You only have to repeat that to urself, say self, I’m a good person, a true blue red blooded American, and I do not nor could ever be as evil as these maniacs, SOB’s, and psychopaths are.

    It is our minds that are and always are our best weapon. Our hearts guide us to do what is right and proper, the thing that guides us in choosing what course is right for us. No one nor nothing else on this mortal coil. Why Liberty is so dangerous, it is for responsible prudent self determined Men. This is the ultimate most powerful weapon ever devised my man. The power to say NO.
    Our rifles are an awesome extension of that weapons system. Our Rifles make us the match of any foe, used in our cause, they are the finest small unit infantry weapon ever created, the Combat Rifle is what made America possible, and the birth of Liberty a living reality an no longer a 5000 year dream of an idea. “The 5000 Year Leap”
    Taken in whole with our motive power and our great audacity for liberty, we as just every day little people are the quintessential natural enemy of tyranny.

    There is no bullshit about this.
    It’s time to fight like true stand up Men of The West.
    Ones within and without our government and their minions in terrible collusion are waging open war upon us. This is properly called Genocide. They weaponize everything, just as they have created a weaponized insidious microscopic bug to do us in.
    There are not enough of them to stop us.
    They only have fear and the power to hurt as weapons.
    They must divide us to conquer us.
    If everyone who can stands and fights, refuses to comply we can not be vanquished, we are indomitable Men.
    “e pluribus unum,” or “out of many, one”
    We are Legion.
    Athen’s, Greece, Rome, gave us the West, our great culture codes and traditions.
    When they come Kill them all.
    They will soon run out of armed sycophants.
    Our Cause We Leave To God And Our Rifles.
    Let God sort them out.
    Revolution, resistance, against tyrants is not an act, it is a process of the human spirit.
    Nemesis is A righteous infliction of retribution, manifested by an appropriate agent.
    In other-words, This is America. “Fuck you” is always a choice.

    George Washington had a most salient way of stating that truth:

    “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good”

    Arm Thyself To The Teeth.

    • Your women-of-the-coven might start collecting wine bottles and funneling gasoline into them. If that happens, I suggest you go on a road trip until it’s over….take Banner with you.

    • If we have to make improvised weapons, we’re doing it wrong, probably.

      OTOH, you can make a PVC pipe potato-gun that’ll chuck your molotovs a bit farther, in a pinch. It worked for Flaming Tennis Balls when I was a kid, anyways.


  3. You ever thought that Origene be complicit in this virus outbreak? I am wondering why the HIV component of the virus was inserted and it’s role in the disease process and the outcome of it’s use?

    • The sense of others, who I have listened to, was that the insertion of HIV RNA would make the coronavirus more effective in a viral attack against a human body and immune system. One can opine that the Chinese virologists were testing it on animals when it broke containment in whatever way that it did.

  4. Somewhere I read the main batvirus lady at Wuhan bio-lab was also worked prior to this at a UNC research lab investigating “function enhancement” of coronavirus’s , the grant program was eventually shut down as it was deemed too dangerous. Then she went to Wuhan. Same woman was also first on deck to denounce the Indian scientists who claimed it was an engineered virus.
    This is from memory, so it may be off in details.

    • I remember reading this several weeks back. What is horrifying is that Western news media units are trying their best to discredit the conclusion that Wuhan Coronavirus is a manufactured virus. Maybe it wasn’t intentionally released but that no longer matters. The effect is the same as if it had been. Now the most serious open question is will it kill more of us in far greater numbers in two years time? Five? Ten? Plainly, China is not our friend. Time to recognize that indisputable fact.

      • NBC/Comcast has a multi-billion dollar stake in China. They don’t want that to collapse. The same thing is true of ABC and the other mainstream media outlets, which are all corporate conglomerates. They all have filthy deals with China and that will naturally supersede any patriotic notions that they may have.

  5. “It’s time that we behave as if they are an enemy to the United States and to the world.” Exactly the consensus at Easter lunch yesterday. But maybe there’s a typo in the post? I’ve seen that attractive young woman throw “mollies” with appalling and deadly accuracy.

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