Dumbing Down America with Common Core

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I tried to look at the new national education standards as put forward in Common Core with a fair and balanced approach. I went to their website and started on math because it’s the basis for understanding all science, http://www.corestandards.org/Math

Under the new approach, the furthest you can go in high school is algebra. There is no provision for calculus or trigonometry. Under the new guidelines, they schools are funded to the extent that they ONLY teach Common Core. That means that’s all they’ll teach. And it’s a pity because physics requires calculus if you’re going to take it beyond a few science demonstrations such as having an apple fall from a tree. You’ll see it happen, but you won’t be able to explain WHY it happened because that requires calculus.
Then I moved on to English, http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy and noticed that literature will not be taught at the middle school or high school levels. When I was that age, I read Animal Farm and later, 1984, Lord of the Flies and Fahrenheit 451. Those are dangerous texts in the age Obama. I’m sure that the Common Core folks would have loved to have included literature if they could have limited reading to Das Kapital. To avoid controversy, they just cut the whole thing out.
At this point I would normally make a strident plea for the classics to be taught in school, but as the wanna-be president said so eloquently (regarding the Benghazi Massacre), “what difference does it make?”
My sense is that those who put Common Core together want Junior College to be the new high school. I admit that a high school diploma doesn’t mean much anymore when you’re looking for a job. Maybe that’s what drove the people at Common Core? A truck driver doesn’t need to read Thoreau or Emerson? If you work in a factory, why should you study Thomas Paine?

I realize that school officials will cry, “We only have so much time!” My answer is to extend the school day by an hour or two each day if that’s what it takes for an adequate education.

12 thoughts on “Dumbing Down America with Common Core

  1. Yep, they want everyone to stay ignorant as long as possible. Easier to manage the masses that way. No revolution ever started from the masses, but to ensure that the masses have to be kept in the dark. No calculus or literature for you!

  2. American parents will have to become like the asian parents I see here in California. When kids get out of school, they go straight to after-school academic instruction. Only the rich will be educated.

  3. Its a sad, sad state we've come to. I guess the only real requirement for education will eventually be how to make your "X" on the form for public assistance. They can even use little pictures on voting ballots instead of writing the candidate's name, so that the drones will know who to vote for.

  4. I think that's the heart of the problem. The school system would seem to have a more vocational type outlook these days. More proles.

  5. Public Schools are, for the most part, a sad state. Common Core is Jeb Bush, just like No Child Left Behind was his brother, and Race to the Top is Obama. They have little to do with the programs (though Jeb is MUCH more involved) but they all feel the need to get the Federal Government involved. The teachers unions have the power they do because of these programs, and it makes for odd bed fellows.

    People who hold out hope for public schools need to realize these are not the schools they went to as a child…

  6. Rise of the lowest common denominator. Efforts should be made to PULL UP the lowest of us, not TEAR DOWN everyone else to their level.

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