Sometimes it’s Funny (h/t Claudio)

(Jerusalem Post) It’s sort of like when you put a “kick me” sign on your back and walk around school… it would take a real idiot to do that.

Hezbollah drone downed by the Israeli military had a memory card with clear pictures of operatives belonging to one of the Lebanese terror group’s elite units.

The drone, shot down by the IDF on Wednesday after it infiltrated Israeli airspace, had images of its operators belonging to the elite Radwan unit that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to gather intelligence on Israeli troops.

The pictures were likely taken by mistake by the UAV, but they revealed their faces and vehicles – complete with license plates – as well as the operatives flying another drone that had also been downed a few months ago by the IDF. I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for their life expectancy beyond this point…

According to a recent report by the ALMA Research Center, Hezbollah has some 2,000 UAVs, many of them advanced ones from Iran, and others manufactured independently by the Lebanese terror group. Others used by Hezbollah are civilian drones, similar to the one downed on Wednesday.

The group was said to have 200 Iranian-made UAVs in 2013 and, with the help from the Islamic Republic, it has significantly increased its fleet, some of which is set to be used for kamikaze attacks on strategic national assets in Israel as well as in reconnaissance against IDF troops and bases.


James Woods

Woods is a good actor, but he’s a better patriot, holding the great and near-great to account.


Identify the Tank

It’s not interesting if you don’t identify which nation is operating the tank.


Floating Tank – in the News

The “floating tank” that has been drifting around the South China Sea for the last week has been captured by the Indonesian Navy. Turns out it’s a sheet metal training target.


The Empire Strikes Back

Kazakhstan’s president has ordered security forces to open fire without warning as unrest continues.

In a televised address on Friday, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev warned demonstrators would be “destroyed” in the event of further disturbances as part of a forceful “counter-terrorist” operation aimed at restoring order. Russian troops arrived to help keep the peace, restore order and prop up the corrupt president-for-life and his crime family.

Kazakhstan produces more than 40 percent of the world’s uranium and unrest in the country saw prices of the radioactive metal surge.



  1. Hezbollah has it’s own air force? A good sized one too… not to be picky but isn’t a “kamikaze” drone just a slow guided missile?

    Do yo have a nuke power map like that for the US?

    • Yes, I’ll post up the map in a day or two for you. For now here’s a list:

      I’m sort of in the nuclear power business now and remain close to the issue (yes, a new career). The new Advanced Small Modular Reactors and Small Modular Reactors are a game-changer and until we can come up with safe and reliable fusion reaction – they’re it. Windmills and solar panels are simply not enough for an industrial nation that needs on-demand power 24/7/365.

      Some of the generating stations like Palo Verde in Arizona have multiple stations in one complex. Palo Verde has three

  2. T-80U of the South Korean Army (ROKA).
    It is one of the very rare cases where a pro-Western country operates Soviet/Russian hardware.
    These tanks are a heirloom of the 1990s when the South Koreans accepted roughly two battalions’ worth of MTBs (the said T-80U) and AFVs (BMP-3) plus lots of other hardware because that was the only way the Russkis were able to pay their debts.
    Interestingly enough, both the MTB and the AFV are well liked by their South Korean crews.

    • Bear me to it. They’re an oddity, but I really couldn’t turn one down if sone couldn’t pay me any other way. With a few upgrades, they’d be a viable Neighborhood Watch reaction force for when things go pear-shaped here.

      • The problem with them in a neighborhood reaction role is that they have very light armor, light semi-auto defense (7.62), and there are a significant number of Americans with .50BMG. Ball will penetrate. API will penetrate with style.

        Ideally with neighborhood defense, you need 20mm stand off capability and some kind of infantry support to keep the other neighborhood type from getting to close to your armor.

        Bottom line is that old light armor is better than nothing, but there is a lot of know-how out there to take it out.

        Those police armored cars (SWAT) they put trust in are iron coffins if serious people decide to involve themselves.

          • Ed, the problem with revolutions is that they develop factions. Just because you have a shiny new APC (which requires a robust supply chain of fuel, batteries, and spares to keep them moving), doesn’t mean that somebody else of your own general ilk might think that it’s too noisy or just doesn’t like the Ypsilanti or Washtenaw County militia and if they have a rifle (likey a .50 BMG – (12.7×99mm NATO) ) with anti-material capability, your APC is dead unless it moves with trained disciplined and equipped infantry.

            Mk 211 Raufoss rounds and standard armor-piercing incendiary are in the public domain in significant numbers. They are elegantly effective against light armor. A standard .50 BMG AP round will penetrate 6″ of sloped armor at point-blank range. That’s right, it will cut through an M-60 main battle tank, and spall around inside.

  3. I know I don’t say much: but I try to read. This one is really interesting.
    Karma for the Hezbollah?

    You all be safe and God bless.

    • Hezballah are outmatched. Political types use the young as pawns— cannon fodder. But it keeps the money coming in, that never filters down to ground level.

  4. Wonder how the Israelis shot down the drone. If it was with Iron Dome it cost a bunch of money to shot down one small drone; a poor tradeoff. Hopefully it was downed with something much cheaper per shot.

    As far as SMRs and ASMRs, that is truly the way to go for the foreseeable future. A distributed power network would be much more robust than a massive single point of failure large reactor is.
    Fusion always seems to be 20 years out no matter what year the question is asked.

    Solar power and wind are just too inefficient to be worthwhile. Spaced based solar with beamed power to earth might be a thing in another 30 years. We can hope anyway.

    • Forgot to add that we will need massive amounts of electricity to charge all those electric cars everybody wants the citizens to drive.

      • I expect they zorched it with one of the various RF anti-drone systems. If Iron Dome had hit that thing, it would be in tiny pieces. Looks pretty intact in the photo.


  5. Yep, that ‘crew’ of Hezbollah is done for, sooner rather than later. And the floating tank isn’t unusual. There is some ‘strange’ stuff floating around in the SCS…

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