But wait!

It’s no longer just BLM. There are a number of related places you can throw your money.

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) educates and engages American Africans and negro immigrant communities to organize and advocate for racial, social, and economic justice. No justice, no peace. This is a favorite destination for a lot of Hollywood money. When you go to see a progressive star in a movie, produced and directed by social justice warriors, a portion of that box office you’re contributing too ends up here – and at ANTIFA, allegedly, a co-stakeholder.

You can’t call people “colored” but the NAACP can. By parting with your hard earned money, you’ll be fighting for racial justice and bailing out shouters, marchers and looters. They can’t breathe in jails, set them free!

Beauty Brands

Wendy’s – a portion of every order that you make, finds its way to Black Lives Matter. The company said it is making a $500,000 donation to social justice organizations, tweeting that “a lot of people are hurting because of blatant racism against black people.” There are a number of other Food Brands that are shoveling money to Black Lives Matter. Think of BLM every time you eat: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, McDonalds Hamburgers, Pepsi, Taco Bell, Starbucks, etc.

It’s important to know who donates to Black Lives Matter so that you can reward them with your business.

Nothing says social justice like a new pair of Air Jordans or a flat screen television that you didn’t pay for.


  1. McDonald’s used to have a site called 365black.com (since 2003). It seems to have disappeared recently, only to be replaced by something called “Black and Positively Golden”. Not a negro and feeling left out? Worry not, they have “APA” for “Asian Pacific American Community” and some HACER program for Hispanics. (White people can just suck it. As usual.) When I belatedly found out about 365black a couple of years ago it was in a way great. I stopped going to McDonalds. Other than to urinate, that is.

    In all this WuFlu madness I haven’t been to ANY fast food in months. Not out of fear over the dread Corona-chan, but because I’m throwing all my junk food money to the “Pizza and Grinders” place three blocks from my office. Family-owned non-chain small business run by a nice Greek couple. They’re barely hanging on. On the very minor plus side, we’re now on a first name basis.

    Can we get a Black Alliance for Emigration?

    • I don’t know why more Afro-American people don’t emigrate to Africa, sort of a mecca, a homeland that is very progressive and calls to them. Oprah belongs there among the people, not surrounded by guards. Nobody would hurt her in where her roots are. They are just so full of love for fellow people of color.

      I like the small joints the best. The food is almost always better and I don’t have to feel bad about where the money is going.

      But I’m with you on McDonalds is a good place to urinate when nature calls. They’re everywhere.

      • Same with you LL and Mike C and I don’t flush afterward… and never ever hit the trash can on my way out. I don’t at any chain restaurant. I only go to local eateries.

        • I think that most of the fast food chains and the big corporate machines donate to show how inclusive and progressive they are. There’s a lot of blackmail (no pun intended – but take the pun if you’d like) by democrat-backed groups on anyplace, such as Chick-Fil-A, that donates to Republican causes. It never seems to go the other way. Face it, the democrats are better at extortion.

          And lest you think that I’m a Republican, I’m really not. They just don’t OVERTLY advocate the overthrow of the Constitution, so my preferences drift in that direction.

  2. And I’m these places get a lot more “White Guilt Trip” money from individuals.

    I’ve been to a McDonalds exactly three times since we moved here. Once for me, and twice for the SLW who adores their fries.

    If we want fast food (rarely these days) we go to one of the non-chain local places.

  3. Since learning the perfect recipe for french fries (cut potatoes, microwave for 5 minutes, then cook in oil) I have no desire to go to any fast-food place. I just cook too well. And my waistband shows it.

    As to Ben&Jerry’s, they’ve been supporting the ‘Free Mumia’ crowd since day 1. And, frankly, their ice cream is overpriced and sucks. The regional grocery chain, Publix (sorry, only in the southeast) has better and less expensive ice cream, including a really good egg-nog from just before Thanksgiving to after New Years.

    The rest of it? I’ll donate to BLM, and La Raza, and all the other anti-American organizations. Donate all the spit and lead I can, and all the cold steel they’ll take. Nothing else from me. Nothing.

    • It’s been over a decade since I tried Ben and Jerry’s for all those reasons. They’re the poster child for donating to everything that I don’t like.

        • Bacon fat or lard. A lot of traditional Mexican cooking relies on traditional fats and lard. I recall taking MRSLL to Mexico for the first time and going to a really nice place in Tijuana (there are nice places there), where she had french fries. She said that she’d never had such good fries. They were cooked in beef renderings, and they were delicious.

  4. The Wendy’s thing is interesting.
    A friend of mine owns about 25.
    He’s a conservative.
    And another person, James Bodenstedt, the CEO of Muy Companies, donated nearly $500,000 to Trump’s re-election campaign. Muy Companies owns and operates 800 Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut locations across the US.
    Wendy’s is using the hashtag which is rightly being confused with BLM®.
    I just got into an online discussion with a guy that does a good on-line webcomic.
    He posted a BLM banner.
    But people don’t see the danger of BLM® Inc.

    • Black Lives Matter is nothing but a front. And really, it has very little to do with helping to improve the lives of black people. I don’t donate to or buy from organizations that support groups that fit into the category of “terrorist”, nor do I support organizations that advocate the murder of the unborn such as Disney. We all have choices.

      It’s like the Democrats in Congress who openly support Antifa. I realize that it’s incredibly progressive, but it’s also incredibly wrong.

  5. I’m thinking we really need to get the RoofTopCowboyLivesMatter schtick going and get some gravy.

    Naaa….On second thought I wouldn’t want to scam anybody who supported #RTCLM.

    It’s far too important a Social Issue to scam people into supporting it!

    isn’t it?

    • We need to consider action (as a last resort). Most of us have enough arms and ammo to take the day against Antifa.

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