Black Friday

Try to avoid buying Christmas gifts at Amazon or big box stores that raked in hundreds of millions during the plague. Attempt to focus to the extent possible on the little guys. The same is true of restaurants and other small shops.

Now get in there and fight! You know, if Biden wins the disputed vote count, you should be able to loot, and just carry the merchandise away. The New Amerika, right?


Holiday movie suggestion of the Day:

Body of Lies

Body of Lies is a 2008 American action thriller film directed and produced by Ridley Scott. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, and Mark Strong in the lead roles. Set in the Middle East, it follows the attempts of the CIA and Jordanian Intelligence to catch “al-Saleem”, a terrorist. Frustrated by their target’s elusiveness, differences in their approaches strain relations between a CIA case officer/chief of station, his superior, Near East Division Chief, and the head of Jordanian Intelligence.

The screenplay, based on the novel of the same name by David Ignatius, examines contemporary tension between Western and Arab societies, and the comparative effectiveness of technological and human counter-intelligence methods. The film was shot largely on location in the United States and Morocco.

The tradecraft involving the use of drone aircraft is something that you might want to familiarize yourselves with just as a matter of interest.



A Powerful Recruiting Tool

For the Party of Tolerance and Love.


Founding Principles


No More of THIS the under the Green New Deal!

Just sit in the corner, on the floor and slurp your gruel, you serf! Be thankful that there are a few hunks of tofu in it.



This Month in History

On this month in 1820, an 80-ton sperm whale rammed & sank a Nantucket whaling ship named Essex.

Twenty of the crew escaped in open boats, but only five survived the three months adrift, while three others were rescued off an island.

Herman Melville based his novel Moby Dick on these real events, but changed the name of the ship from the Essex to the Pequod.

One hundred and fifty one years later, a Seattle English teacher, a History teacher, and a writer approached a bank about a loan to start a coffee house. They wanted to call the place “The Pequod,” but the bank would not lend them money on that strange name, so they changed it to “Starbucks” — the name of the first mate in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick tale.


    • The Starbucks barista job with the master’s degree (or PhD) in liberal arts is considered superior to turning burgers or twirling pizzas because you can interact with all of the trust fund babies working on their screenplays while swilling $10 per cup coffee (decaf-soy). It’s incredibly progressive. Of course it’s not a full time job, so you’ll continue to live in grandma’s basement, having her fix you dinner on the generous $1,300 allotment from the Social Security Administration that she’s living on. Yes, some nights you’ll eat cat food because at the end of the month, that’s what grandma is living on too.

      There is the $15.00/hr that the democrats promised, which is why you vote that way. Never mind that you’ll be laid off work because the business can’t support that sort of wage (and can possibly start on your own screenplay) and the cat food will start at the middle of the month rather than at the end as you deplete what resources that grandma has.

  1. “Black Friday Shopper Lives” do matter…to retailers. Never understood the appeal of fighting crowds for a bargain. Now with the unwashed being fully masked up may supersede the 6’ “Social Distance” (gag!) protocol but no one could understand each other when getting into a fight over the last remaining newest “hot buy”.

    Hope you had (having) a terrific Thanksgiving. Gratitude for what remains as normal, even if we have to force it and run the 4 wheel drive over the potentates demand we stay sequestered (hahahahah). Luckily our sibling clan are on the same page so it was great getting together. But back to the semi-remote “deplorable” homestead for us today, animals to attend to and things to get done before Winter settles in, and still hopeful POTUS prevails so we can all exhale some.

    Safe travels everyone.

  2. When I have to sign a Confession of Counter-revolutionary Thought “contact tracing” around here, if it isn’t a small local business, and there’s no Commissar watching, I write “Patrick Henry, 704-1776” .

  3. I’ve been getting Black Friday sales emails for so long that the term is meaningless. Black Friday has gone from a term that meant “once a year epic sale” (or so we thought) to “what are they pimping now?”

    It’s in the last few years that this has happened.

    Soon we’ll be able to tell the grand kids the story of the day. “I remember when Black Friday was once a year.”

  4. Well at least at the White Wolf Mine you can have Elk and Deer that you have harvested quite silently instead of tofu and rice gruel. Even the latter may be environmentally incorrect until the world population is reduced by 4 or 5 Billon people according to the “woke” crowd.

      • Neither do they sign up to end their own lives at 75 (Biden could have done it by example) when per ObamaCare, you’re subject to death panels.

  5. Black Friday? Participated once for a specific item (maybe 30 years ago.) A nightmare never to be repeated.

    I’ll have to disagree about Amazon (although I admit to being torn over the whole situation.) In one respect, I think Amazon is an entrepreneurs dream. They provide a service and do it better than anyone else. Don’t forget, that regular little people are selling on Amazon and doing quite well too.

      • Our only real locally owned stores are Super 1 grocery (they have about 10 stores now), and our Ace Hardware (maybe 6 or so stores now.) Both are packed and busy as can be. I frequent both. But pretty much all my purses, cosmetics (lots and lots of makeup), Amazon Essential clothes (sweats and stuff), Kindle books, and now vitamins since I no longer go to Costco come from Amazon. I also get whatever Ace can’t order for me since I don’t want to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot.

        That’s about my life now – Super 1, Wallyworld (but less all the time), Ace Hardware, and church. Keeps things simple

  6. I used to buy books from Amazon. In the beginning it was easy and convenient. The price for the book itself was competitive and I could choose transportation at different cost.

    But recently they reduced transportation to one option at a substantial higher price. The total cost of the book became substantially more expensive and other local alternatives became more attractive.

    So from now on Jeff will not get my money.

      • I buy a fair of books from Amazon and nook. The electronic format allows me to adjust the text size to make it easier for my old eyes to read. Still have at least a thousand paper volumes as backup!

  7. There’s a LOT of “crossover sellers” on Amazon and eBay. I’ve bought things on Amazon and received them in an eBay shipping bag, and I’ve bought stuff on eBay that came in a Prime box.

    And lots of them are drop-shipped from the same warehouse.

    Go figure…….

  8. In my Communist utopia everyone will have an apartment. I will have an apartment too, on 5th Avenue, and a beach house. And yes, there will be many solar powered busses to take the workers to the nearest Apple production line. But I will drive a Bentley Turbo. Well, the driver will drive it, I’ll just sit in the thing.

    You can run the Cheka, if you like.

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