Denying The Party Access?

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The Trump Administration is currently crafting language which would deny visas to all members of the Chinese Communist Party.

Beijing says banning 92 million Communist Party members from America ‘ridiculous’.

China currently labors under the delusion that America does not view them as an ENEMY state. Or they understand it and don’t want to accept it. China’s foreign ministry says a reported US plan to ban entry for all members of China’s ruling Communist Party would be an antagonistic move.

The Communist Chinese engaged in war by other means for a long time and the US is just pulling it out into the open. Bribery of US politicians worked well and they’re hoping that former Vice President Biden stays bought, but there is no guarantee.

China needs to accept the present reality and decouple itself from the rest of the world (except from its allies in Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, pariahs all) and assume its role as just another pariah state.

China's ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai. Photo: Reuters

China’s ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai. Photo: Reuters

Beijing’s top envoy to the US has urged Washington to decide whether it is ready to accept the rise of China, amid ever-heightening tensions between the strategic rivals.

Cui Tiankai told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview on Sunday that China had the “legitimate right” to modernize into a “strong, prosperous country”, pushing back against the growing consensus in Washington for a more hardline approach to an increasingly assertive Beijing.

I don’t think that anyone is standing in the way of China modernizing behind their Bamboo Curtain. Their pathway to modernization so far has been one of manipulation, espionage, and aggression. They’re upset that the gravy train has stopped and let them off.


14 thoughts on “Denying The Party Access?

  1. I presumed COVID was retaliation of Trump’s re-balancing trade and putting China on notice for stealing our intellectual property. They never figured he wouldn’t play and would hit back hard. More galling is the leaky Wuhan Virus Cookery had help from people like Gates and Fauci and that Haahvaad prof. More there than anyone suspects, but I suspect Trump knows the deal.

    Since we pretty much know the Wuhan Pox came to California’s shore via “tourists” sometime in September, Trump’s instinct with China was, and still is, correct…keep ’em out.

    1. It’s tough to say in regard the plague. There are a lot of confusing reports, and Faucci had his rat claws into it as well.

  2. That’s right comrade. Back behind the curtain. You may come out when you decide to play right.

  3. I think a lot of the smart Chinese Communist party members and rich Chinese have been building boltholes for themselves and their families in the West. Both Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese. They are sending their grandchildren to be schooled in the West and to start making friends and networks. They are buying lots of real estate and laundering money to make it disappear from the oversight of the Chinese Communist Party. Look at London, Paris, Vancouver BC.

    They remember the Ten Thousand Blossoms and the Cultural Revolution and that they survived it, when friends and acquaintances did not. They are buying a long term insurance policy for their families, especially now that the one child policy has narrowed their lineage and placed all their futures in one or two children.

    They are concerned that President for Life Xi Jinping is going to use a return to Maoism to ensure his continued rule and survival. Also, there is the obverse, that Xi will actually cause China to splinter into belligerent regions like it has many times before.

    1. All 100% true, and President Trump will close the bolt holes to the USA – and many of the cadre are concerned.

  4. Roughly half of America doesn’t view China or the CCP as the enemy…..they view them as allies and fellow socialists.

  5. High five for the visa revokations.

    Sadly, I expect DNC lawfare will keep them from happening soon, if ever.


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