Retro Flat-Top

USS Lexington –  Fleet Marine Detachment on flight deck after of Island, note the twin mount 8” gun battery. As with many aircraft carriers of its era (British, Japanese and American), it started life as a heavy cruiser.


Retro Navy

Period photograph aboard the USS Mohican ca 1880s. There was no high year tenure for those sailors. It wasn’t “up or out.” It was a very different navy.

David Freund and John King are sitting on their ditty boxes,  Gilbert H. Purdy has his foot on a barrel- tube while his companion is sitting on it. – Funny thing, they used the spone/rammer as a washing line.


Retro Review (VM, from the past)

Steel or Titanium?


A few definitions and observations

model is a scheme, that is, a set of explanations about nature.

If the model is speculation, it is called a hypothesis. If there is firm confirmatory evidence, it is called a theory.

The part of a theoretical model which reduces a part of observed nature to an equation, or a ratio, or a principle, it is called a law of nature. Example: Newton’s Third Law of Motion. The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Gauss’s Law.

Climate change and the tax necessary to tackle it is not a law of nature. It’s a scam.


Meme of the Day


The Wall – Tear it Down?

The states of Arizona and Montana are trying to block new regulations under the Biden Administration that would stop most deportations of illegal immigrants.

“If asked about the poorest policy choice I’ve ever seen in government, this would be a strong contender, blindly releasing thousands of people, including convicted criminals and those who may be spreading COVID-19 into our state, is both unconscionable and a violation of federal law. This must be stopped now to avoid a dangerous humanitarian crisis for the immigrants and the people of Arizona.” – Mark Brnovich, Attorney General, Arizona

The Attorneys General for the two states say Mexican drug cartels activity have been escalating since the end of 2020 because the cartels expected that President Biden would have a “hands off” attitude regarding the border.

Read the lawsuit here. It asks the court to declare the Biden administration policy illegal and unenforceable.


The Future Population



(LifeSiteNews) – A doctor told CNN that nobody should be “surprised” to see reports of “multiple people dying” at long-term care facilities a day or two after having received the COVID vaccination.

Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, told CNN last week that the COVID-19 vaccines have not been tested on the “frail elderly.”

“Since they haven’t been studied in people in those populations, we don’t know how well the vaccine will work for them. We know that most vaccines don’t work nearly as well in a frail elderly person as they would in someone who is fit and vigorous, even if they happen to be the same age,” said Moore.

Moore said that Americans need to be prepared for reports about the elderly dying “a day or two” after receiving the vaccine jab, adding that such deaths are a “normal occurrence” that may have nothing to do with the vaccine since such people “die frequently.”

“We would not at all be surprised to see, coincidentally, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine, not because it has anything to do with the vaccination but just because that’s the place where people at the end of their lives reside,” Moore said.

“One of the things we want to make sure people understand is that they should not be unnecessarily alarmed if there are reports, once we start vaccinating, of someone or multiple people dying within a day or two of their vaccination who are residents of a long-term care facility. That would be something we would expect, as a normal occurrence, because people die frequently in nursing homes,” Moore added.


  1. Love the period photograph – they look like proper grafters. I’d like to know what they’re talking about.

    The Oxford vaccine has been stopped in Europe because it’s apparently causing blood clots. Though the scientists say that people dying of blood clots is lower than before the vaccine. No matter where you look, there’s evidence for each side. The issue over here is that they’re now talking about vaccination passports and certain countries will only open up to us if we’ve been jabbed. I’m sure Biden will be on that ship. So, my dilemma is either vaccinate and travel freely or stay in England forever and holiday in Cornwall. Rock and a hard place.

    • I’ll take the vax if I have to, but I don’t want to. I know of people who have taken it and they’re not dead, nor have they developed fatal blood clots (yet). Jules, if you’ve had the plague, why do you need to take the shot?

        • “Have to”: unable to board a plane or other civilian transportation without “proof”, unable to cross borders into another country without “proof”.

          At least that is the definition for me.

          • Apparently that only works one way now.

            No vax for me or MrsC…already have the antibodies and [real] science states this is enough, like everything else my immune system has fought off over the years. So no, they can take their “stick” and shove it where the Chinese have been Covid swabbing. The blind leading the blind.

          • Yes, that’s my definition, Coffeejoe.

            I’ve had the plague – January 2020, before it was cool, and I have antibodies.

  2. Navy – what’s with the Stand Down training they are undergoing? First they get ships that can’t fight, now they’re training sailors to not fight as well?
    Vax – one site had a meme calling it a two-fer. Get the jab, you’ll get the slab.

    • Not all ships can’t fight, but the US Navy is working hard to make the service unattractive for white or straight people.

  3. “Salt of the Boat”…love what that picture invokes. Bygone era when men just “did”.

    Circle back – One deflects every question presented and the other lurks in the background of The Hologram (his Marine One micro-presser was clearly green screened, the moniker is appropriate).

    Wall – Amazing (not really) how word got out the border is now wide open, mere days after Jan. 20th. The Administration is flagrantly violating Federal law. Consequences? Hahahah (not funny)

    • I understand the situation with tenure and the desire for a younger military demographic. The old navy was often ‘old’ by their age definition (the thirty year olds pictured, for example – haha).

  4. The virus creates some challenges. A mother and daughter were infected by the virus and got ill last winter. The father and brother did not get ill. Later they wanted to travel to Sweden last summer and needed a passport telling antibodies were present. They went to a doctor for testing and no antibodies were found. So they did not get a confirmation that they have antibodies.

    Another couple 75 and 79 got the virus and were vaccinated, both died. From the family, the lesson was before you take the vaccine check if you have the virus first because the vaccine might increase the risk.

    Another lesson is that the new mutant virus from the UK seems to be more dangerous than the original. A 29-year-old teacher was infected by one pupil entering the class after a period of lock-down. The whole class was infected on a Friday. Later next week she was ill and on Saturday she could not breed and needed an ambulance arriving after four minutes saving her. After treatment in the hospital, she is becoming better. Her spouse also got ill but more like the normal flu. He had been careful with handwash and wearing a mask and none of his working colleagues was infected.

    There are different manufacturers of vaccines. I would have chosen the safest one. First I think the ones in the high-risk group can get it, then all the ones wanting it can have, and when we have seen the results and have the experience I will have it if it is safe as one of the polite ones letting everyone else having it first.

    • I’ve had it, I ignore precautions. I’ve been exposed hard with family who had it and needed help because they were ill and I didn’t get it again. I will not take the vax unless I have to do it for work or to travel outside the US for need.

      I’m sorry for people who are sick and I’m sorry for people who have died. But the death rate is very low for a “plague”.

        • Not necessarily. The average age in rural Oregon is high. The young people move to the cities.

          When I go into town sometimes I feel like the youngest person in a retirement community.

          • If the population is not sustainable, the culture dies. The metrics are clear.

            Russia did an interesting thing. The Russian government pays women to stay home and have children – true it only applies to white people living in Russia, not to minorities, but they’re Russians, they’re racists and groups like Pussy Riot who espouse other philosophies are not well tolerated.

          • USGov pays women to have children too. It applies to any race, but it’s quite likely that certain systemically disadvantaged groups (oh the disadvantagementness! oh the epigenetically-encoded suffering! oy the centuries of persecution!) make greater use of the service (proportionally speaking) than others.

            Singapore at one time had a program to pay women with PhDs to have children, in hopes of raising population IQ. Don’t know if it is still in place. Anyway, my observation was that it probably wouldn’t meaningfully raise IQ, but success would be guaranteed if the goal were more socially awkward, myopic kids. This eminently reasonable comment was not well received for some reason. Maybe because I said it in the PhD postdoc bullpen with three-each male and female PhDs sitting there. Ooops.

          • There you go again…

            Eugenics works. The practice of selective breeding for useful outcomes was practiced in the American South. If you want a big, dumb, field hand, and can practice forced selection over time… it will also yield pro-football and basketball players. It’s racist to write that, but we all know that it’s true. Today literally everything is racist, so nothing is.

            In the Singapore experiment, you might want to combine a Female PhD with a 6-6 blonde haired, blue eye’d Aryan, roll the dice and see what you end up with. Or you can save time and gene splice if you have the tech.

  5. 17 countries in europe have halted the jab, at least the astra zenica one, i think moderna puts it out? strokes and other blood clots. my wife’s friend got it b/c she’s a nurse and after the second dose had stroke symptoms and underwent mri’s etc. nothing found but still dizzy etc two weeks later. my doc says i have brain vessels of a seventy year old so i won’t be adding to the strain with a jab. i had the bug early on, before they knew what it was. i think we’re being played. no virus can exhibit the behavior this has been reported. several groups of doctors say the same. so, are we being poisoned and/or dying of mass hysteria?

    • My scenario is similar to yours RR. I suspect that my brain vessels are commensurate with my chronological age, but why would I have the vax? We’re being played, we’re being scammed, people are like lemmings running into the ocean, following a walking corpse and a ho.

  6. I’ll just add that I know a few people that got the first jab of the Astra Zeneca jab, from a lot that has now been banned accross the EU due to a number of suspicious deaths. They belonged to either vulnerable sections of the populatoin or essential services (including one member of the police); They’re not very happy right now.

    How old were the sailors in the picture? Even allowing for wear and tear, they’re all appear way past 60, and look hard as nails. Avoid at all cost dockside when on liberty…

    Where did that P-38 crash?

  7. DR. Kelly Moore.
    Overall we have been feed bullshit by government agencies and their employers. People who think for themselves are skeptical of any and all “information” put forth. DR Moore’s statements seem to be accurate. That said, individual choice should remain supreme.

    My mother, suffering from severe dementia, lived her last years in a care facility. It is clean and well managed. Yet, the facility has had more COVID attributed deaths than the other ones in town. The lowest rate has been in the “bottom of the barrell” facility.

    If I decide to be vaccinated, it will be the Johnson & Johnson one shot. It is a traditional vaccine. The others? Not vaccines; something new and experimental. I will continue to spend effort and funds on boosting my immune system. Works for me; I haven’t had either the flu or a flu shot in ten years.

    • There are apparently pills that you can take now. Everyone and their brother is promoting the cure. Give me the pills, I’ll claim to have taken them, certify me. Everyone is satisfied.

      The government can f-off.

      • Since vote by mail is certified safe and fraud free, they can mail the shot to people who can then claim they vaccinated themselves. No room for argument….right?

        • I think that the government will accept your vote – check the box at the top for all democrats and mail it in. If you vote otherwise, you either made a mistake, which makes your ballot invalid, or you’re a traitor.

          No room for argument.

    • My doc said the exact same thing about the J&J being a known and the others being quite unknown. Regarding the various conflicting numbers and advice, he said it’s hard to rely on the numbers because most of them are politically based with no actual science behind them.

  8. My wife and I have decided no vax. Ever. We eat (relatively) healthy and and take our vitamins and minerals, and ride the river come what may.

    I was curious about the P-38 as well. TinEye search came up with this–

    “Aerial photographs taken on the 30th of March 2014 off the coast of Harlech, Wales UK during an archaeological survey of the site. The subject is the wreck of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning known as the Maid of Harlech which crashed during WW2.”

  9. IMO, People are worried about the wrong thing.
    The effect of the vax on the person is of minimal consequence. (unless you are that person.)
    The effect of the vax on the virus is what is of concern.
    A non sterilizing vaccine, administered in the middle of an epidemic, practically begs it to mutate to evade the vax.
    That is a Pandora’s box unexpected consequences.

    • Viruses always mutate. And Covid has and will, and there is the African Swine flu making its way around and there are likely other flu virus ready to spread during then next cold and flu season.

      My question is simply this: After a year, what have we learned. If you hang out in progressive states, the answer would be “wear a mask”, even though those don’t work. Vaxing might help but you have to have lead time to prepare for the next flu and must guess which one will be on the 2021-22 hit parade.

      Or you can do like we’ve always done and just ride it out. When I was a kid, I came down with chicken pox, rubella, the other measles, etc. Nobody panicked.

      • Exactly. Did your mother ever tell you to get this crud from your brother/sister, get over it and be immune for life. Sure, respiratory viruses are different, but we have cheapo meds that can take care of business..but those are verboten.

  10. My grandfather left one of those sailer caps, but got washed away in Katrina.

    No jab for me and mine, vitamins , real food, lots of sunshine and ivermectin as prophylaxis.
    I advise everyone to look into ivermectin , it really may be a miracle drug. If u do research on it , avoid goog ul. It’s blocked on there. That tells u something.

    My 92 year old mom took the jab, she is ok. My crazy sister ,who convinced my mom to get jabbed, has decided now it may not be necessary for her to get the jab. Interesting.

    • My 89 year old mother caught the plague 2 months ago and it was like a mild cold. She is very health conscious and is in good shape.

      Her husband (not my father) had every co-morbidity problem – 90, heart problems, COPD, etc. and he died of it.

      But he made it to 90, survived the Normandy landing and fought through the ETO as leg infantry, lived a full life, etc. which is no small thing.

  11. Looking at the early photo, I’m betting the gent on the right was the ships Bos’n and the gent on the left was his ‘striker’… 🙂

  12. Way back when I used to do Industrial Controls for McGraw-Edison, we had a G.E “Dynomometer For Testing Aircraft Engines” in the shop we used to test our drive systems with different electric motors. The thing was a brute, easily capable of absorbing and dissipating 2500HP, so it pretty much laughed at our puny little 400HP electric motors. We received it gratis from our corporate headquarters in Ohio.

    The most interesting thing about this piece of machinery, is that it had been obtained from The US Navy. It had been used for testing aircraft engines after a rebuild on a carrier, and it had a brass Navy acceptance tag riveted to it that said it was for the USS Lexington. The only reasons I can see for this unit not being at the bottom of the Coral Sea, is that it was either a spare (doubtful) or it had been swapped out during the refit at Pearl Harbor before she went to the Coral Sea.

    The period photo is definitely a bunch of Salty Dogs.

  13. re:
    the ‘latest chinese influenza’?

    I notice the attention shift away from the problems with the (“alleged”) influenza.
    Lately, more attention goes toward problems with the (“alleged”) cures.

    Could we face a worse problem than the influenza or the cures?
    This five-minute video discusses a potential global catastrophe:

    * the fibers in masks (aka ‘face-masks’) break loose and are inhaled.
    The shape/size of those fibers is similar to asbestos.
    Those inhaled fibers embed in the lung tissues, and initiate inflammation.

    Does the mesothelioma from asbestos inhalation involve a few thousand workers?
    Does the potential equivalent from inhaled mask (aka ‘face-mask’) fibers involve billions of people of all ages and across the economic spectrum… choking/coughing/suffocating?

    How long will be the De-Population Era prophesied by OurSustainableFuture© spokes-models bezos/zuck/gates?

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