Chinese Threats to Australia (youtube)

There was a general sense in the People’s Republic of China that they’d bought and owned Australia. The realization that they don’t is deeply disturbing to Beijing.  They’re trying to fix the problem by ‘punishing Australia’.

The round-up of foreigners living in China, who would be charged with espionage, irrespective of facts, and held as ‘hostages’ or however you want to characterize it, seems to be coming sooner than later as intimated in the youtube piece cited, dated June 29, 2020.

Friends of mine have been plucked from the street and interrogated along these lines as have many westerners. Things are sliding down hill in China very quickly.


Springfield Armory?

How do you feel about their firearms?


After hoax after hoax has been revealed, nobody thought that there would be a zombie problem when the Chinese Plague hit, but, yes, it followed. Now everyone is trying to predict the next thing.


  1. No more Mr. Nice Guy in Beijing. It was just a matter of time.
    I used to have three Springers before that last canoe trip. The 1911 RO 9mm is a very nice pistol and shoots far better than I can. I’ve had a full sized XD .45 5″ barrel for some time and it seems to do well enough but is no G21. A couple months ago I found a 9mm XD at a bargain price. It runs well and would make a decent truck gun if it wasn’t at the bottom of that lake. A few years back I found a pistol that looked similar to a Sig P226. It seemed solidly built and the price was right so I took a chance. Turned out to be an HS95 from the same outfit that manufactures the XD. XD magazines almost fit and likely can be modified. HS2000 magazines do work and I found one so I do have a spare. So far this pistol has run as well, though its niche is as a curiosity.

    • The problem comes with Chinese holding US passports (spouses and children). The PRC won’t presently allow them to leave.

      • Doesn’t the US passport make them effectively US citizens (for all intensive purposes?)

        Sounds like something the State Department needs to get involved in, rather than pandering to dictators and foreign money like the whores they are (and have been since the 30’s, at least.)

        • The answer is that yes, they are citizens, but they hold dual citizenship and China must issue them an exit visa, and they are not inclined to do so.

          For the historical record, I’ve been sitting on commercial airliners at the departure gate in China several times over the years, and they police will board and haul passengers off. The door closes and the plane takes off. Sometimes a dozen or more passengers (whose papers were not in order). It’s a communist country.

  2. Seems the snakes aren’t in their collective cavern anymore…and I can’t stand snakes.

  3. Aren’t we supposed to still be hating SA? I have two rifles manufactured by the original,a m1903 and a M 1917 enfield and quality is an understatement.

  4. Never owned a Springfield, but they seem nice and have a good reputation.
    I buy my products based on the products. Seems like if you follow the rabbit hole far enough, there’s always some Pinko or other objectionable asshole involved with any company, and then you can’t buy anything and have to become a subsistence farmer. My dad was that back in The Depression, and it sucks ass.

    Hope your friends can escape the PRC, LL.


  5. I’m dangerously close to being a Springfield Armory fanboi. I have the original model, full-sized XDm (40 S&W), a 3.8″ barrel XDm Compact, and an XDs 3.3 barrel (both 45ACP) and a 3″ barrel XD subcompact (9mm).

    The one thing I don’t have is what you picture, one of their nice 1911s. I hear they’re really good.

  6. 1903 rifle.
    M-1 rifle.
    M1A rifle.
    M-1 carbine I built on one of their receivers–
    (scroll to–Springfield Armory, Inc. – Act III: 1997-2003)

    Their older stuff is solid. Some of the newer is hit and miss for QC. I also have an R.O. in 45 that I bought in 2014. I selected it for slide/barrel/frame fit from four like guns. It is wonderfully accurate and runs fine. To my knowledge, the R.O.’s are made with paired slides and frames, which I am all for, but therein lies the gripe with my pistol.

    When I got it home, I noticed a bit of roughness while cycling the slide by hand. Upon field stripping, I found out how they kept the slide and frame ID’d. They stamped the last for digits of the serial number into the TRACK ON THE FRAME for the disconnector nose on the bottom of the slide. I called S.A. and bitched to them. Lady on the phone sounded bored. I got out my stones and smoothed things out, but I was not impressed.

    About a month ago, a local gun shop had a standard wood stocked M1A on the rack, and I asked to look at it. Only glitch I could find was that the rear sight aperture had about 3 MOA worth of windage wiggle.

      • Really? I’ve run close to 10,000 rounds through my Kimber TLEII, and I can count the problems I’ve had on one hand. They’re pretty tight from the factory, and I had to keep mine WELL lubricated the first couple of hundred rounds.

        Other than that, all I’ve done to it is clean it, and replace the recoil and firing pin springs every ~2500 rounds.

  7. I really enjoy my XD40 Compact. Nice shooter. And I am so peeved that I stupidly sold my full-sized XD40, dangit. That gun was quite a shooter. I actually like the feel of the XDs over Glocks. The only thing I have ever found bad about them is the mags have one hell of a lot of tension in them and you really need a load-assist thingamabob to get the mag to hold max load. Oh, darned. But… Springfield usually includes their own mini loader thingamabob if you buy a gun, along with extra mags, a nice case, plastic mag holster and a holster and ….

    Kinda hard not to like what they do with the XD line. Except for maybe the nomenclature behind the whole XD thingy.

    Springfield isn’t the Government Springfield of Curio and Relics class guns. But the new Springfield does a darned good job of producing a quality shootin iron at a reasonable price.

  8. so what’s your analysis of what comes next from china? desperate commies have done desperate things in the past, though the soviets went out peacefully. what’s the play here? drop a bomb on themselves and say we did it, retaliate and show the peeps what great leaders they are? can they possibly think this is the time to hit us? this unrest we have amounts to little more than spoiled kids acting out, we remain THE superpower.

    • They sort of don’t know whether to shit or go blind. The Mainland has more problems with plague, their revenue nationally from foreign sources has all but dried up and they still need to import oil (paid for in US dollars) and food. Their food imports come primarily from Australia, who they’ve banned and the US (paid for in US dollars).

      Right now the Reds are playing for time in the hopes that the globalist conspirators take over the US in November and they can return to robbing us blind.

      The DC Beltway is trying to keep us in Afghanistan (a reliable few hundred billion a year going into their pockets), and absent that, a war somewhere. Bolton was their guy and he melted down, so they’re promoting Russian hoaxes (again).

  9. A friend has multiple variations of the SA XD and if I were in the market for a plastic striker-fired pistol it would be an XD without hesitation.
    The only SA I have is an older TRP and it has been absolutely fantastic.
    As to Kimber, I have only one, a CDPII, it has been absolutely flawless for the 4000+ rounds I have put through it.
    All my other handguns are wheelguns.

  10. I like Springfield Armory – great customer service as far as I’m concerned. I bought a used one from someone locally and it “broke” (mainspring on a 1911, IIRC what the part was).
    Not being the original owner, I wasn’t sure how they’d handle it. The CS rep put a technician on the line who had me describe the problem, and then he told the rep what was broken and that SA would fix it.
    They emailed me a shipping label, they fixed it in a week or so and shipped it back to me on their dime.

    I won’t forget and while I’ve moved on beyond the XD for various reasons, I have bought other firearms from them and am always glad to tell others about the good CS experience.
    I have several similar but not as pleasant customer service stories from other manufacturers, even when I was the original owner.

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