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Coffee Served On Porch Of Ante-Bellum Mansion, At Party For Cadets From Local Army Flying School, Mississippi, US, 1943

This photo from Life Magazine reflects a very different time, nearly 80 years ago. How times have changed. Not all for the better, not all for the worst.


A group of cowboys lay out a blanket and throw the dice, a common game of chance in the Old West. Money was often at stake—or tobacco or other small items.

This colorized photo shows another view of change, cultural dynamics before the onset of the information age. People haven’t changed but the situations of life certainly have become more complicated.




The Prince and the Showgirl (1957)


Barbie Shoes and Leggos

As the father of four girls, it was always the Barbie shoes, waiting in the carpet on the stairs.

As a grandfather, it’s Leggos.


Phoenix (AZ) has Changed


Good then, Good now, Just plain good.



Old Alabama State Flag
New Alabama State Flag

18 thoughts on “Cultural Shifts

  1. Phoenix certainly has changed since I lived there in the late 1980s for about a year. Pretty nice in the winter, not so much in the summer. July 4th, 1987, tubing down the Salt River in 114 degrees, pretty dang comfortable.

    That was when I-10 did not go all the way through Phoenix, you had to get off at Buckeye Road and drive surface streets for 20 miles or so before I-10 picked back up again.

    1. You can still tube down the Salt River (in 114 degrees), and it’s still fun.

  2. The other day I found a digital copy of my dad’s college yearbook from 1944 online. There were numerous photos of students in military uniform preparing for what was to come including my father. The next year he was with the navy on Okinawa. Yeah, those were different times.

    1. There was patriotism in the face of unspeakable evil in America then.

      Today, politicians have joined unspeakable evil, and called it “progressive”.

  3. Yeah, we have honor and integrity and seemingly endless patience…completely foreign concepts to the Left (and some Lib’s) who act worse than 2 year-olds.

    We were just chatting over the weekend away – campside – how things are very different now; rural areas have gone urban – with all the associated trappings and problems, and people in general are disrespectful, have little to no decorum (manners), seem massively ignorant, do not look well to their Creator, yet believe nearly everything the media tells them. Yeah, times have changed, and not in a good way.

    Lego’s, Danish “we don’t get mad, we do get even” humor. Pronounced “Lee-goes” in the Danish, and yes, they always manage to find your bare foot in the dark.

    [pie/cobbler] My wife’s Danish grandmother (who was as wide as she was not very tall) used to tell her: “Yeah vell, dat won’t make you fat, it’s just a little fruit n’ flour and water.” — I’m good with that.

    1. The Northern European concept of desserts is all about bringing heaven to a plate in front of you (free of caloric guilt). My Swiss grandmother made apfelkuchen all of the time and said that it was an essential part of a young man’s growth into full manhood. She wasn’t wrong.

  4. The population #’s on the sign would indicate it’s from the 70’s. And the road is graveled. Spent ’62 there as a kid. Very dry. I recall it sprinkled one day, and the kids were running around shouting “it’s raining!” I just shook my head. Burned my hands very badly on the playground when I first attended school. 5th grade?
    Lived on the then current outskirts of town. Dad could drive us about 5 minutes into the desert to shoot my .22 rifle. That area is well inside the town now.
    They ruined the area, as far as I’m concerned. So much exposed water with all the lawns, fountains, pools, etc, that they have raised the humidity into the 40% range. Might be even higher, now. Was about 7% when we lived there. Took away the reason it was bearable there. Whole area sits in a bowl of hills/mountains that retains whatever goes into the air. They cleaned up the smog, which got worse than L.A.’s air was, but don’t have the brains to remove the exposed water. Idiots.

    1. I lived in Mesa circa 1960, and it was a very different place then, but the old house is still standing and lived in by somebody. Today I’m 2 hours north and it’s like a different planet.

  5. When I was growing up, I had cowboys and horses; dinosaurs and Lincoln Logs, and Tinker Toys.
    Maybe because I had 5 brothers and 2 male cousins that lived nearby.

  6. One of the reasons I’m not particularly anxious to go back to my old home town. It simply isn’t there any longer.

    The last time I was back was in ’91, and in the 9 years since I’d moved it was remarkably different.

    I look at it now with Google Maps, and 90% of my old haunts are gone, huge tracts of land that were corn and soybean fields now sprout McMansions, and every where you turn there’s a Mexican store or market. Drive-by shootings occur weekly in what used to be a very nice part of town, and a couple of the older, well-established neighborhoods I really liked are now barrios, complete with trash all over in the Google street view maps.

    No, you can’t go “home” again. It no longer exists…..

    1. Illegal immigration has damaged a great deal in the US, and you can lay blame on the Democrats and Republicans. Both wanted illegal immigrants, for different reasons, different agendas, both pursued at the expense of the American public.

      I was raised to be a nice guy. I am still a nice guy, but with a far more brittle edge than the nice, gentle, people who I grew up around would be comfortable with. A lifetime of doing what I have done made me something different than what they may still be. I never went home after family who made it home passed away some time ago. So there are different reasons that you can’t go ‘home’. Some times it isn’t there and other times, you (meaning me) wouldn’t be accepted.

      And at the risk of being blunt, there are people who live there (back home) I’d be likely to take an axe handle to for things that happened a long time ago. There is no reason to do that, but my inclination might be to do that because of that brittle edge.

  7. What’s more blunt than an axe handle to the body? That is the attitude we have lost which has permitted rampant immigration. With such attitude we would at least dictate what type of person, of what persuasion and how many, would be allowed in. But we have foreign entities and countries lobbying our elected representatives. The indifference of The People have allowed the villainous scum to get away with their increasing corruption.

    My cousins in Mesa are still bitter to some extent of how their beloved town was subsumed by the megalith.
    The states changing their flags is another example of capitulation to the lowest denominator. Does anyone have a spine anymore?

  8. Well the state of Mississippi has a commission appointed to come up with a new non offensive flag design. The chief of the choctaws is on the commission, huh what’s that about ? They are going to take down the statue of Andy Jackson in the capital city of Jackson. Maybe they will change the name to New Zimbabwe or Shitholia , it may take on the old nickname of Chimneyville, which it received after a visit by Grant during the “ late unpleasantness” if BLM comes to town. The mayor has a fake African name Chocwe Lamumba. The minority rules downtown and the productive class has moved away. Downtown only in daylight. Moving light and fast.

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