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The lesson of China’s Cultural Revolution was that once the lid blew off, all of the carefully laid plans were in the wind. The same may be said of Iran’s radical Islamic Revolution.  Both had very common threads when it came to the central revolutionary government losing control, and they were both historically recent. There are differences of course. When speaking of Iran, I refer to the time after the Shah fled — and it didn’t take him long to flee.

China’s Cultural Revolution was remarkably different from the Party’s military-political victory of 1949. Where the political revolution was managed by the centralized hierarchy of the Communist Party (CCP), the Cultural Revolution quickly morphed from a movement launched by Mao into a decentralized, chaotic mass movement against all elites, including Party and state elites which had been sacrosanct and untouchable.

Although ostensibly launched by Mao (as part of his 1966 purge of Party rivals), the Cultural Revolution very quickly devolved into a decentralized, semi-chaotic movement of Red Guards, students and other groups who shared ideas and programs but who acted quite independent of the Party’s central leadership. (In systems language, semi-chaotic dynamics are emergent properties.)

Mao served as the politically untouchable inspiration for whatever measures the local cadres deemed necessary in terms of advancing (or cleansing) the people’s revolution.

The important point here is that the Cultural Revolution was not controlled by the political authorities, even as they maintained control of the Party and central government hierarchy in Beijing. But this was nothing more than an illusion of control: the forces of the Cultural Revolution had broken free of central command and control, even as the Red Guards expressed their loyalty to Mao and the principles of the Party as the politically approved cover for their rampage.


The French Revolution (French: Révolution française) refers to the period that began with the Estates General of 1789 and ended in November 1799 with the formation of the French Consulate and the rise of Napoleon.

Disillusionment with Louis XVI led to the establishment of the First French Republic on 22 September 1792, followed by his execution in January 1793. (sic semper tyranus) In June, an uprising in Paris replaced the Girondins who dominated the National Assembly with the Committee of Public Safety, headed by Maximilien Robespierre.

This sparked the Reign of Terror, an attempt to eradicate alleged “counter-revolutionaries”; by the time it ended in July 1794, over 16,600 had been executed in Paris and the provinces. As well as external enemies, the Republic faced a series of internal Royalist and Jacobin revolts; in order to deal with these, the French Directory took power in November 1795. Despite military success, the war led to economic stagnation and internal divisions, and in November 1799 the Directory was replaced by the Consulate.

Revolutionary symbols such as La Marseillaise (the lyrics are instructive) remain within the French consciousness today.


The Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979 also slipped out of control of the central revolutionary government. Islamic courts, operating independently, applied faith purity tests to people and there was only one verdict – death. Sometimes by firing squad, other times by hanging, beating or slow torture. Whirlwind, a novel by James Clavell, first published in 1986, provides a measure of the vibe to the western reader.



Pelosi’s Fashion Masks

Some claim that an American Cultural Revolution (and possibly a counter-revolution) is coming, where minorities, sexual deviates and marxists take control of the country with oligarchs in the background, pulling the strings. They already control the much of the media, both houses of Congress, the Executive Branch and high positions in the military. But how much of America outside of the DC beltway and the fetid inner cities actually buys off on that? The answer may be had if you ask yourself how many Americans who have had plague vaccinations still wear masks. Maybe I’m over-simplifying?

The problem that exists for the democrat/marxist/gender confused is that the other guys tend to control the police and the 400 million+ firearms and trillions of rounds of ammunition in private hands.

I find it more than ironic that Jo/Ho are now calling for the border wall with Mexico to be completed because, contrary to what the media asserts, a lot of military grade weapons are being smuggled into the USA to end up in the hands of every-day folks. Most of it is Chinese made. Some of it comes out of the inventories of Central and South American militaries, bought by cartels for their own uses, but also smuggled into the US because of the demand. The demand for military grade weapons exceeds the demand for illegal narcotics.

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    1. Normally there are four or five missiles per launcher (ratio) when buying these on the black market. Same with the Russian Strella series (SAM 7 & 14). Depending on which cartel we’re talking about, they have British made Javelins (sold out of military inventory in violation of end user agreement) or Russian Strellas. The Guadalajara Cartel (CJNG) bought their Javelins for $1.2 million each. The Russian stuff goes for about half that. I don’t have any idea what you’d have to pay for Chinese MANPADs in Mexico these days. I’m going to guess that you’re at nearly a million for four or five missiles and a launcher. There is a lot of inflation of all weapons these days because of demand. It’s not unlike the retail price of ammo at the local gun store – crazy.

      1. “Nearly a million”…I guess that means a “go fund me”…maybe a chain of lemonade stands,..bake sales? Wonder what the going rate is on a LAW?

        1. There aren’t many LAW’s around and they (frankly) were not that effective. RPG-7’s offer a number of different warheads beyond armor piercing, the rockets are affordable and unless you’re greedy, one launcher tube is all you need. The trigger assemblies can be swapped with the AK-47 if one goes out. The sights are – interesting, but they work well enough. They’re better than a LAW.

          And we haven’t even talked about mortars yet…

          1. Indirect fire options are one in the pantheon of tools that one should consider.

          2. I don’t want no teen-aged queen,
            I just want an affordable Polish RPD.

            Some people dis the RPD. Maybe ignorance really is bliss.

  1. Masks = Natural Selection regardless the artwork to gussy it up.
    SARS Cov-2 Vaccine = Natural Selection.

    Being outside without a mask: Good for you….but tell the lemmings to stay home inside and, Voila!, more sick people to maintain the wave and fear.

    Will people start dropping like flies in six months? We shall see.

    1. Now Israeli studies have shown that the AZ vaccine makes COVID-19 worse if you get it after you’re vaccinated. An odd turn of events.

      1. No surprise with an experimental vax that the “experts” are saying may require 2-4x yearly boosters with masks, with controlled social movement. Any chance they’ll lockdown the nation by Memorial Day? In the meantime they continue to bury Hydroxy/Ivermectin/Zinc/Azithro meds that are readily available and as safe as aspirin. Something else going on here…Gates, The Fowch, Biden et al, that CDC woman who’s afraid for the future…on and on. Zero credibility but they continue unabated.

        Sidebar: Yet another “mass” shooting since Biden took office. Getting bizarre. Urbanite’s can have the cities.

        1. I’m just hoping that Colorado will open up fully this summer. What is the chance of that happening?

          Will I need to show “my papers” there before traveling, staying, eating, etc.?

          1. Word on the street is because the MLB Allstar game General Polis stated Colorado will be fully open, and magically Covid will be gone by then. Apparently certain officials (D ones) have a special power to know these things; time for lockdown, time for opening, who’s essential, who’s business is not. It’s a gift.

          2. That’s the sort of miracles that the left can pull off. When it’s to their advantage, there is no plague. “Let them eat cake!”

  2. Illusions of control….this seems to apply here as well – “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment”
    How much of this arrant nonsense is the result of people who regard themselves as being gods, and can create reality by making mouth noises?

      1. To destroy, first make mad….
        Sophocles nailed it: “evil appears as good in the minds of those whom god leads to destruction”.
        I remember in the 60’s & 70’s, when warnings about a society heading toward destruction were scoffed at by those saying that the same was said in ancient empires – Greece, Rome, Egypt.
        Funny, you can’t visit those empires today….

        1. No, you can’t go many places without a lengthy quarantine at your own expense, even if you’ve had a plague shot.

  3. Revolutions, cultural and otherwise: It is not enough to go along quietly and just keep your head down. One must also enthusiastically support those in power (locally), and denounce those enemy counter-revolutionaries not locally in power. (And pray – bourgeois as it is – that the other faction does not take over your AO, in case you were a little too enthusiastic supporting the first set of glorious liberators.) I had a relative who spent years in prison in the PRC for having said in public that his life under the Gang of Four was not notably worse than before the GO4 got into power. (“I’m not a political man, I just do my job. My life was pretty similar no matter who was in power.” Well guess what, bub? You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in YOU!) This was a few years after the GO4 fell out of power and it was mandatory to denounce them constantly. At least that’s what I was told. I personally have never had contact of any sort with relatives in the PRC, and now that my parents are both dead, I don’t even know who most of those people are, much less how to find them.

    La Marseillaise has suitable lyrics for today:
    Contre nous de la tyrannie
    L’étendard sanglant est levé !
    Pour qui ces ignobles entraves,
    Ces fers dès longtemps préparés ?

    The bloody standard of the tyrant is raised against us! […] For whom have these shackles been long-prepared?

    Always liked Mireille Mathieu’s rendition.

    1. One must also enthusiastically support those in power (locally), and denounce those enemy counter-revolutionaries not locally in power. (And pray – bourgeois as it is – that the other faction does not take over your AO, in case you were a little too enthusiastic supporting the first set of glorious liberators.)

      You should spray paint that on a wall somewhere, Mike_C. Maybe on the pockmarked wall where they stand up the politically incorrect.

      If you recall “The Count of Monte Cristo”, before his imprisonment, Edmond Dantès is a kind, innocent, honest, and loving man. Though naturally intelligent, he is a man of few opinions, living his life instinctively by a traditional code of ethics that impels him to honor his superiors, care dutifully for his aging father, and treat his fellow man generously. He even tries to think well of those who hate him.

      The word taught him that it was unacceptable to be that man. While in prison, Dantès undergoes a change. He becomes bitter and vengeful as he obsesses over the wrongs committed against him. When his companion, Abbé Faria, dies, so too does Dantès’s only remaining deep connection to another human being. Dantès loses the capacity to feel any emotion other than hatred for those who have harmed him.

      That’s a template for a cultural revolutionary. Or a counterrevolutionary.

      1. Orwell: ““Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

        You can spray paint that on the wall too.

        1. I’d add to the spray-painted wall of resistance wisdom, one of my favorite lines from the movie from Edmond’s son, stated in a defiantly courageous moment: “DO YOUR WORST.”

  4. Very sobering post, LL. I was thinking along the same lines as I started reading it.

    Whatever happens, it won’t be pretty.

    I flew out of Tehran fives days before the Shah left……

    1. A lot of people who read this blog are more informed than I am. The latest UFO is the “flashing tetrahedron”, before that there was the “flying tic-tac”. Making sense of those sightings is challenging because you have somebody throwing spaghetti against the wall. In each of the cases cited above there was a warship or a fighter plane involved. They have a lot of sensors, but all we ever see is the optical side of things. Why is that? It comes across as clickbait to anyone who is seriously looking at this. The military is not a credible source for conclusions because deception operations is their stock in trade.

      At least that’s how I see it.

  5. I have always been fascinated by the French Revolution and have done much reading on it. The American cultural revolution I’ve lived. The others I don’t know much about – just snippets here and there enough to sort out the bad guys from the not-so-good guys.

    I do know this: When a country kicks God to the curb bad stuff is sure to follow.

      1. Kinda hoping only a certain half, not my fault urban centers are on fire and left God in the trashcan.

        1. The Rapture is not going to do much to address the traffic problem in the Boulder Corridor.

  6. Interesting firearms call. But what do I know, just bet on dogs.

    Off topic but… who’s running the country? Serious question.

    1. Bitty Wu would do a job. Make her queen for a month, throw out Jo/Ho and see what she comes up with.

      BW is LSP’s younger sister.

  7. Yeah, the Eloi aren’t going to be able to hold the reins of what they’ve unleashed any more than any of their ilk ever do. We’ve already seen how willing they are to turn on each other at the least provocation, it’s the same old self-righteous narcissistic playbook.

    It’s a lot like Paranoia, w/o clones. I loved that game, but it’s a lot funnier when it’s just pretend.

    Whatever is coming down the road, I fear it won’t be good. Crushing Totalitarian Socialist bureaucrat-State? Balkanization after a devastating war? Military dictatorship? Ruinous, protracted civil war? Anarchic Warlordism? Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare World? I don’t see anything better than those options in the cards, all I can really hope for is that it takes a long time to go completely egg-shaped.

    As imperfect as it was 18 months ago, I miss the Republic with an aching longing. We will not see it’s like again for many long ages.


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