The trends have been picked up by the US State Department and the news media (Fox News). And US Citizens are being rolled up on the street by the secret police and interrogated. The obvious conclusion is that there is a likely intention of snatching the more valuable, putting them into concentration camps and being used as hostages.

It’s not new here on the blog. We’ve discussed it before. It hit popular media now and that’s the only thing that is genuinely new.

Chinese Security personnel may detain and/or deport U.S. citizens for long periods of time for sending private electronic messages critical of the Communist Chinese government.

The Guardian (UK) added its warning. “The US has warned its citizens in China to exercise increased caution because of a heightened risk of arbitrary detention and exit bans that prevent foreign citizens leaving the country.

Citizens could face prolonged spells in jail, without US consular support, or access to details of any alleged crime, the state department said. The warning, sent in an email to US citizens in China, comes after Beijing passed a national security law for Hong Kong, with the legislation drafted to cover people “from outside [Hong Kong]”, including non-residents.

China has been accused of hostage diplomacy over the arrest of two Canadians, who were recently charged with espionage after more than 18 months in jail. Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat, and Michael Spavor, a businessman, were detained in 2018, days after Canadian authorities arrested the chief financial officer of tech firm Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, on a US extradition warrant.

And that’s the way it is now.


FOX NEWS – A Chinese Researcher Goes Public




    • They’ll take some hostages and put them in camps. It has started now. It will get worse.

  1. There is a man who goes by “serpentza” on YouTube. He’s a South African (white) expat who lived for over a decade in the PRC. He has some very interesting videos on live in the PRC, especially from the perspective of a “foreign devil”. Since moving to the US, he has become increasingly vocal and open about the bad parts of China.

    I don’t know much about the guy and am not vouching for him, but considering that there seems to be a concerted campaign against him (and, gosh, I wonder who could be behind that), perhaps he’s on to something.

    • There’s not much good to report about Communist China today. There are a lot of very good people there, but the place is in a spiral into the hog pen.

    • Mitt makes me spit – whenever I’m forced to say his name. Filthy cur.

      I don’t know that Mitt is anymore pro-China than any of the Democrats are. Roughy on par with them and enough Republicans to make me nervous.

  2. Spending time in China is an invitation to trouble. The war they have been waging covertly against us for years is now being transformed from covert to overt. It would be akin to being a jew in Germany on the late 30’s.

    • I think that’s a good analogy. There’s no reason to go to Communist China and there is no good reason to allow the Communist Chinese to visit the USA.

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