The Rapid, a China Trader

In 1978 a group of spearfishers recovered a large number of coins from an unidentified wreck off Point Cloates on Ningaloo Reef Australia. The Western Australian Museum then carried out two 8-week excavations from 1979-1980. Archaeologists from the Department of Maritime Archaeology and the Maritime Archaeological Association of Western Australia (MAWAA) examined the wreck from 1979-1980, examining the ship’s timbers and recovering the artifacts removed from inside the hull. Among them 20,000 Spanish eight-real coins.


An artistic representation of a china trader, here it is the Empress of China one of the first in the late 18th century. Painting by Raymond Massey

The excavation provided a unique insight into life aboard one of these fast ships. The ship’s equipment, provisions, and personal belongings of the crew survived in good condition at this site. A wooden barrel containing salt meat and bones and bearing the inscription “Mess Beef Boston Mass” was also recovered at this site. Together with the coins, it was possible to reconstruct that the ship was the Rapid.

The Rapid was an American China trader from the early 19th century who was shipwrecked in 1811 on the northwest coast of Western Australia. China traders were the pride of the American fleet; they had to be large, well-founded, fast ships built specifically for the lucrative but competitive and rigorous trade. In their form, they resembled small clippers but were only ship-rigged vessels.


Rapid’s bell © Western Australian Museum

On September 28, 1810, Rapid left Boston for Canton (now Guangzhou). After circumnavigating the Cape of Good Hope, the ship sailed across the southern Indian Ocean before heading northeast to the Northwest Cape on the Australian coast. It looked like a fast trip, but on January 11, 1811, a catastrophe occurred when Rapid hit a reef in the middle of the night. The next day a storm raged and the crew set the ship on fire, sacrificing everything to prevent the wreck from surfacing above water and attracting other ships before the captain could return and save the 280,000 Spanish silver dollars on board.

The coins still in situ, found during the 1980 excavation © Western Australian Museum

It is remarkable that the entire crew of the Rapid arrived in Batavia (today’s Jakarta) alive, although some of them died afterward. Captain Henry Dorr, his secretary, and three sailors survived 37 days of privation in the 16 foot long, very leaky boat with only limited rations. On Christmas Island, the crew found resources such as rats and crabs to eat, but no water other than what they had collected in the sails.

Rapid’s hull with one of her anchors remains © Western Australian Museum

Six weeks after arriving in Batavia, the opportunity arose for a trip home. The American schooner General Greene had lost her captain and most of her crew in Batavia, so Henry Dorr and part of the crew of the Rapid offered to navigate the schooner to America, where it arrived in Philadelphia on July 27, 1811.

Salvaging the money from the wreck was a matter of immediacy for the owners of the Rapid. The city of Boston was already suffering from commercial difficulties, to which were added the deteriorating relations between America and Great Britain, which led to war in 1812. Most of the coins were salvaged in the months following the wreck, and some $91,000 was transported to Canton in 1813, with others being stored by salvage crews in Madras and Java.

Their remains are still in place and are still the object of research. The artifacts are in the Western Australian Museum


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Job Opportunity

If you’re out of work because you don’t want to take the jab, there may still be an opportunity for a successful career, acting for a living in Japan.





      • I am considering that unique job opportunity in Japan, do you think they would cherish and revere an old chubby fart in a Speedo? That is even an image I cringe at…

      • Sir, thank you kindly for considering me a suitable candidate for such an important position.
        However, I have to decline that offer for numerous grave reasons like spousal objection, age and weight. After all, squashing a geisha (or several) might impact negatively on a possible revival of the Axis.
        Instead, I will spend my next years in Africa carrying the white man’s burden.

        • They also make “snuff films” in Japan wherein the career of a young and promising office girl who dipped her (camel) toe into the business on the wrong side of the tracks — is tragically ended. Having an evil German involved in the plot might make you the sinister star of stage and screen.

          Though I would never lower myself to go to bawdy shows with other sailors in Japan, there were hai-dozo shows in seedy bars. I’m sure that Old NFO knows nothing about them, but he spent his evenings knitting blankets for orphans when on deployment.

          Dozo means “go ahead” or “go first.” While some words are shortened to make them easier to say (“arigatou gozaimasu” becomes “arigatou”), dozo is often lengthened to “hai-dozo” as if it were one word (Yes-go-ahead).

          In a hai-dozo show, members of the audience are called up to perform for the benefit of the drunk customers. The club provides the actress. I think that happens in New Orleans too.

          • Sir, it is useless trying to lead me into temptation. I am singularly unsuited to the role of the ‘evil German’; being more a jolly ‘good ole Southern boy’ type of a baroque mindset.
            The Nips will have to find their evil characters themselves and I am sure they have more than enough of these; just watch any James Bond movie.
            Meanwhile, I will be in Africa looking for ways and means to thwart the Ivans and the heathen Chinee in their nefarious enterprises. Some big-game hunting may be involved. SitReps to follow.

          • I’m not a fan of Africa. Not a fan of dysentery, yellow fever, hemorrhagic fever including ebola, and all the vaccinations that I had to take the last time I went to Africa on a gig. Like eight shots, Martin, vials of pills including antimalarials and anti-diarrhea meds to counteract the malaria drugs.

            Then to arrange for armored transport from point to point and to get people to hand me off automatic weapons and hand grenades and directional mines for at night. Oh, joy, Africa. It’s been about four years now.

          • I’m not a fan of New Orleans. You get in the wrong parts of that place, it’ll feel a lot like that African thing L-L just described, and about as dangerous. If you’ve got enough money, you can see The Devil dance, and it isn’t that expensive either. In terms of money, that is.

  1. Now compare all the man-made greenhouse gasses to the output of the same gasses produced by the Amazon Rain Forest (which produces more CO2 than man does. No. Not kidding. It’s true. Actually deforesting the forest and turning it into farmland would be 02 beneficial, as farm land sequesters Carbon.

    Now add in all the greenhouse gasses produced by swamps (mangrove swamps are particularly bad for producing sulfur compounds) and add on volcanoes and natural gas vents and oil seeps and yada yada yada.

    We’un people are just light weights.

    And when you take out Communist China and India out of the equation, well, there goes most of the manmade gas output.

      • I used to be not-racist. But the real racists have radicalized me to almost the place they think I have been all my life.

        If thinking Joe Chink and Harry HeadDot and Sammy Sub-Saharan are the worst things ever to happen to the world and the elimination of them and their people would make this ugly ball of dirt better makes me a racist, well…

        No. No I am not. But my give-a-copulation quota has been used. So now when great calamity occurs overseas, my first thought is usually “How is this going to affect my day-to-day life?” If the answer is “Not much, not much at all” then I’m happy. If the answer is “Food prices are going up” then I’m peeved, not at the overseas people, but at the reliance of our food system to so much foreign food. Concern for lives lost of foreigners in foreign lands is way down the list of personal concerns.

        • Jo/Ho say that it’s not their fault that prices are going up across the board, and only the rich will pay for the $3.5 trillion in pork. In the HISTORY OF THE WORLD, it’s never gone like that.

      • Would that be “per deim”, “per performance”, hourly, some permutation of those…inquiring minds want to know. (not really)

        • I’m sure that it’s negotiable.

          Cederq above seems to be poised for fame and stardom (above) and while I am not his agent/pimp, I think that he may have what it takes to win undying fame in the Japanese market.

          If you show up for the audition in your cowboy hat, chaps, boots and spurs, you too could fill a niche.

          Think of it as a style of professional wrestling. “Win the crowd” as the gladiator master advised in the movie of the same name.

        • Per centimeter. I’m sure someone had a good laugh putting the word “shortage” into a headline (head-line, hurr hurr hurr) about male Asians in the sex industry.

          Come on, someone had to say it.

          • I apparently haven’t been watching enough Japanese movies. (Truth be told usually only Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra attacking Tokyo) I don’t recall redacting body parts on Japanese actors. I haven’t seen Shogun since it came out in like 1985 or something. The movie was good, the book was better.

          • The redaction only occurs on, er, ah, um, porn… The wee-wee and the hoo-hoo are usually digitalized out.

            Or so they tell me…

  2. “If you don’t use your umbrella then *I* will get soaked. And that will kill me, you @$$hole!”
    THAT’s what they say to you. Or at least pretty much that was said to me. Before the delta scare, when masking edicts had relaxed somewhat, here in East Massholia the most mask-compliant groups were the highest-IQ (or so we are told) and a large proportion of the lowest-IQ group. Regular white folks, especially middle-aged or older, and working class whites especially, had lowest compliance. Make of that what you will.

    So who runs the Japanese porn industry? Is is the same people as run it in the US? Probably not. If it were then the males would be disproportionately Negros and co-ethnics of the producers/financiers. Sure the Japanese retain enough ethnocentrism that they’d be revolted by that (vs lapping it up as do losers in the US), but I don’t see “our” pornographers having the self discipline to not do that anyway. Always with the self insertion (you should pardon the expression in this context) and always with every opportunity to humiliate whites using the negro. Al Goldstein’s writings on why he was a pornographer are illuminating.

    I like the virus/restaurant graphic. Nothing new under the sun. Same reasoning as the no-smoking section in the old days though. Signs and arbitrary designations totally restrict movement of tiny airborne particulates. It’s science!

    • An interesting aside on prostitution in Vegas. Circa 1998-9 I learned that the phone company controlled a lot of the outcall business in Las Vegas. They controlled the phone NUMBERS that the big agencies used and there were significantly big kickbacks involved — the phone company people were making more than DOCTORS. True story. If you didn’t pay, your number would be ‘turned off’. It’s surprising how Vegas runs when you get into the guts of a lot of the business. Since I was on the law enforcement side of the equation it proved a learning experience for me.

      • So the ‘Mob’ rules Vegas even though the ‘Mob’ is supposedly gone. Just replaced by another ‘mob’ or two. Funny how that works, like how the FBI took the place of other criminal gangs.

        • The Mob does have influence in Las Vegas in sort of an odd way. Not ruling, but they have junket reps who cater to mob/mafia clients. In the ’90s there were several mob hits in Orange County, CA that tracked back to the mafia directly – in Vegas or in Nevada. In one case it was a USMC Lieutenant at Camp Pendleton who carried out the hit, son of the FBI SAC in Reno, NV. The case was adjudicated and LT received the death penalty. He didn’t talk and we didn’t get to Dad. In one case we had a US Attorney destroy evidence in a case against a major Vegas luminary. He was made a judge for his payoff. I can cite them all because I handled them all directly or in a supervisory role in terms of investigation.

  3. add in that methane percolates up from the bottom of the oceans in massive amounts, many thousand times more than man or beast create and is the main actor among “greenhouse gases.” further a nobel physicist says co2 is not a greenhouse gas at all and certainly can’t cause warming in the way they claim. he says “its the sun, stupid.” i agree, and add that we have cleaned up the atmosphere since the ’70’s and now the rays comes thru unabated. nine eleven proved contrails reflected sunlight and cooled the air. less smog/contrails, more warming. volcanoes put out more than all the cars ever built, combined, every single day. we are insignificant specks to earth.

  4. Oh, restaurant meme needs a line saying that “virus is not depicted to scale”.

    Right up there with warnings like “for external use only” on bags of Quikcrete and “do not eat” on bottles of Toilet Duck bowl cleaner.

      • I am not so certain she is a complete idiot after finding a product by the name of Gorilla Snot in the hair care aisle. My first thought was that it had been stocked in the wrong area, but nope, it is a hair product. Not that coating one’s hair in gorilla snot is, um, uh, well, I’m at a loss for words…

  5. Getting more idiotic every day. Project Veritas has some damning whistleblower video, nurses “communicating” behind the scenes because “follow the money” hospital administrators are on the take, last weeks “no 3rd shot required” FDA meeting indicating they knew/know about the insane adverse reactions…on and on the merry go round we go.

    Odd how conversations follow the idiocy instead of saying “Hey! This is stoopid!”

    But people follow along (about half).

    Time for an America Reset, clean house of the reprobates and scum, start [more] fresh. The bums have had their time. Heard a little of Trump on Beck this morning (recorded), a sane voice that brings me back to center. But they hate him, which means he’s good for America.

    Just made popovers for the family guests…cup of strong coffee, one or two of those with some Lingonberry or Black Current and the moronic are kept at bay for a little while.

    • PaulM, I went basic for breakfast this morning. A glass of orange juice and a banana. Reflecting on it, I could be accused of being a racist for eating a banana. Remember how the woke melted down at the sight of one in a tree on a college campus about two years ago? It made national news on MSNBC and CNN.

      • Or the “racist noose” hanging off a NASCAR track garage bay overhead they sent 20 or 30 FBI agents to “investigate”.

        But they can find (via captured cell data) 500 American’s and prosecute but they can’t find Brian Laundrie in a Florida park (that millennial POS that killed his girlfriend, dumped her body in the Tetons, then ran home to mommy and daddy).

        Why are any of us listening to any of those morons? Boggles the mind what people want to believe. Me/us…never again.

        • It takes 30 FBI agents to screw in a lightbulb. So sending them to my house to investigate a banana peel in the trash on the off chance that it could be racist might be considered to be par for the course.

          • To be fair, it takes 20-30 Fibbies to fill out the report and to take credit for what one lowly underpaid deputy or security guard found.

          • Yes they will.

            Now insert any government LEO agency in place of FBI and it’s the same damned thing.

            Postal police

            I think the only agency that might actually work is the Marshalls’ Service and that’s only some of them.

  6. Responding to criticism on Fakebook that, not owning a TV for many years I couldn’t be well informed, I responded as follows. Not having a TV forces me to read. Reading forces me to think.

    My reading includes bloggers like you where I learn many things I might overlook otherwise. Bloggers who make the time and effort to inform others I greatly appreciate.

    Shamelessly stealing memes and reposting/sharing them is all part of the learning process.

        • See hai-dozo clubs above (reply to Martin). You can audition right there on stage with friends encouraging you in Japan. Or you could. That’s back when Olangapo (city) was open and Subic Bay was a US Navy Base. I don’t know how it is today.

  7. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan.
    The bank account is getting a bit thin but maybe I have enough to buy at least a one way ticket.

    • The classic method is the door in the desert. You are kidnapped, taken into the desert, you dig a hole. The kidnappers take a solid door and crucify you to the door and drop it over the hole, so you’re face down. Then they pile dirt on top of it and leave.

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