Why did the English beat the Scots & Irish (usually)?

and not the other way around?

Too many warriors among the Scots and Irish with too few soldiers (teamwork)?

Overall Population demographics and collective resource utilization not to mention a more stable agricultural foundation and comparatively milder climate and flora/topography for the sustainment of tax-generating urban centers?

Your thoughts?


Bulgarian crew in the German light Sd.Kfz. 222 armored car. Note the Audi logo, then known as Auto Union AG, Chemnitz, the immediate predecessor of Audi as it is known today.



RAF “Moon Squadron” pilots did some of the most exciting flying of WWII in these birds. Tasked with delivering and retrieving SOE/OSS agents deep in enemy-occupied territory.  They did this during the hours of darkness, flying into rough fields sometimes illuminated only with handheld flashlights.


In Los Angeles, a carriage pulled by an Ostrich is pulled over by a police officer for exceeding the speed limit, ca. 1930

I think of ostriches as holdovers from the era of dinosaurs. When you have that perspective, it makes it cooler.



I am always intrigued by the notion of chopping one of these into a bar with a few palapas scattered around for patrons. It would need to be the right island (I’m thinking of a Donovan’s Reef setup). Sort of a Parrothead retreat.

I might need to put a palm front awning overhead because the sun beating on the fuselage would make it too warm inside.


Identify the Tank


And one more thing:

If Jo/Ho & minions want you to do something, do the opposite.


    • Yes, and they have some restored, that are mobile and come out for Bastille Day, Armed Forces Day, Armistice Day, etc.

  1. The Westland Lysander was featured prominently in the movie “Allied”, which I enjoyed.
    I am hesitant to mention Steelyard Blues (which I enjoyed) as an example of a PBY live-aboard, given it’s leftie cast.

    • If I had life to live over, I’d work hard to make a seaplane live-aboard work for me. There are lots of remote lakes with hungry trout.

  2. MrsPaulM says, “The “industry” doesn’t want a cancer cure…too much money in it.” This past year the big three pharma’s made record “profits” on “sales” from printed Fed money. But it’s free, right? Grifters.

    Anyone who trusts the government – at any level – especially after the past 2 years, and counting – deserves what they get. The good and evil chasm is widening as societal separation becomes obvious, regardless of the rule of law. Rats in a cage start to eat each other after a time.

    [Not-A] Vax- I swear Congress all got saline, too showy on injection day (who does that other than a charlatan?). This guy, Dr. Cole, spells it out chapter and verse (MrsPaulM has been screaming this for a year and a half). Worth the 32 minutes:


    Shortly after “ostrich pulling buggies” became the rage they invented manhole covers.

    Really great Sermonette’s yesterday, perfect fodder for MrsPaulM’s and my Sunday evening fireside discussion in view of God’s astounding creation. Pure joy.

    • I recently finished “Clanlands” (by the 2 guys from Outlander who live there), with some Scots-Irish in my Heinz 57 ancestry it spoke to me (plus those two are hilarious, usually after a few adult beverages). They gave a great overview of the landscape and “Clan-ish nature of the landscape…no surprise they couldn’t fully unite.

    • Big Pharma has done some remarkably good things, but they’ve done some horrible things as well. Given the balance, I’m not sure how it comes out. Today, they’ve joined the swamp.

      At Glencoe, the Campbells fought on the side of English to their everlasting shame, but it wasn’t a unique situation. The Scots always looked Catholic France to pull their fat out of the fire, but that didn’t work either.

      • Might have to watch Rob Roy — this exchange:

        Son: Father, will the MacGregors ever be kings again?
        Robert Roy MacGregor: All men with honor are kings. But not all kings have honor.
        Son: What is honor?
        Robert Roy MacGregor: Honor is…[Mary looking on]
        Robert Roy MacGregor: what no man can give you and none can take away. Honor is a man’s gift to himself.
        Son: Do women have it?
        Robert Roy MacGregor: Women are the heart of honor, and we cherish and protect it in them. You must never mistreat a woman, or malign a man, nor stand by and see another do so.
        Son: How do you know if you have it?
        Robert Roy MacGregor: Never worry on the getting of it. It grows in you, and speaks to you. All you need do is listen.

        I have always posited that [good] woman are the gatekeepers, if they require young males to step up to the plate and become men, the honorable ones will.

  3. I’ve seen several people who converted surplussed out jets into homes. 727s, I think. Some prop planes, too.

    It’s an odd floor plan but the interior pics always seem surprisingly big.

      • Were the English better at logistics? They had Roman roads to use up to the Antonine Wall when fighting the Scots. Later, their navy to deal with the Irish.

        General Bradley has been quoted as saying, “Amateurs study tactics; professionals study logistics”.

  4. One of the big problems with the Scots and Irish performance against the English, aside from the overwhelming demographics, is that most of the Englishmen thought of themselves as Englishmen, and possessed some sort of common cause.

    Most of the Scots and Irish though of themselves as members of a family and/or clan, hated all/most of the other families and clans, and only wanted to beat the English so they could go back to slaughtering each other over a sheep stolen 500 years prior w/o interference.

    In addition to the obvious military effects of that situation, various chunks of Scots and Irish kept switching to the English side, mostly for a chance to fuck over their ancient enemies with some help, for a change. The Englishmen did this to a considerably lesser degree.

    Allying with the French (especially against the English) was also not the best of ideas in period, especially if you didn’t live somewhere the French could march to, and if you didn’t want to just wind up French at the end, instead of English.


    • Yep. More concern for their family and friends than the overall picture. Why we are able to easily defeat any raghead army that sticks it’s fuzzy-wuzzy head up.

      And the Scots were/are even more screwed than normal. You have the Lowlanders (basically Normans who were Scottish and were more French than Scots-Norman) who hated the Midlanders (Scots who were part Norman) and the Highlanders (Scots who were Scots and basically unedumacated barbarians of one sort or another. And the other two groups hated the other other two groups.

      So the people who had the money and power (Lowlanders) were the ones hated by the Highlanders more than the English, and the Midlanders were… well… Everyone screwing and stabbing everyone else. What a fine mess.

      As to Ireland? Well, you had the Irish-Irish, where literally every petty noble was a lesser king finagling an attempt to become the High King (or have a family member marry and thus have the next High King) while the Irish Normans were kicking the snot out of the Irish-Irish and everyone hating everyone else and so for a while the export from Ireland was stupid peasant semi-barb warrior mercenaries.

      Same with Wales. Why, oh, why, LL, did you forget Wales? I mean, everyone else did and does. They had the same problem as everyone else. The Welsh-Welsh were busy fighting amongst themselves as to who would be the Welsh king, while the Welsh-Normans were fighting the Welsh-Welsh and also the English.

      Meanwhile, the various English kingdoms all got consolidated by 1066, when the Normans took over and bred into most noble lines, and everyone (in charge, who mattered) became Anglo-Normans, Saxon-Normans, Anglo-Saxon Normans, and all of them under One King (well, except when under two monarchs (King Stephan and Empress Maude) but really still kind of one rule (NOT!)) so by the time all the other stupid little places got uppity, the main English would unite (somewhat, grudgingly, and leaving out that whole War of Roses and the Tudor Invasion (by France) and and and, but overall, England was much more united even when ununited than Scotland or Wales or Ireland.

      Plus, anyone stupid enough to go against a ‘modern’ gun army with swords and polearms deserves what they got. What was surprising is that the Scots got so far as they did before being blown away. Dumb-asses.

        • And thus the Welsh-Normans. Build a castle, nobody attacks. Welsh wait until castle is built to attack. Silly Welsh.

          The Border-Lords that were on the edge of England and blunted Scottish attacks served the same purpose as the Marches Lords against the Welsh. Rough men, high-priced thugs often, willing to be as uncivilized as those who attack them, while maintaining the civilization of England. And served as a useful place for England to put their ‘rough men’ that otherwise would cause problems in ‘more civilized’ England.

          Rough men need rough places to be rough. Don’t provide that, then Rough men will make rough places out of polished places.

          Pushing those ‘rough men’ to the ‘frontier’ worked for a very long time. Once Ireland, Wales and Scotland stopped being rough enough for England’s rough men, the new frontiers of America, Australia, Africa and India became where rough men were sent.

  5. A sad end for that goat (the Grumman HU-16).
    At the Hideaway club at CGAS Barbers Pt, HI they cut the cockpit off an HH-52A and mounted it on the wall behind the bar, it served as dj booth and generally looked neat sitting there.

    • I was there at Barber’s Point when there was one. Now it’s gone. I liked the BOQ there because it was out of the way and you could come and go without people noticing you. Not so with Makalapa.

  6. It might be the CCP virus (with a little funding from the US, and maybe help from our great allies), but it’s not the CCP jab. Let’s look at just Moderna, to keep it short. Key players include Stéphane Bancel (Frenchman), Noubar Afeyan (Armenian, descendant of survivors of The Armenian Genocide), Tal Zaks (Israeli). The f*ckery is international, though not a Chinaman in the mix.

    This has been a tremendous boon to Moderna which was preclinical less than a decade ago. Now the principals are literal billionaires. Which is only just and right and proper considering the great service they are doing for mankind. Great men, each and every one.

    • What OldNFO said. Fix it up. Get it airworthy and at least put it in a museum. Or go do air charters in places that need amphibs.

  7. Ahhhhh….”Donovan’s Reef”…..grew up watching movies like that.

    I’m no tank expert, so I’ll leave the ID’s to the guys that are.

  8. I like the last infographic. And wonder about the Scots/Irish.

    Cromwell did a number on both, sad payback for the Scots who played their not inconsiderable part in Parliament’s victory over Charles. To say nothing of the hideous atrocity waged on the Irish. But why their loss? I’ve always thought far less resource, but I’m no expert.

    Looking forward to that bar. Maybe put in an AC unit or two? Just a thought.

    • Well, Cromwell used the Scots but the Scots used the opportunity to screw the English and themselves. The, ah, overly religious and communistic bent of the rabid Scots did not do them well at all. Thus the ‘Levellers.’ Religious fanatics who basically were most of the Scots who were basically ‘Pull it all down to our level.’ Frucking Commies. Screw them all. And you see the same bullscat with modern average Scots, who have more in common with most communists than they have with William Wallace and the real Scots freedom movement (instead of the modern one that wants Scotland to become just another province of the European Union, and not a free country of its own at all.)

      As to why the Scots sucked as a united people, and the Irish, and the Welsh, see my comment above. Basically, Balkanization and Clan structure mattering more than the overall country. Something we’re seeing happen here in these (un)United States.

  9. Simple answer (expounded far too expoundedly above) to the Scots and Irish is… they were and still are Dumbasses. Simple as that. Creative dumbasses, but dumbasses.

    Same thing that makes any chance of an actual working government for-the-people in sub-Saharan Africa of only Africans to be nigh-unto-impossible. Dumbasses more concerned about fambly than nation.

    As to the French Tank. Good idea, basically a WWI version of an Assault Gun. Put a big gun under armor so you can get close and blow the other bastard away.

    And the reason I feel that the US Marines getting out of the heavy armor business is a big mistake. No matter what, being able to shove a big gun in the other bastard’s face without (mostly) fear of them shooting you in your face is a great idea.

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