I took some heat…

From a blog reader for not posting US Coast Guard photos on their birthday (August 4).  a belated Happy Birthday, Puddle Pirates.

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) Tampa (WMEC-902) comes alongside the fleet replenishment oiler USNS Laramie (T-AO 203) during an UNREP.


It’s about to get worse…unless

GENUINE 37mm rubber bullets

Unemployment in Chicago February 2020 vs June 2020. Paying unemployed $600/week extra often means that the motivation to return to work is simply not there. The rioting and looting downtown will cause insurance companies to cancel policies and those jobs will leave. Then the unemployment gets worse.

Shooting rioters with 37mm rubber bullets tends to reduce their enthusiasm to riot. They Antifa crowd were bitching and griping about stingballs. The big baton rounds do a lot more than sting.

And of course, if they don’t work well enough, you can always change the rules of engagement and fill body bags. I realize that the progressive among you (not Fredd, WSF or Beans – or Jim) might be a bit squeamish about the game changers, but they are needed to put an end to the arson, looting and riots. Restore order. Break a few eggs, and make an omelet.

It would return Chicago to full employment, and would put an end to Chop and Portland’s party. The Summers of love need to end.


What’s in a Name

I’ve heard pushback to the “Chinese Plague”. The country of origin is commonly used to describe and name a new disease. Spanish Flu, West Nile Virus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ross River Fever, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Marburg Virus Disease, Japanese Encephalitis, German Measles, Lassa Fever, ad infinitum.

This tradition is not limited to the flu.


Kamala Corner

The Democrats intend for Kamala Harris to be the next US President. She dropped out of the race before because she couldn’t win her own state of California, but she’s back, and sort of black (you all know the joke about the only black in her was Willie Brown). She has a well-known history of entertaining men. Maybe that would be her strategy with Xi and Putin and all the black potentates in Africa?

We’ll find out when Biden dies in his sleep (RIP) a month after the election – providing he ‘wins’. Hillary would make a great vice president for Kamala, until she dies in her sleep (RIP) a month after Hillary ascends.


Art & Science

Digital artist Daniel Voshart recreates the ‘real’ faces of Roman emperors thanks to machine learning.


The Transition from Underwater Demolitions Teams

The US Navy’s Underwater Demolitions Teams underwent a transformation during the Vietnam War. A platoon from SEAL Team One is pictured above. For several years there were both SEAL Teams and UDT Teams. In January 1962 commissioned SEAL Team ONE in NAB Coronado and SEAL Team TWO at NAB Little Creek. UDT-11 & 12 were still active on the west coast and UDT-21 & 22 on the east coast. UDT was phased out in 1983.

The UDTs were re-designated as SEAL Teams or Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Teams (SDVTs). SDVTs have since been re-designated SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams




Rifle No. 5

This interesting photo shows Lt. Col. Martin Price, DSO, commanding officer of 48 Royal Marines Commando. It was taken in April 1945 during the Commandos’ embarkation to cross the Maas river. No.48 (Royal Marines) Commando had previously taken part in the Battle of the Scheldt.

What is perhaps most interesting about this photo, to me at least, is that Lt. Col. Price has a Rifle No.5 carbine slung over his shoulder. It is rare that you see photos of the so-called ‘Jungle Carbine’ in Northwest Europe.

No. 5 Rifle

Colonel Price’s No.5 has the classic rounded wooden forend, rather than the later metal capped forend. The No.5 entered service in late summer 1944, it had been developed to provide a lighter carbine for use in the Far East and with troops who needed a lighter personal weapon. The No.5 weighed 7 lbs 1oz, which is 2 lbs lighter than the Rifle No. 4 Mk 2.


Worth Remembering


    • There were signature improvements to iconic weapons. Both the M-60 and the SAW were lightened and made more functional in the process.

  1. One of the shooters brought a #5 out to the range a couple weeks ago and offered to let me try it. I accepted of course. That’s a perk of being an RSO that I enjoy, the sampling of some interesting firearms. If the offer is made, I’ll try it.

  2. have a no.5, three digit serial number. love that old thing. paid 49.00 for it in 1982. took a few deer with it over the years. wish i’d bought its twin on the gun/convenience store rack when i had the chance, but i was a struggling young college student then.

  3. That guy doing the recreations of Roman emperors should do Caracalla – that was one bad ass ruler, and you could see it in the way he looked.

  4. The rules of engagement in Chicago certainly favor the mob. Me, WSF, Beans and Jim would most definitely welcome a change in those rules: anyone involved in mob actions has sided with criminal elements and is subject to deadly force.

    That’ll never happen, of course. Chicago’s Democrat machine as it is currently configured will continue to let Chicago drift towards the fate of Detroit. I am still wondering, however, how those pension checks still manage to arrive in those Detroit mailboxes every month, despite the bankruptcy filing by the city many years ago. Where is that money coming from? George Soros?

  5. The “noses”…definitely Roman on all of them. Interesting.

    Kamala – Besides being highly disliked by her own side, she’s not qualified to be VP (not “Natural Born”), so the Dem’s/Socialists play must be something else. But I see the DNC wheels coming off as we round the bend. Best part is they think they’re winning.

    As for sleeping next to the enemy…waiting for Barr and Durham’s September Surprise. Trump was not so subtle at the presser the other day, even called out Obama directly in his comments about FISA et al. The next dropped shoe is at the ready.

    • And when the issue of Harris’ birth comes up, we’ll hear renewed shouts of “BIRTHER!!” again.

      I’d ask “Can’t these people READ?”, but it no longer matters; they do what they want, without fear of recourse or reprisal.

      • she was born in the u.s., that makes her an anchor baby and a natural citizen. which i’m fine with since that puts another step between Pelosi and president.

        • Respectfully, “anchor baby/born here” does not make one a Natural Born citizen. Well publicized information states her parents were not naturalized until after her birth here, making her a naturalized citizen, a different category and therefore ineligible to be VP or president.

          This detail will be obfuscated at all cost, shouts of “it doesn’t matter”. But it does.

          • She was born here, therefore she is a citizen. Period. There is no valid legal argument that one or both of your parents must be citizens. I haven’t even seen anybody even argue for that for legal immigrants. I’ve only seen anger that when illegal immigrants have a kid here, it’s automatically a citizen just as ‘Natural Born’ as you or me.

  6. I have a No. 5, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why they replaced the standard, stock-wide/long metal buttstock with that narrow, hard rubber pad. Yeah, I know the .303 recoil is going to be more fierce with the lighter weapon, but that narrow piece of hard rubber seems to concentrate it even more.

  7. I’m all for demonstrating canister rounds at the “mostly peaceful protests”. Didn’t there at least used to be a 155 beehive munition for the M109?

    Another good way to wrap these riots up would be a tank with a mineclearing flail at one end of the street. and one of those jet-engine-on-a-tank-hull things they use to put out oil well fires at the other.

    I believe the time has come to meet incivility with incivility.

    • On the one hand, I don’t want to be called a Son of Thunder.
      On the other hand, it’s ‘as far as it depends on you’ – and the other side has made their choice.
      To paraphrase a Keith Laumer character – I’m a firm believer in peace; ain’t nobody more peaceable than a dead troublemaker.

    • There was one, used with great relish in Vietnam, for the 8″ howitzer.

      You could also use a MICLIC, though that might damage the road surface a tad.

  8. where’s all those cool toys we developed for somali pirates? you know the thermal gun, ultrasonic weapons, things like that, and euro water cannons are awesome. they wouldn’t be quite as much fun, but useful. wait til the occupy siege of the white house starts on September 15th, then we’ll see how they work.

  9. Piddly little 37mm grenade launcher? Meh.

    Now, you want 37mm, how about a 37mm M6? Fires HE, AP, API, WP and… Cannister. Easily towed or mounted on a wheeled or tracked vehicle. A nice Greyhound or a M3/M5 Stuart is an easy way to carry one.

    Me? An armored dumptruck with a snow plow blade on front and towing strands of barbed wire with chunks of telephone pole on the ends of the strands. Do a full speed run through the great unwashed or do a sliding skid stop and watch the barbed wires flail the crowd. Special points if a number of spikes are mounted on the blade and the outside of the bed so heads can be mounted.

    Or, hell, go after them with flamethrowers.

    Or just volley fire with Springfield 03s mounted with bayonets.

    Oh so tired of these peaceful protestors. If they’re peaceful, what will non-peaceful protestors look like? And, no, I don’t want to see and find out.

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