Greening Africa?

To combat the threat of desertification of the Sahel (the region immediately to the south of the Sahara), the African Union is leading an initiative to plant the Great Green Wall, a 7,775 km (4,830 mi) belt of trees crossing the entire breadth of north Africa.

For the historical record, I don’t object to planting trees anywhere. There must be 500 Ponderosas on my property. I like trees. However this project smacks of one of those things that locals use to extract money from do-gooders in ‘developed nations’. In short, I wonder who is actually paying for this and how long the trees will survive once planted.


Mike_C Writes:

(in response to the blog, “Afghanistan” – January 13, 2021)

“inside every Afghan is an American, screaming to get out”
I understand that was darkest irony, but I found this an interesting anecdote. Through random chance, I supervise (in part) two Pashtun physicians, both female and observant (though neither wears a head scarf, and one curses like a sailor — or a cardiologist), and both have become good friends of mine. Anyway, one of them tells me of a cousin who traveled the US by car, visiting scores of communities from big cities to remote villages. This cousin reported that the place where he felt most at home was in rural Appalachia. Not because of the relative poverty, but because it was the closest he experienced to Pashtunwali in the US. He liked the honor culture, the strong faith, the comfort with weapons, the hospitality to strangers (i.e. him — he understood he was not accepted necessarily, but he was treated with respect and kindness as a guest) and the importance of tribe, family, and land. Where he felt least at home was when being feted by wealthy progressive academics. (He comes from a rich and educated family, BTW; it wasn’t the disdain of the roughneck for the educated.) He felt that he was treated as a man in Appalachia, and as some sort of rare and valuable animal among Our Betters. (“Katherine has a snow leopard in her back yard today! We have a viewing party at 4 pm, you should totally stop by.”)</i>

I wanted to respond to this in greater detail than I could in the response/comments stream. 

As part of a training class (Leadership Institute), we had an exercise in Old Town Sacramento, a tourist trap located in California’s capitol city. I may have mentioned it on the blog before, but not for some time. The training called for the class members including me, to be shackled to another class member. We were all wearing jail clothing. There were Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs guarding us with shotguns. One deputy had a K-9 that would bark occasionally.

Each two person team had a trash scooper, held by one person and a trash bag held by another. We were sent out to pick up trash at the tourist trap.

The exercise was not to pick up trash, but to watch how others, visiting Old Town, treated and reacted to us. Keep in mind that we “prisoners” were all senior law enforcement managers.

The solid citizens shunned us. The downtrodden, in some cases helped us by picking up trash with their hands and putting into the sack, or offering words of encouragement, “hang in there, you’ll be out before you know it,” etc.

One group was compassionate, kind and caring. The other group was haughty, dismissive, and in one case, threw a bunch of trash at my feet and laughed, “pick it up.”

My question for you, dear readers, is “which group would you belong to?”

It reflects back directly to what Mike_C wrote, in that genuine and earnest people treat others with respect irrespective of “who” they are, where they come from, and what their station in life is.



Identify the mobile anti-aircraft gun.


Erection Problems?

“I pledge allegiance to the official narrative. And I affirm that our election systems are the only digital systems that are 100% immune from hacking. I further affirm that there was no election fraud of any kind because we are not allowed to check. Amen and awoman.” – Scott Adams

And a Ho. People are leaving Camel-A out of the mix and that’s somehow sexist.


Fun with Maps


Moisture Map of the USA


    • I wouldn’t say tens of millions. Certainly there were a few million. We’ll never know how many, but more than a million? There are woke people among us who pointed the way, and managed to get jobs counting votes.

  1. They have our area as ‘semi arid’ LL…this year I think that is overly optimistic. We’re dry enough I’m having trouble working up a good spit.
    Off topic…You’re the guy that knows a guy…any thoughts on the 30k troops in D.C.?

    • It’s supposed to snow this coming week. I don’t know to what depth. May be rain where you live? May be rain where I live too depending. Sleet.

      There will be more blogging on Virtual Mirage in regard the 30K troops now occupying DC. Slow Joe spent the last year in a bunker, wearing a mask, giving a few interviews here and there, shouting at the teleprompter, answering key questions like “what’s your dog’s name” or “what’s your favorite color” – come on man. You’d have to be a conservative to demand that he take a test on cognition.

      The sense among people in the know is that a significant garrison will remain in DC following the inauguration/coronation. There will be few press conferences and those that they have will be tightly scripted, with Joe reading the answers to tough questions from his teleprompter, with Dr. Jill handy to shut things down if he gets too confused.

      All access to Capitol City (as in Hunger Games, as life imitates art) will be by invitation only with visitors being carefully vetted by Biden’s Immortals (FBI). Nobody’s talking about absolute numbers, but with rings of security extending outward from the capitol, figure 10,000 unofficial numbers, being necessary to defend the nation from white people who feel that the election wasn’t fair.

      • I don’t know what Camel-A will be doing, but I doubt that she’ll have regular access to Great Great Grandpa (was Big Brother). Maybe the odd scripted Zoom call? They need somebody to go out and cut ribbons on bridges. Maybe martyred for the glorious cause?

        • While wearing her pantsuit and Converse sneakers in an attempt to look hip. (You’re correct, it appears I am getting uppity.)

          Troops are for an Inauguration audience…no one else will show up. Trump left the WH early to avoid giving the evil-doers any opportunities.

      • ugh! the zsu…another nightmare. the soviets would use it as a lead element in armored formation. take a security halt, bring up the zsu, level its guns at max depression which like a buzzsaw cut a swath 4 foot high across the frontal horizon. if nothing blew up or shot back, they proceeded across the now open plain. priority one target, just behind the hind-d, and why we dug-in the second we stopped moving, no orders needed.

        • I always wanted a Shilka. IDK if they’ve ever actually shot one at an aircraft, but I was highly envious of the fun their crews were having in Syria doing “area ground target suppression” .

    • Could be as they tend to pull the grass out when grazing. “Range Maggots”, as classified by a rancher friend, with full disdain in his voice.

      • I always heard the same thing, and that the “sheep vs cattle” range wars were driven by people who wanted to preserve the pairies for cattle to graze on.

        At one point not too long ago, Fort Collins was known as “The Lamb Feeding Capital of the World”, as there were large stocklots where the lambs were fed the greenery from the zillions of sugar beets that were being grown and harvested in the area.

          • Correct, the desertification is being driven / has been driven for 2000+ years by primitive screwhead farming practices. I don’t have much hope for the Bob Ross Plan being efficacious.

            Plus, the AU is in charge, and they don;t seem competent to organize a picnic, much less operate a continent-wide forestry program.

  2. On I-40 in Oklahoma there was a road sign telling you that you were leaving the dry half of the country and entering the wet half.

    • Flat country makes me feel less comfortable than mountains. Wet is much the same. That may explain why I live in the Arizona mountains.

  3. Looks like a ZSU 23.
    Who’s paying for the trees? Likely we are. Just part of that Green New Deal. I imagine the locals will cut them down fairly quickly anyhow.

  4. Is that AOC meme real? If so I guess the “inciting” rules don’t apply to her. If not, it sure sounds like something a narcissistic squad member with diarrhea of the mouth would shamelessly say out loud.

    Seems Mr. Straka needs a little reeducation, can’t have the truth being put out there confusing the 80 million who voted for “our man”.

  5. Had a friend , a leftist , we we worked at getting along , mostly me. He worked in the Dominican Republic for ngo ,,On a reforestation program , trees were planted on private land, owners were paid for the spots for the trees. Yearly payments for the trees that were maintained. When the money ran out the land owners turn the cattle on the young trees, cut down the larger ones for firewood. He blamed the gov. For not giving enough money. What a surprise .

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