Russian Operations – Ukraine

Russian General Sergei Surovikin (pictured with Putin, above and in the caption) is the new commander of the Russian war effort in Ukraine. He was appointed four days ago and is said to be responsible for the swarm of 100 or so missiles that the Russians fired into Kiev. Some are calling the missile strikes “revenge” or a “war crime” and they may be both. All Russian missiles are not created equal.  Some can strike with relative precision and others are “lobbed” into the area with the hope that some will do intended damage.

People in the war crimes business have swarmed into the Ukrainian countryside documenting war crimes. The Russians choose to document Ukrainian atrocities without independent oversight and are thus called into question.

I can ask but one question. When have Russian troops NOT raped their way through conquered territory? A large number of German women who gave birth within 9 months of the end of World War 2 carried Russian babies. We’re not counting the German women who were killed when their uses were complete.

Yevegeny Progozhin, founder of the Wagner Group, a professional, often expeditionary Russian military group that characterizes itself as a Private Military Company and alternately a component of Russian Special Forces, is an old friend of General Surovikin, as one would expect. Some are pointing to this association as yet another sign that Russia has entered a genocidal phase of the war.

Consider this – as the US calls for Armageddon (through the mouth of FJB) and stringing up Vladimir Putin from the nearest tree, what does Putin have to lose by offering rape and plunder to troops he can’t pay and equip? I don’t excuse the Russians in the slightest, but frankly, they’re ‘just being Russians’.  None of the Russians at the conclusion of World War 2 were tried for war crimes…


Bullet Points:

* “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t. think. The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling.” – Thomas Sowell

* From Europa, with love – “With this flyby of Europa, Juno has now seen close-ups of two of the most interesting moons of Jupiter, and their ice shell crusts look very different from each other,” Scott Bolton, a physicist at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio and Juno principal investigator, said in the statement. “In 2023, Io, the most volcanic body in the solar system, will join the club.”

Scientists are still analyzing data collected during the recent Europa flyby, hoping to learn more about the intriguing world, which many believe might host microbial life in the depths of its subsurface ocean. Juno, however, is unlikely to find out whether anything lives under Europa’s frozen crust.

NASA’s Europa Clipper mission, scheduled to launch in 2024 with the sole purpose of studying Europa, may have a better chance of answering that big question. Fitted with a suite of nine high-tech instruments, Europa Clipper will learn everything there is to learn about the moon without needing to land on its surface. The Juno images will help guide the Europa Clipper mission planning.

Europa is the solar system’s sixth-largest moon, only about 10% smaller than Earth’s moon.

* If you doubt the power of your own voice, just look what they do to try and silence you.

* Full disclosure, I’ve never smoked marijuana and have never had the urge to do it, so if I come across as somewhat disengaged, then I am. We’re in the middle of a drug crisis with fentanyl deaths and open borders encouraging drug smuggling so Pedo Joe pardoned all federal marijuana charges, taking the first step towards decriminalization in a desperate bid to lure younger voters to the polls.  Maybe it will turn the tide in the mid-terms – allowing the Brandon regime to retain its democrat legislature and maybe it won’t.




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More Addams?

Netflix debuted the trailer for their upcoming Addams Family spin-off series Wednesday at New York Comic Con on Saturday, in addition to rounding out the cast with the announcement of Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester.

Armisen, 55, appears in the trailer as the beloved bald character, surprising his niece Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) in the woods as they set off on an adventure to get to the bottom of the strange occurrences at her new school, Nevermore Academy.

In the new trailer, Wednesday’s parents Gomez and Morticia Addams (Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones) drop her off at Nevermore, a school for supernaturally gifted outcasts, where a mystery involving “secret societies, hidden libraries, a homicidal monster” begins to unfold.


  1. Off topic:
    Bigcountryexpatoriginal is wiped.
    Eugene, Oregon…
    … home of the fastest highest fuel price jump.
    October 10, 2022 5:55pm
    Am/Pm on Roosevelt and Hwy 99.
    Diesel — us$4.859 per gallon.
    I filled our ExpeditionVehicle, exited the filling station for a U-turn at the traffic signal sixty yards away.
    Two minutes after I hung the nozzle, we passed the same filling station on the opposite side of the island.
    I glanced over my shoulder, the new price was us$5.799 per gallon.

  2. Mary Jane. Never a big user and my last use was the night Nixon got elected. Given the potency of today’s offerings, what we smoked was hardly better than ditch weed.

    Here in Colorado it has been legal for quite some time. Doesn’t seem to have any worse impact on the community than booze, but I may be wrong. Our biggest problem is opiates, especially meth and fentanyl. Many reports in the newspaper of serious and/or fatal cite alcohol as the leading cause followed by opiates. Criminal arrests seem to follow the same pattern. Spanish surnames appear frequently in the reports.

    The surrounding states seem to have issues with their residents traveling to and from the Mile High State and their LEOs are adept at spotting. stopping, and arresting smugglers. Hwy 287 from Fort Collins to Laramie is one of the hot spots.

    Like many small cities ours has a sin pimple that contains at least four “dispensaries” along with pawn shops and rowdy bars. Incorporated as a city with their own police, it is located within walking distance of UNC.

      • When I had my kidney stone problem that turned into a bladder stone problem (exceptionally painful) over an 18-month timeframe during Covid when the doctors would only see plague patients, I did it cold turkey because even though I black out because of pain, I didn’t want to deal with that AND a drug addiction. Two surgeries later and non-narcotic meds and I’m fine. But that’s how much I want to avoid hard drugs. In a non-plague world, you go to ER and they treat you.

      • Travel Central and Western Kansas on I-70 you hardly ever see the hi-trollers running radar on westbound traffic but mind your P’s and Q’s heading east out of Colorado lest you get the opportunity to chat with Orificer Friendly whilst he examines your underwear and old lace at his leisure. He’s got all day……

        A while back, the hi-trollers discovered one chap who was transporting commercial quantities of his product in a pickup truck with fake Kansas Highway Department markings. Who says American innovation is dead?

  3. Anyone who is surprised that soldiers rape, well, gee, soldiers. What is surprising is that a few countries actually try to stop their soldiers from raping, and that it is actually illegal in a fewer countries.

    So Russia being Russia regarding anything rapable is a “No, duh” moment.

    What is interesting about Russia missiling Kyiv is that early on, Russia was missiling and bombing other cities and there wasn’t much bitching on the eneMedia’s part.

    And why didn’t Russia thrash Ukrainian infrastructure? Because they thought it would be theirs soon. Again, a “No, duh” moment.

    But everyone is surprised when Ukraine attacks Russia’s infrastructure during a war of survival? Again, a “No, duh” moment. Though blowing the rail bridge while a car-train of fuel is going over it is excellent timing. Everyone is shouting “Missile, Missile” or “Spec Ops Team, Spec Ops Team” but nobody is paying attention to the rather excellent use of combat drones (from mini personal sized ones to really big ones) that Ukraine seems to have specialized in during this war.

    As to the new “Addams” show, looks interesting. There are people bitching because Gomez looks too… Latin/Hispanic. And short and squat. Except the original cartoon shows Gomez looking Hispanic and short and squat, a very counter to Morticia’s tall and thin.

    There is, on Youtube, a lady who did “Adult Wednesday Addams” (which is not porn, you sick people) and it’s short vignettes dealing with Wednesday Addams out in the world as an adult. They are funny. Too bad the jerks who own the intellectual property stopped the actress from doing more.

    The yousetubs videos are fun to watch. What could have been, if only they had let the lady make her videos. She showed more independent thought than most of Hollyweird, but that’s probably why she got shut down.

  4. Regarding marijuana, seen it destroy far too many lives. But then again, who cares about selfish pieces of dog-squeeze that need something to gateway them into paranoid delusions and psychosis?

    What bugs me is the “I can do anything I want” attitude of the two democratic POSessesssessssss who do things without giving a damn about the rest of us (or the people who are the string-pullers behind the two democratic POSessesssesssssss….)

  5. Suggesting that MJ is no worse than booze is frightening. A neighbor lost two long time friends to a drunk driver. There is no “breath test” or standard for intoxication for weed and the street product is often “enhanced” with other drugs/chemicals so a “user” is a risk to all others. For some reason, they never sit at home and do their thing. Cheech and Chong are funny until the impact. From my point of view, possession on the road gets a DUI and a loss of license and, if I had my druthers, jail time. I’ve sat through the mourning. If you go out, with booze or weed, you deserve jail time. As well as any who assist. The death case that I was involved in was due to a family loaning a car to a drunk whose own was locked with an alcohol lock. Jail them all!

    • And if you drive intoxicated or stoned, and you kill someone, that should be 1st Degree Murder, because you chose to do that which shows premeditation. Enough coddling losers.

      Harsh? Yes, but so what? They’ve (drunks and stoned) ruined our current society.

      One of the things nobody in power or academia talks about Prohibition is before said Prohibition, our nation was turning into a drunken death spiral. Deaths due to alcoholism, deaths due to being drunk, deaths to people because of drunks, all slowed down to a reasonable and recoverable amount. People still died directly and indirectly, but less and less during Prohibition.

      I can look out my door and see the effects daily of uncontrolled marijuana use. I can’t open my windows and get fresh air because of all the pot smoke from ‘medical marijuana’ users. And the drunken stoner who walks up and down the streets screaming at everyone and threatening them at all hours of the day and night and the police won’t do anything because he’s ‘not disturbing anyone.’

      When the Fall happens. there will be a lot of marginal people who will be taken out one way or another. Stoners and drunks will be part of them. No more treatment centers, no more Narcan and all the other supporting drugs.

  6. The primary problem with making weed legal is that Joe Biden can’t do it, and the States can’t do it, only the US Congress can do it. And of course, Joe Biden ordering the DoJ to not enforce the law is criminal conspiracy, or something similar.

    In the States where weed is legal, it isn’t legal – it’s just politicians lying, as usual. As long as it’s illegal at the Federal level, the supremacy clause means it’s illegal everywhere.

    As for whether it should be legal – I’m a fan of “by of and for the people”, and if enough of the people want something, IMO that’s pretty much the only rule in the US. Seems popular, so… whatever. I have no horse in the race; that stuff gives me a migraine like you wouldn’t believe, or at least it did 35 years ago.


    • He can pardon people. I’m sure that he’ll pardon Hunter, which is the problem that is associated with the prosecution of his rotten seed.

  7. As a former stoner, I am opposed to marijuana use because it dulls initiative.
    It did mine.
    It’s a way to sedate the masses.
    As for Fentanyl, I believe it is being sent here not to supply users, but to leech into our water and food and affect the genpop deleteriously..

  8. “Even the liberals have guns”

    So far as I can tell, that describes Vermont. (Real Vermont, not the territory annexed by invading Massholes and Manhattanites.) It’s the only place I’ve been where the grocery store magazine rack is half “organic farming” and trendy foody stuff, and the other half serious gun magazines.

    VT is also where my girlfriend and I were denied service (the now defunct Horn of the Moon Cafe in Montpelier). They were nice about it. Seated us, brought glasses of water. Then they pretended not to see us (no orders taken, etc) until we walked out. Hahaha! Still makes me laugh thinking about it. In the AAR we concluded it was probably because we had burst out laughing at a flyer on the wall while waiting to speak to the hostess. Something about “lesbian basketweaving class” (seriously, some kind of homely handcraft anyway, might have been “lesbian pottery”). It wasn’t the way we were dressed for sure, because back then I had a braid to my waist and (it being holiday) was in worn outdoorsy clothes – canvas shirt and some sort of pants with lots of thigh pockets. That fit right in with the other customers. Note to self: don’t laugh in public at flyers lesbian handicraft classes.

    • Your girlfriend could have repented from her remarks by doing some sort of lesbian liturgical dance there in the restaurant. When the woke ask what’s going on, she can tell them that it’s a form of worship she learned in an ashram somewhere. You’ll get a complimentary appetizer for sure.

      In the right situations, I’ve been known to ham it up for the woke. Often with the assistance of my daughters. The four LL Girls have wicked senses of irreverent humor. I used to save Jehovah’s Witness tracts. When the volume grew large enough, we’d go to a nice restaurant in Newport Beach, (CA), they’d seat us, and then two or three of the girls would start passing them out to pretentious white people. We are not JW’s, but the awkward response from the restaurant owners and diners was a sight to behold. I have many of these stories with my girls. I used them as teaching moments. I have done the same thing with Scientology tracts. Should I be more sensitive to people’s faith? Maybe, but I had too much fun with their literature.

      MRSLL doesn’t share my sense of humor.

      • As a PS, I was standing in line with MRSLL at a fashionable restaurant in Newport Beach. I think that the restaurant was in Fashion Island. I saw that my old FBI partner was seated at a table with a girlfriend (he had lots of them). I called him on his cell phone and told him to meet me in the men’s room. MRSLL held our place in line. I laid out the plan for him and he said that the girlfriend was disposable/expendable.

        We broke out of line, explaining that we had a table friends were holding for us. My FBI partner was in the men’s room, playing along. MRSLL and I sat down explaining to the lady that we knew that she wouldn’t mind if we shared a table because of the long line. She sputtered and told us that her boyfriend was an FBI Agent and he’d “kick my ass”. I laughed and said that he likely showed her his fake badge. The matter escalated sharply and I told the restaurant manager that the reservation was mine, not hers and she was seated at the table unbidden.

        With really good timing the partner appeared and she told him to arrest us, explaining to the manager that he was an FBI agent. At which time the partner confessed that he was not an FBI agent, but a shoe salesman at Bloomingdales there at the mall.

        Eventually, we let the unfortunate date off the hook, explaining that she’d been punked. It was their last date. Amazingly, MRSLL played along and secretly enjoyed it.

        • Bwahahaha! Nearly spat out my lunch. I’m just glad I didn’t aspirate a mouthful of food.

          And allow me to quote Captain Renault regarding your partner: How extravagant you are, throwing away women like that. Someday they may be scarce. OTOH if the girl laughed then you know she’s a keeper.

          PS the braid to my waist was my own hair, growing out of my head and all that. I don’t collect scalps. Messy habit, that.

          • “a true democrat” – another classic line.

            You could have worn a hair extension… I’m not saying that you should, but in a fight, with that braid swinging around — better if they pull it and it simply pulls out rather than dragging you with it.

            He was a lady killer. I don’t know where he picked up the one referenced, but he had a VERY deep black book. If we ever sit down and talk, I’ll share more stories. At one point we had access to an FBI jet and the West Coast FBI yacht. Yeah… world-class trouble. We didn’t do anything particularly bad that any two (teenage boys) men wouldn’t do with government resources like that and idle time.

          • Yeah. Long hair is not a tactical advantage IRL, so far as I can tell. But I could be wrong. Case in point:

            Around the era of the Lesbian Basketweaving debacle I was visiting Winston-Salem, NC. The morning after a conference I went to a local grocery store to pick up a Coke or some snack food, to tide me over until I could find some good regional barbeque. (When visiting places I’ve never been I often check out local prices at the grocery store, etc, just for comparison.) Anyway, I was in the frozen food section looking at Jimmy Dean sausages or something when a large Black man spotted me from the dairy section and made a beeline toward me. He politely stopped a conversational distance away and burst out, “Hey, man! You know kung fu?”
            “No, I don’t. Do you?” I replied.
            “Naw, naw. I don’t know no kung fu. But I seen this movie last week and this dude in it had hair just like yours. He used it as a weapon! He used his hair like a whip, man! Wrap it aroun’ some guy’s neck, pull him in, and wham! Sock ‘im in da face! So when I seen you, I thought, I BET that dude knows kung fu!

            We chatted a few more minutes about kung fu and parted with expressions of mutual esteem. To this day, I have no idea if that man was sincere or if he was pranking me. Pleasant guy though.

          • I’ve never seen that happen, and if you’re going to wear a braid, I suggest that you weave in razor blades as both a defensive and offensive solution. You may not need to know ACTUAL Kung Fu to make an impression.

      • “Should I be more sensitive to people’s faith?”
        A sincerely-held goofy belief is still goofy. I’ll avoid laughing at someone to their face (basic politeness; plus you never know what will drive someone over the edge, especially if their views are distinctly weird to begin with) but there is no need pretend to respect that which is not respectable. At least that’s how I see it.

        • I had more fun with the Scientology tracts and the two younger girls really hammed it up. You’ve seen pictures of Emilie (youngest) on Sunday. Kelly, her older sister, was even more into character as they discussed going into space to. meet L. Ron Hubbard in person.

  9. I started smoking tobacco when I was about 7/8; quit close on 40 years ago when I was 44 as I was watching a good friend die of lung cancer, so I was no stranger to inhaling when I was offered some Hanoi Gold flown in that day direct from ‘Nam. After ’bout 10 minutes or so, everyone in the room was stoned (and I mean at FL 350, man) – except me. No effect – zero! I could get higher (much higher) smoking a Marble.
    I’m in 100% agreement with Beans. I don’t care how you get intoxicated: alcohol, MaryJ, opiate painkillers (people drive, despite cautioning, taking ’em after root canal), hypoxia by whatever means; if your brain isn’t functioning properly: don’t drive! you could kill someone. Your reflexes just aren’t as good as you think they are.
    With the current state of electronics/computers, I can see few reasons for auto manufacturers not to put in a delay, a one-minute holographic driving test on the windscreen, before engaging the starter after sitting down and turning the key. I know some old farts will complain. Hey! Tough nuggies!

    • I’m assuming that was a joke? But it not …

      Morally/ethically, the problem is presumption of guilt.
      Practically speaking, sketchy situations; e.g. a girl in a late-night parking lot, with some threatening assholes approaching. Sure it might be a 1/100k chance, but that one time you need to be able to get going immediately. Or maybe we as a shitty society have decided that a few rapes (or carjackings or murders) are a low price to pay in the name of “public safety”.

      To use the same logic, we don’t want drunk people using firearms. We need to move to electronic rather than mechanical systems. These will be controlled by Windows software (because there are never reliability problems with that). You need to blow clean on your Bluetooth-enabled breathalyzer before you can fire a round. Just common-sense safety, right? Tough noogies if you happen to be experiencing a home invasion at the time.

      • Then there is the question of what you do with the bodies.

        Don’t laugh, it can be a real problem.

        And women, once the rapists are ventilated and down, they’re going to want to run over them three or four times in the parking garage, leaving bloody (forensic) tread prints and if they run over a head, they pop like a melon.

        Try getting past the “imminent threat to my life” with that behind you as you drive off camera and out of the parking structure.

        • Best to have a set of cold plates on the car when you pull into a parking structure (old plates that come back “Not on File”), and wear a hoodie — against that day.

      • I’d also be unhappy with people with high blood alcohol using firearms, but I see your point; gotta rethink my genius idea. Gotta be a way. A few times I’ve been passenger with a driver who just wasn’t drunk…

        • I think we’re on the same page overall. Drunk (or otherwise altered) people driving, or operating firearms is a bad idea, and the worst thing is that innocent people can get hurt. Unfortunately I don’t have a great solution on to how to keep people from doing dumb things, but my default is to minimize restrictions and assumptions of bad behavior.

          Frankly, having to show you can operate your car safely (or “pass” a breathalyzer) would probably prevent more property damage, injuries and deaths than the potential harm of people getting carjacked or raped because they had to wait for the breathalyzer to “approve” them. Just a frequency thing: There are way more drunks out driving than carjackers looking for victims at any given time. But from a philosophical standpoint I am opposed to the idea that people need to continually “get permission”. Written and practical test once every few years to keep your driving license, okay, fine. (I have libertarian tendencies, but I’m not a capital-L Libertarian.) But effectively to have to be tested each time you get behind the wheel, I’m opposed.

          • not to belabor the point (which, of course, I am), but…
            If I’m incapable of driving: unable to hit the brakes within a reasonable period of time due to: inattention, myasthenia gravis, diabetic neuropathy, or an old bullet wound acting up, should I be behind the wheel (notice: I’m not including chemical impairment), am I not imperiling the population at large? I mean, after all, I drive just as well at 80+ as I did when I was 16 – yeah! And I can drive just as well coming home from the bar as I did driving there – yeah!
            I mean, I know I know I’d have no probs flying a Cessna VFR any time, even though the wife won’t let me anywhere near one.
            BTW: that’s when I ceased being a fan of O’Reilly’s – when he began pushing for an annual driver’s exam for all people over – oh! I forget exactly what. The genius couldn’t figger out that he was just establishing another huge, highly corruptible bureaucracy.

        • Nope on any control devices. Drink all you want. Take all the drugs you want. Injure one person or an animal or cause any damage to property? You knew better before you drank and did drugs and then went all stupid. Shows clear intent to say “I fukin don’t care about society, screw them.” And then Society should screw right back, hard, and painful.

          And no pleaing down, no passes for politicians or notable people. You screw up and Society screws you like fresh meat in a Turkish prison.

          Same will all crime-crimes. No more plea deals. No more ‘Oh, he didn’t mean it, he’s a good boy’ bullshit. Hammer society with your lawlessness? Society will hammer right back, and hammer hard.

          So tired of people basically walking away with no punishments.

          Repeat offenders? Oh, you’re too stupid to learn, death to you.

          And ‘white collar crimes’? 10 years minimum per $1,000 stolen. Death penalty for anything over $50,000. Stop that shtuff right in its little tracks.

          AND… Call in a false report? You get the same punishment as the false crime. So, ladies, call in a fake rape and you’ll get the same penalty as rape. Call SWAT on someone and you get the same charges, unpleadable, as the crimes you called in.

          Monetary crimes like non-moving violations and fines for not mowing or for parking? Should never ever ever be bumped up to criminal levels.

          AND… Double penalty for any LEO who commits a crime. Local, county, state or Fed. And no immunity to Feds in state courts. Please. Fed commits a crime in a state and the state gets to hang them if needed. No federal immunity. No immunity at all if knowingly violating the law.

          Now, for those weak-kneed BLMers out there, do a crime against an LEO or accuse an LEO of a crime that is false, well, double the penalty on your sorry behind. And arrests go from the foot-soldier who lays the charges to the shot-caller to the head of the organization. Double if you’re blocking the road.

          Looting? Well, if caught, the employees, family, friends, interesting bystanders and random homeless people get to loot your stuff. And if you have a room in your mom’s house, well, free-for-all in mom’s house.

          And bounties on murderers and thugs and lowlifes like the street-gangs that do the knockout game. Bounty only paid if said POS is leaking fluid in a terminal way.

          Crime should be costly, not to the victims, but to the criminals.

          Worked almost 20 years in The System so I do know what I am talking about.

  10. Marijuana:
    Hot button issue for me.
    There are many studies (I know, I know. Studies…) that attribute marijuana use to a plethora of bad things ranging from the smoke having many times the cancer causing chemicals than tobacco (which has been thoroughly demonized) to changes in the DNA in both males and females resulting in health and behavioral problems in their progeny. We are now just “discovering” that the children of women who used MJ during pregnancy trend toward violence and depression at around age 15. I have some thoughts about young people in that age group may be predisposed to such behaviors due to hormonal influences, but their brain architecture due to the mom’s MJ use exacerbates those influences…maybe.
    Separate from the health concerns are the results of unintended consequences that MJ use and culture.
    When I worked in probation there were two separate incidents where three fifteen year-old males decided to rob someone who had their medical marijuana cards, because said people always grew an excess amount of the the stuff and sold it. So said person had large sums of money and processed product.
    So, let’s rob said person! It will be fun they said!
    In both incidents, said person ended up on the floor, in a growing puddle of blood, and three fifteen year-olds convicted of homicides.
    In another incident a young man allowed MJ to be grown on his rural property. After the crop was well on its way to being ready to harvest the growers told the property owner that the land was now theirs. The property owner protested and was immediately shot and killed.
    Marijuana is dangerous not only due to the medical and psychological problems, but also because of the type of people involved in the marijuana culture.

    In a civics class (back when high schools) did that sort of thing) we had to write and present a bill before a mock state assembly. After some research, I found that 90%+ of MVA fatalities involved drunk drivers. I proposed that anyone convicted of driving drunk would lose their driver’s license for life.
    The bill did not pass.
    That was my first experience with logic vs emotion.
    I appealed to the voters logically instead of mounting an emotion laden campaign.

    The Chinese are not stupid.
    I am certain they remember the Opium Wars and what opium did to their people.
    The Chinese are weakening our people and our nation through their facilitating the production of fentanyl.

    I have advocated the legalization of any and all drugs in The Moon is a Harse Mistress kind of way.
    I suggested that it would take five generations for the drug users to cull themselves from society.
    Upon further thought western civilization would be set back so badly that the pendulum would swing the other way and we would be executing drug users on the Singapore model.


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