The US National Election

This is where it stands at the moment. Arizona will come down to the wire, possibly hitting the automatic recount trigger, Georgia is doing a hand-count, massive fraud in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania including dead people voting requires serious investigation.

I realize that the media, the media monopolies and the FBI is shilling for corrupt, creepy, senile old Joe. But the election results are not in and if the fraud is too great, it goes to Congress and President Trump will be re-elected. And all of those donkeys who are calling for unity will be trying to burn the country down.



Peaky Blinders – One of the very best series on Netflix. One of the best series ever.


FYI: The blogging may slow for a bit as I travel from here to there and back.


A Sniper Among Snipers

Carlos Hathcock, Marine sniper was so effective against the enemy in Vietnam that the normal $2,000 bounty that the communists put on snipers was increased to $30,000 for any who could kill him.

Wearing his white feather almost every time he was in the field, other marines would also place one upon their hats or helmets to confuse enemy snipers if he was operating in the area. They would rather risk their lives in an attempt to protect his knowing how important he was was and deprive the enemy of such a claim.

He killed the dreaded “Apache Woman” who killed captured GI’s by torturing them first usually cutting their eyelids out and slicing off their genitals, leaving them to bleed to death screaming within earshot of an American base. She was the only one that Carlos shot twice “for good measure.”

He also had a 2,500 yard kill with a modified .50 caliber Browning machine gun. His 93 confirmed kills were far below the 300 or 400 total he suspected that he made. His famous ‘Shot-thru-Scope’ against an enemy sniper aimed at him has been recreated in many action movies. He said the thrill of the hunt was what he enjoyed and knowing any he killed could no longer threaten any American soldiers. His last mission involved crawling for days to shoot a high ranking general. He was almost stepped on by patrols and when he stood up to escape almost passed out from the head rush of blood. He died aged 56 in Virginia Beach.


  1. The Dem’s evil plan is unraveling, thread by thread. Affidavits are under threat of perjury so most people wouldn’t lie under the circumstances as those whistleblowers find themselves, like that group of 12 way back when who’d rather die horribly than recant of what they saw. Still an uphill battle for Trump and Team – seems the good guys always have an uphill fight. God is working. Gitmo was recently expanded, so there’s plenty of available cells.

    Cillian Murphy seems to always play creepy characters.

    2500 yards! Unreal. Eagle eyes and serious control. A good guy taking out the bad guys. RIP.

    • The Trump Team does have their work cut out for them, but there is a window with some light shining through it. I prefer that to considering the alternative.

      Cillian Murphy does a really good job acting as a Peaky Blinder. If you haven’t seen it, the first few episodes of Season Ona may be on YouTube – but I have not checked.

    • Good…was hoping he’d do a follow up. Irrefutable evidence helps as long as the Trump legal pit bulls can make a legal case, which I believe they are, in spades.

  2. There is a viable path to victory for Trump. However that path almost certainly must pass through the Federal Courts. Finding honest judges who all rule on fact and law instead of ruling to serve the agenda of their masters will be very difficult.

    • It will filter up to the Supreme Court. SCOTUS will end up making a ruling on the matter. How reliable is the Supreme Court? Will Justice ACB prove her worth? The donkeys were clearly concerned about her making such a ruling, basically laying waste to four years of constant plotting and the treasure that they threw into the scheme.

      • Unless there is a conflict between lower courts to be abjudicated or a clear question of Constitutionality the SCOTUS may very well sit this one out.

  3. It seems obvious to me that the donkeys knew well in advance that this election would be a landslide for President Trump. A hearty and grateful HUZZAH to all the good folks digging though all the crap to uncover it.

    I have autographed hard copies of “Marine Sniper and “White Feather” plus “Death From Afar” IV and V

  4. We should never have abandoned the lever voting machines. Computer security is an oxymoron.

    Good luck with your travels and travails.

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