The Value of Higher Education?

There are a few topics that are so absurd on their face, that they shouldn’t ever be taken seriously. This (link here) is one of those.

Particle physics and string theory pose plenty of interesting questions, but educators at Massachusetts Institute of Technology this week wrestled with yet another vexing dilemma: “Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?”

Then there is the matter of Bernie t-shirts

It’s true. Che would feel the Bern…


Last week Polish patriots marched against the Muslim invasion. It is the largest demonstration in Poland’s history.
I’m sure that you heard about it on MSNBC, CNN or Fox News, right? The correspondents down on the street interviewing these people who didn’t want to be overrun by military age Muslim males the same way that France, Belgium and Germany have. Polish women were there as well, concerned that an influx of Muslims would lead to the inevitable increase of rape and crimes against them because of their gender. You heard in-depth reporting on that. I’m sure you did.
You didn’t? That’s because it’s not news in America or “the West” for fear of generating negative news on people’s reaction to Islam.

Hillary for Prison

Fellow Blogger, WSF, says that source he cited claims that Hillary Clinton broke no laws. I don’t have all of the information but quoting a source close to the investigation (Race)

“did…knowingly remove such documents…with the intent to retain…at unauthorized locations, aware that these locations were unauthorized for the storage and retention of such classified documents and materials…”

Even though I’ve reported that it’s likely that the Democrats will tap John Kerry to run for the presidency when Hillary is indicted, Vice President Joe Biden is warming up in the wings as well.  Whether it’s Slow Joe (age 73) or Swiftboat John (age 72), the voters who were feeling the Bern because the system is rigged will likely flock to Trump, the outsider. Even if Trump gets 1/4 of the Bernie voters, he’s a lock.
After Hillary lost the last two states in a row (Illinois and West Virginia) there is talk among the enlightened that she is likely to lose the California primary to the communist. The Democrats are worried that if she remains their candidate, Trump could run the table in a general election – even if they ran somebody they have more confidence in.
Blaggarding Afghanistan

The Afghans have no love for America, but a lot of them have love for American money.  Even though Donald Trump pledged to keep American military forces in Afghanistan, I question the utility of that. You can argue that we’re keeping radical Islam from gaining a foothold there, but that argument is silly. When you consider that Afghanistan’s resistance to the USA is led by Pakistan (117th most corrupt nation), an American “ally”, the expense is difficult to rationalize to me.

Afghanistan was ranked 166th out of 167 countries while Nigeria was ranked 136th in anti-corruption organization Transparency International’s 2015 corruption perception index. North Korea and Somalia jointly came in bottom in 167th place, according to the index.

Mainstream Media – take a bow


  1. Where the hell is that indictment? Surely the FBI has enough evidence to move forward. Are they waiting for an appropriate moment, such as October, when the charges will completely tank her campaign?

    I don't want to agonize over the spectre of a lesbian crone administration up until the bloody end. I want to see her frog marched in front of judge WAY before then.

  2. A note on string theory which I find quite fascinating. There ia a physicist named Brian Greene who has written 3 books on the subject starting with the Elegant Universe. He writes in a way for all to understand as well as having a few specials on Nova.

    As for Hillary, I at least noticed FBI Director Comey appears to be taking umbrage as to "being rushed into exonerating her". From all accounts he seems like an principled man who will go with the evidence. Unfortunately I'm also assuming Lynch and company will ignore the evidence just as DOJ dropped charges against the New Black Panthers in Philly

  3. Clever propaganda can help keep the kool aide drinkers in line if you tell them what they want to hear.

  4. I agree with Fredd. Let's see that indictment, please. But look, everyone knows that Islamophobia speeds up warming. Look at Poland, a typical Islamophobic country, and its cold there. That's because anthropocentric global warming releases carbon into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun, which makes it colder.

    If the Poles would stop hating Islam and start loving a weather tax, they'd have a pleasant climate. Like California.

  5. I've read all of Greene's books and agree, they're excellent – however none of them suggest that Islamophobia creates global warming. I'm sure that irks the progressives.

    Lynch and Comey are friends who go back a long way, and it wasn't Lynch who dropped charges on the NBP in Philadelphia, it was Holder – who I still want to see run as a vice presidential hopeful with Anthony Weiner, creating a Weiner-Holder ticket. Now THAT would be progressive.

  6. I would have thought that the FBI would have moved before now, but I've worked in and around them a lot and they are SLOW.

  7. Remember that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the second largest shareholder (after Murdoch) at Fox. I think that "anti-Islamic comments" is reason why Andrea Tantaros is no longer on Fox.

  8. …or Texas, which has benefited hugely from the military presence there beating back Thor, Loki, Odin and the Frost Giants.

    No more global warming in Texas thanks to Barack and his minions. Despite that profound largess on the part of the Democrats, Texas still seems unlikely to vote for Hillary and her flying monkeys.

  9. Sooner rather than later I hope. As the judge said, she can pardon herself. How is that possible? Pardon others, yes, but there seems to be a conflict of responsibilities there. She could commit murder (which she probably has) and then pardon herself. Just don't seem legit.

  10. When you look at what Barack has done and how the Congress has let him get away with it, having Hillary pardon herself for high crimes and misdemeanors would be par for the course.

  11. We're pretty much against the Old Harridan and her crew of monkeys and, lately, against Title IX, too. Let's see some nationwide fightback.

  12. I am denied access to your link. You don't want to mess with the Polish – they're filled with pierogi, borscht and vodka; that's enough for any kind of warming.

    Enlightening and scarily honest last slogan. The Media bows.

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